Data Tags

What is a data tag?

Intrinio data is categorized using “data tags”, such as marketcap , netincome , and close_price . A data tag combined with a corresponding entity (security, company, index, bank, etc), will allow you to retrieve current and historical values from our system. For example, to retrieve the historical daily volume for Apple, you would use the volume data tag in conjuction with the AAPL ticker symbol.

Name Tag Type Units
Ask Price ask_price Prices USD per Share
Ask Size ask_size Prices Integer
Bid Price bid_price Prices USD per Share
Bid Size bid_size Prices Integer
Close Price close_price Prices USD per Share
Daily Trades daily_trades Prices Integer
Delta delta Prices Float
Implied Volatility implied_volatility Options Float
Implied Volatility Change implied_volatility_change Options Float
Next Day Open Interest next_day_open_interest Options Integer
Open Interest open_interest Options Integer
Open Interest Change open_interest_change Options Integer
Price Date price_date Prices Date
Volume volume Prices Shares