Data Tags

What is a data tag?

Intrinio data is categorized using “data tags”, such as marketcap , netincome , and close_price . A data tag combined with a corresponding entity (security, company, index, bank, etc), will allow you to retrieve current and historical values from our system. For example, to retrieve the historical daily volume for Apple, you would use the volume data tag in conjuction with the AAPL ticker symbol.

Name Tag Type Units
Earnings Report EPS Surprise Amount Difference eps_surprise_amount_diff Eps Surprises Float
Earnings Report EPS Surprise Percent Difference eps_surprise_percent_diff Eps Surprises Float
Last Earnings EPS Report Code last_earnings_eps_report_code Earnings Report String
Last Earnings EPS Report Date last_earnings_eps_report_date Earnings Report Date
Last Earnings EPS Report Description last_earnings_eps_report_desc Earnings Report String
Last Earnings EPS Report Time last_earnings_eps_report_time Earnings Report Time
Non-GAAP EPS non_gaap_eps Reported Eps Float
Pre-Earnings EPS Estimate Count pre_earnings_eps_est_count Pre Earnings Estimates Integer
Pre-Earnings EPS Estimate Standard Deviation pre_earnings_eps_est_std_dev Pre Earnings Estimates Float
Pre-Earnings Mean EPS Estimate pre_earnings_eps_est_mean Pre Earnings Estimates Float