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Ticker Name
AAC AAC Holdings Inc
AACS American Commerce Solutions Inc
AAGC All American Gold Corp
AAMC Altisource Asset Management Corp
AAME Atlantic American Corp
AAOI Applied Optoelectronics Inc
AAPH American Petro-Hunter Inc
AAPT All American Pet Co Inc
AASL America's Suppliers Inc
AASP All-American Sportpark Inc
AAST Allied American Steel Corp
ABBB Auburn Bancorp Inc
ABCE ABCO Energy Inc
ABCP AmBase Corp
ABEO Abeona Therapeutics Inc
ABIO ARCA Biopharma Inc
ABMC American Bio Medica Corp
ABML American Battery Metals Corp.
ABTO AB&T Financial Corp
ABUS Arbutus Biopharma Corp
ACAN Americann Inc
ACCA Acacia Diversified Holdings Inc
ACER Acer Therapeutics Inc
ACFN Acorn Energy Inc
ACHV Achieve Life Sciences Inc
ACLZ Accelerize Inc
ACMC American Church Mortgage Co
ACRB Asia Carbon Industries Inc
ACRS Aclaris Therapeutics Inc
ACRT Advanced Credit Technologies Inc
ACRX AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACTG Acacia Research Corp
ACU Acme United Corp
ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACY AeroCentury Corp
ADAC Adama Technologies Corp
ADAD Adaiah Distribution Inc
ADES Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc
ADFS American Defense Systems Inc
ADMA ADMA Biologics Inc
ADMP Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
ADMS Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADMT ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc
ADNY Adino Energy Corp
ADOM Adomani Inc
ADRO Aduro Biotech Inc
ADXS Advaxis Inc
AE Adams Resources & Energy Inc
AEDC American Energy Development Corp
AEGG American Energy Group Ltd
AEHR AEHR Test Systems
AEMD Aethlon Medical Inc
AERG Applied Energetics Inc
AETI American Electric Technologies Inc
AEXE AIM Exploration Inc
AEY ADDvantage Technologies Group Inc
AEYE AudioEye Inc
AFFY Affymax Inc
AFH Atlas Financial Holdings Inc
AFI Armstrong Flooring Inc
AFOM All for One Media Corp
AFTM Aftermaster Inc
AGFS AgroFresh Solutions Inc
AGGX Angiogenex Inc
AGHC Aeon Global Health Corp
AGHI Agora Holdings Inc
AGIN American Graphite Technologies Inc
AGLE Aeglea Bio Therapeutics Inc
AGRX Agile Therapeutics Inc
AGTC Applied Genetic Technologies Corp
AHC A. H. Belo Corp
AHCP Anchorage International Holdings Corp
AHFP Artisanal Brands Inc
AHNR Athena Silver Corp
AHPI Allied Healthcare Products Inc
AHT Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AI Arlington Asset Investment Corp
AIKO Alternative Investment Corp
AINC Ashford Inc
AIRG Airgain Inc
AIRI Air Industries Group
AIRT Air T Inc
AIVN American International Ventures Inc
AKAOQ Achaogen Inc
AKER Akers Biosciences Inc
AKTS Akoustis Technologies Inc
AKVA Arkanova Energy Corp
ALAN Alanco Technologies Inc
ALCO Alico Inc
ALDX Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc
ALGI American Locker Group Inc
ALGR Allegro Merger Corp
ALIF Artificial Life Inc
ALIM Alimera Sciences Inc
ALJJ ALJ Regional Holdings Inc
ALKM Alkame Holdings Inc
ALNA Allena Pharmaceuticals Inc
ALOD Allied Resources Inc
ALOT AstroNova Inc
ALPE Alpha-En Corp
ALPN Alpine Immune Sciences Inc
ALRN Aileron Therapeutics Inc
ALSK Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc
ALT Altimmune Inc
ALTA Alterola Biotech Inc
ALTX Altex Industries Inc
AMAZ Amazing Energy Oil and Gas Co
AMBS Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc
AMCF Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corp
AMCO Armco Metals Holdings Inc
AMID American Midstream Partners LP
AMIH American International Holdings Corp
AMIN American International Industries Inc
AMNL Applied Minerals Inc
AMNP American Sierra Gold Corp
AMPE Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPLQ Ampal American Israel Corp
AMR Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II
AMRB American River Bankshares
AMRK A-Mark Precious Metals Inc
AMS American Shared Hospital Services
AMSC American Superconductor Corp
AMSU Amanasu Environment Corp
AMTX Aemetis Inc
AMTY Amerityre Corp
ANDR Andrea Electronics Corp
ANFC Black Ridge Oil & Gas Inc
ANSU Amanasu Techno Holdings Corp
ANTH Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANY Sphere 3D Corp
AOGC Australian Oil & Gas Corp
AOSL Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd
AOXG Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Inc
AP Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp
APDN Applied DNA Sciences Inc
APEN Apollo Endosurgery Inc
APGI American Power Group Corp
APHD Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp
APPZ Monster Arts Inc
APRN Blue Apron Holdings Inc
APT Alpha Pro Tech Ltd
APTO Aptose Biosciences Inc
APTX Aptinyx Inc
APVO Aptevo Therapeutics Inc
APVS Applied Visual Sciences Inc
APYX Apyx Medical Corporation
AQB AquaBounty Technologies Inc
AQMS Aqua Metals Inc
AQSP Acquired Sales Corp
AQST Monosol Rx Inc
AQXP Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARA American Renal Associates Holdings Inc
ARC ARC Document Solutions Inc
ARCI Appliance Recycling Centers of America Inc
ARCT Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd
ARCW ARC Group Worldwide Inc
ARDMQ Aradigm Corp
ARDS Aridis Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARDX Ardelyx Inc
AREM American Rare Earths and Materials Corp
ARET Arete Industries Inc
AREX Approach Resources Inc
ARGSQ Argos Therapeutics Inc
ARKR Ark Restaurants Corp
ARL American Realty Investors Inc
ARNI Arno Therapeutics Inc
ARPO Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARSN Aureus Inc
ARTH Arch Therapeutics Inc
ARTW Art's Way Manufacturing Co Inc
ARTX Arotech Corp
ARWD Arrow Resources Development Inc
ASCMA Ascent Capital Group Inc
ASFI Asta Funding Inc
ASNA Ascena Retail Group Inc
ASNB AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp
ASOE Apollo Solar Energy Inc
ASPN Aspen Aerogels Inc
ASPU Aspen Group Inc
ASPW Arista Power Inc
ASPZ Asia Properties Inc
ASRT Depomed Inc
ASRV Ameriserv Financial Inc
ASTC Astrotech Corp
ASTI Ascent Solar Technologies Inc
ASUR Asure Software Inc
ASV ASV Holdings Inc
ASYS Amtech Systems Inc
ATAR Avatar Ventures Corp
ATCV ATC Venture Group Inc
ATEC Alphatec Holdings Inc
ATHX Athersys Inc
ATIS Meridian Waste Solutions Inc
ATLC Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLO Ames National Corp
ATLS Atlas Energy Group LLC
ATNM Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
ATOM Atomera Inc
ATOS Atossa Genetics Inc
ATRM ATRM Holdings Inc
ATRX Adhera Therapeutics Inc
ATXI Avenue Therapeutics Inc
AUBN Auburn National Bancorporation Inc
AUMN Golden Minerals Co
AURT Attune Rtd
AUSI Aura Systems Inc
AUTO AutoWeb, Inc.
AUTR Autris
AVDL Avadel Pharmaceuticals PLC
AVEO Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc
AVGR Avinger Inc
AVID Avid Technology Inc
AVLP Avalanche International Corp
AVNI Arvana Inc
AVNW Aviat Networks Inc
AVOI Advanced Voice Recognition Systems Inc
AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Corp
AWGI Ambient Water Corp
AWON A1 Group Inc
AWRE Aware Inc
AWSM Cool Holdings, Inc.
AWWI Alpha Wastewater Inc
AWX Avalon Holdings Corp
AXAS Abraxas Petroleum Corp
AXGT Axovant Gene Therapies Ltd.
AXPLF Arabella Exploration Inc
AYTU Aytu BioScience Inc
AZRX AzurRx BioPharma Inc
BANJ Banjo & Matilda Inc
BARZ 5Barz International Inc
BAS Basic Energy Services Inc
BASA Basanite Inc
BASI Bioanalytical Systems Inc
BAYK Bay Banks of Virginia Inc
BBGI Beasley Broadcast Group Inc
BBLS Petrolia Energy Corp
BBW Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc
BCBP BCB Bancorp Inc
BCCI Baristas Coffee Company Inc
BCII Omni Global Technologies Inc
BCLI Brainstorm Cell Therapuetics Inc
BCML BayCom Corp
BCOW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc
BCRH Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd
BCTF Bancorp 34 Inc
BCYP Blue Calypso Inc
BDCO Blue Dolphin Energy Co
BDIC Blow & Drive Interlock Corp
BDL Flanigan's Enterprises Inc
BDR Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc
BDSI BioDelivery Sciences International Inc
BEBE bebe stores inc
BEES BeesFree Inc
BEGI Blackstar Enterprise Group Inc
BELFA Bel Fuse Inc
BEMG Beta Music Group Inc
BERK Berkshire Bancorp Inc
BETSD SeanieMac International Ltd
BFGC Bullfrog Gold Corp
BFIN BankFinancial Corp
BFLS Biofuels Power Corp
BFNH BioForce Nanosciences Holdings Inc
BFRE Bluefire Renewables Inc
BGFT Bigfoot Project Investments Inc
BGFV Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp
BGMD BG Medicine Inc
BGSF BG Staffing Inc
BHR Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc.
BHTG BioHiTech Global Inc
BICB Biocube Inc
BICX BioCorRx Inc
BIEI Premier Biomedical Inc
BIGG Big Tree Group Inc
BIMI NF Energy Saving Corp
BIOC Biocept Inc
BIQI BIQI International Holding Corporation
BKCT DTS8 Coffee Company Ltd
BKEP Blueknight Energy Partners LP
BKFG BKF Capital Group Inc
BKGMF Bankguam Holding Co
BKJ Bancorp of New Jersey Inc
BKKN Bakken Resources Inc
BKOR Oak Ridge Financial Services Inc
BKSC Bank of South Carolina
BKTI BK Technologies, Inc.
BKUH Bakhu Holdings Corp
BKYI BIO-Key International Inc
BLCM Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc
BLCS Cabinet Grow Inc
BLGI Envoy Group Corp
BLGO BioLargo Inc
BLIN Bridgeline Digital Inc
BLNK Blink Charging Co
BLPG Blue Line Protection Group Inc
BLPH Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc
BLTO Bingo Nation Inc
BLXX Blox Inc
BMRA Biomerica Inc
BMXC Bemax Inc
BNED Barnes & Noble Education Inc
BNET Bion Environmental Technologies Inc
BNGOU BioNano Genomics Inc
BNXR Brinx Resources Ltd
BOCH Bank of Commerce Holdings
BONTQ Bon-Ton Stores Inc
BOPO BioPower Operations Corp
BORT Botetourt Bankshares Inc
BOTJ Bank of the James
BOTY Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc
BOXL Boxlight Corp
BOXS U-Vend Inc
BPMX Biopharmx Corp
BPTH Bio Path Holdings Inc
BREW Craft Brew Alliance Inc
BRFH Barfresh Food Group Inc
BRG Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc
BRGO Bergio International Inc
BRN Barnwell Industries Inc
BRNE Borneo Resource Investments Ltd
BROG Twelve Seas Investment Co
BRQS Borqs Technologies Inc
BRSWQ Bristow Group Inc
BRT BRT Apartments Corp
BRTI BlackRidge Technology International, Inc.
BRTX BioRestorative Therapies, Inc.
BRVO Bravo Multinational Inc
BSET Bassett Furniture Industries Inc
BSGM BioSig Technologies Inc
BSHF BioShaft Water Technology Inc
BSPK Bespoke Extracts Inc
BSPM Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc
BSQR Bsquare Corp
BSRC BioSolar Inc
BSTG Biostage Inc
BSVN Bank7 Corp.
BTAI BioXcel Therapeutics Inc
BTCY Biotricity Inc
BTGI Bulova Technologies Group Inc
BTHE Boston Therapeutics Inc
BTHT Best Hometown Bancorp Inc
BTN Ballantyne Strong Inc
BTX BioTime Inc
BUDZ Weed Inc
BUKS Butler National Corp
BURG Chanticleer Holdings Inc
BVSN BroadVision Inc
BW Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc
BWEN Broadwind Energy Inc
BWFG Bankwell Financial Group Inc
BWL.A Bowl America Inc
BWMG Brownie's Marine Group Inc
BWVI Blue Water Ventures International Inc
BXC BlueLinx Holdings Inc
BXNG Bang Holdings Corp
BYFC Broadway Financial Corp
BYOC Beyond Commerce Inc
BZIC Beamz Interactive Inc
BZYR Burzynski Research Institute Inc
CAAS China Automotive Systems Inc
CACGU Chart Acquisition Corp.
CACH Cache Inc
CADC China Advanced Construction Materials Group Inc
CAGU Castle Group Inc
CAHI Carrier Alliance Holdings, Inc.
CALA Calithera Biosciences Inc
CALI China Auto Logistics Inc
CANB Canbiola Inc
CANL Cannlabs Inc
CANN General Cannabis Corp
CAPC Capstone Companies Inc
CAPR Capricor Therapeutics Inc
CAPS Capstone Therapeutics Corp
CART Carolina Trust Bancshares Inc
CARV Carver Bancorp Inc
CASI CASI Pharmaceuticals Inc
CATB Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc
CATG Capstone Technologies Group Inc
CATV 4Cable TV International Inc
CAWW CCA Industries Inc
CBAI Cord Blood America Inc
CBAN Colony Bankcorp Inc
CBAT CBAK Energy Technology Inc
CBB Cincinnati Bell Inc
CBBT Cerebain Biotech Corp
CBDG THC Farmaceuticals Inc
CBFV CB Financial Services Inc
CBIO Catalyst Biosciences Inc
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
CBKC Christopher & Banks Corp
CBKM Consumers Bancorp Inc
CBKW Choice Bank
CBL CBL & Associates Properties Inc
CBLI Cleveland Biolabs Inc
CBMG Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc
CBNK Capital Bancorp Inc
CBRI CMTSU Liquidation Inc
CCB Coastal Financial Corp
CCBC Chino Commercial Bancorp
CCEL Cryo-Cell International Inc
CCFN CCFNB Bancorp Inc
CCGN Consumer Capital Group Inc
CCLP CSI Compressco LP
CCLX Cableclix USA Inc
CCNI Command Center Inc
CCOP Competitive Companies Inc
CCTC Clean Coal Technologies Inc
CCUR CCUR Holdings Inc
CDIIQ CD International Enterprises Inc
CDIX Cardiff International Inc
CDOR Condor Hospitality Trust Inc
CDR Cedar Realty Trust Inc
CDTI CDTi Advanced Materials Inc
CDTX Cidara Therapeutics Inc
CDXC Chromadex Corp
CDZI Cadiz Inc
CEGX Cardinal Energy Group Inc
CEI Camber Energy Inc
CELC Celcuity LLC
CELH Celsius Holdings Inc
CELP Cypress Energy Partners LP
CEMI Chembio Diagnostics Inc
CERC Cerecor Inc.
CERPQ Cereplast Inc
CETG Capital City Energy Group Inc
CETX Cemtrex Inc
CETY Clean Energy Technologies Inc
CEXE Circle Entertainment Inc
CFBI Community First Bancshares Inc
CFBK Central Federal Corp
CFDB Central Federal Bancshares Inc
CFFI C&F Financial Corp
CFMS ConforMIS Inc
CFNB California First National Bancorp
CFOK Community First Bancorporation
CFRI Conforce International Inc
CFRX ContraFect Corp
CGA China Green Agriculture Inc
CGCC Defense Technologies International Corp
CGHC Capital Group Holdings Inc
CGIX Cancer Genetics Inc
CGLD Buscar Co
CGNH CardioGenics Holdings Inc
CGYG China Longyi Group International Holdings Ltd
CGYV China Energy Recovery Inc
CHAG Chancellor Group Inc
CHCI Comstock Holding Companies Inc
CHCR Advanzeon Solutions Inc
CHFS CHF Solutions Inc
CHGI China Carbon Graphite Group Inc
CHGS China Gengsheng Minerals Inc
CHHE China Health Industries Holdings Inc
CHMA Chiasma Inc
CHMG Chemung Financial Corp
CHMI Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp
CHNC China Infrastructure Construction Corp
CHND China Media Inc
CHNGQ China Natural Gas Inc
CHNO Bay Stakes Corp
CHRA Charah Solutions Inc
CHSO China Shouguan Investment Holding Group Corp
CIBH CIB Marine Bancshares Inc
CICC China Internet Cafe Holdings Group Inc
CICN Cicero Inc
CIDM Cinedigm Corp
CIX CompX International Inc
CIZN Citizens Holding Co
CJJD China Jo-Jo Drugstores Inc
CKPT Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc
CKX CKX Lands Inc
CLBS Caladrius Biosciences Inc
CLCN Creative Learning Corp
CLCS Cell Source Inc
CLCT Collectors Universe Inc
CLDC China Lending Corp
CLDPQ Cloud Peak Energy Inc
CLDX Celldex Therapeutics Inc
CLEV Concrete Leveling Systems Inc
CLFD Clearfield Inc
CLIS Clickstream Corp
CLOK Cipherloc Corp
CLOW Data Backup Solutions Inc
CLPR Clipper Realty Inc
CLRB Cellectar Biosciences Inc
CLRI Cleartronic Inc
CLRO Clearone Inc
CLSD Clearside Biomedical Inc
CLSH CLS Holdings USA Inc
CLSN Celsion Corp
CLUB Town Sports International Holdings Inc
CMCI China Modern Agricultural Information Inc
CMFO China Marine Food Group Ltd
CMGO CMG Holdings Group Inc
CMOT Confederate Motors Inc
CMRO Comarco Inc
CMRX Chimerix Inc
CMT Core Molding Technologies Inc
CMXX Cimetrix Inc
CNAC Constellation Alpha Capital Corp.
CNAF Commercial National Financial Corp
CNAT Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNBI China BCT Pharmacy Group Inc
CNBX Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNCE Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNCT China Teletech Holding Inc
CNET Chinanet Online Holdings Inc
CNFR Conifer Holdings Inc
CNIG Corning Natural Gas Holding Corp
CNST Constellation Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNTY Century Casinos Inc
CNXS Connexus Corp
CNYCF Centene Corp
COCBF Coastal Caribbean Oils and Minerals Ltd
COCP Cocrystal Pharma Inc
CODA Coda Octopus Group Inc
CODX Co-Diagnostics Inc
COFS ChoiceOne Financial Services Inc
COGLF Chelsea Oil and Gas Ltd
COHN Cohen & Company Inc
COIL Citadel Exploration Inc
COTE Coates International Ltd
COWI CoroWare Inc
COWP Canal Capital Corp
CPAH CounterPath Corp
CPHB China PharmaHub Corp.
CPHC Canterbury Park Holding Corp
CPHI China Pharma Holdings Inc
CPIX Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc
CPKA Chase Packaging Corp
CPMD CannaPharmaRx Inc
CPQQ China Power Equipment Inc
CPRX Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc
CPSH CPS Technologies Corp
CPSS Consumer Portfolio Services Inc
CPST Capstone Turbine Corp
CPWR Ocean Thermal Energy Corp
CRBO Carbon Natural Gas Co
CRD.B Crawford & Co
CREG China Recycling Energy Corp
CRGS CurAegis Technologies Inc
CRIS Curis Inc
CRLRQ Clean Harbors Inc
CRMBQ Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc.
CRMD CorMedix Inc
CRMZ CreditRiskMonitor.Com Inc
CROL Carroll Bancorp Inc
CRQE Cirque Energy Inc
CRR CARBO Ceramics Inc
CRTG Coretec Group Inc
CRVS Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc
CRVW CareView Communications Inc
CRWS Crown Crafts Inc
CRYO American Cryostem Corp
CSAY China Shesays Medical Cosmetology Inc
CSBB CSB Bancorp Inc
CSBR Champions Oncology Inc
CSGH China Sun Group High-Tech Co
CSHB Community Shores Bank Corp
CSRH Consorteum Holdings Inc
CSS CSS Industries Inc
CSSE Chicken Soup for The Soul Entertainment Inc
CSTR Capstar Financial Holdings Inc
CSTU ColorStars Group
CSU Capital Senior Living Corp
CTBG Coil Tubing Technology Inc
CTDH CTD Holdings Inc
CTDT Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc
CTEK Auxilio Inc
CTG Computer Task Group Inc
CTGO Contango ORE Inc
CTHR Charles & Colvard Ltd
CTIB CTI Industries Corp
CTIC CTi Biopharma Corp
CTPR CTPartners Executive Search Inc.
CTRN Citi Trends Inc
CTRV ContraVir Pharmaceuticals Inc
CTSO Cytosorbents Corp
CTTH CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc
CTUY Century Next Financial Corp
CTXR Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc
CUE Cue Biopharma Inc
CUI CUI Global Inc
CULL Cullman Bancorp Inc
CULP Culp Inc
CUO Continental Materials Corp
CUR Neuralstem Inc
CURR Cure Pharmaceutical Holding Corp
CVAT Cavitation Technologies Inc
CVCY Central Valley Community Bancorp
CVEO Civeo Corp
CVGI Commercial Vehicle Group Inc
CVIA Covia Holdings Corp
CVLY Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc
CVR Chicago Rivet & Machine Co
CVTI Covenant Transportation Group Inc
CVU CPI Aerostructures Inc
CVV CVD Equipment Corp
CWBC Community West Bancshares
CWBR CohBar Inc
CWCO Consolidated Water Co Ltd
CWSS Creative Waste Solutions, Inc.
CWTC World Nation Live Entertainment Inc
CXBS Corix Bioscience Inc
CXDC China XD Plastics Co Ltd
CXDO Crexendo Inc
CYAN Cyanotech Corp
CYAP Cyber Apps World Inc
CYBE CyberOptics Corp
CYCA Cytta Corp
CYCC Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
CYDI Cybrdi Inc
CYDY CytoDyn Inc
CYH Community Health Systems Inc
CYPW Cyclone Power Technologies Inc
CYRN Cyren Ltd
CYTR CytRx Corp
CYTX Cytori Therapeutics Inc
CYUR Cyclone Uranium Corp
CZBT Citizens Bancorp of Virginia Inc
CZFC Citizens First Corp
CZFS Citizens Financial Services Inc
CZWI Citizens Community Bancorp Inc
DAIO Data I/O Corp
DAKT Daktronics Inc
DARE Dare Bioscience Inc
DAVC Darkstar Ventures, Inc.
DAVE Famous Dave's of America Inc
DBGF Panex Resources Inc
DBRM Daybreak Oil and Gas Inc
DCAR Dropcar Inc
DCGD Discovery Gold Corp
DCLT Data Call Technologies Inc
DCTH Delcath Systems Inc
DDDX 3DX Industries Inc
DDRI Diversified Resources Inc
DECN Decision Diagnostics Corp
DEER Deer Consumer Products Inc
DENR Discovery Energy Corp.
DEST Destination Maternity Corp
DEWY Dewey Electronics Corp
DF Dean Foods Co
DFRG Del Frisco's Restaurant Group Inc
DGDM Digital Development Partners Inc
DGLT Digiliti Money Group Inc
DGLY Digital Ally Inc
DGRI Dutch Gold Resources Inc
DGSE DGSE Companies Inc
DHCPQ Ditech Holding Corp
DHX DHI Group Inc
DIGI Digitiliti Inc
DIGP Digipath Inc
DIMC Dimeco Inc
DINO Dino Energy Corp
DION Dionics Inc
DIT AMCON Distributing Co
DKAM Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd
DKGH DKG Capital Inc
DLA Delta Apparel Inc
DLHC DLH Holdings Corp
DLOC Carbon Sciences Inc
DLPN Dolphin Digital Media Inc
DLTA Delta Oil & Gas Inc
DLYT Dais Analytic Corp
DMAC DiaMedica Therapeutics Inc
DMHI DMH International Inc
DNAX DNA Brands Inc
DNBF DNB Financial Corp
DPDW Deep Down Inc
DPW DPW Holdings Inc
DRAD Digirad Corp
DRIO DarioHealth Corp
DRNE Drone Aviation Holding Corp
DRNG Drone Guarder Inc
DRNK Noho Inc
DROP Fuse Science Inc
DSGT DSG Global Inc
DSKE Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp III
DSNY Destiny Media Technologies Inc
DSOX Triton Emission Solutions Inc
DSS Document Security Systems Inc
DTRC Dakota Territory Resource Corp
DTST Data Storage Corp
DUOT Duos Technologies Group Inc
DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corp
DVCR Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc
DVD Dover Motorsports Inc
DWOG Deep Well Oil & Gas Inc
DWSN Dawson Geophysical Co
DXLG Destination XL Group Inc
DXR Daxor Corp
DXYN Dixie Group Inc
DYAI Dyadic International Inc
DYNT Dynatronics Corp
DYSL Dynasil Corporation of America
DZSI DASAN Zhone Solutions Inc
EARN Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT
EAST Eastside Distilling Inc
EAUI EAU Technologies Inc
EBMT Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc
ECGI Event Cardio Group Inc
ECIA Encision Inc
ECOB Eco Building Products Inc
ECOM ChannelAdvisor Corp
ECOP Eco-Shift Power Corp
ECOR electroCore, Inc.
ECOS EcoloCap Solutions Inc
ECPN El Capitan Precious Metals Inc
ECTE Echo Therapeutics Inc
EDNT Xspand Products Lab Inc
EDUC Educational Development Corp
EEI Ecology and Environment Inc
EFBI Eagle Financial Bancorp Inc
EFIR EGPI Firecreek Inc
EFOI Energy Focus Inc
EFSI Eagle Financial Services Inc
EFTB EFT Holdings Inc
EGAN eGain Corp
EGRN Evergreen-Agra Inc
EHOS Ehouse Global Inc
EIGR Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Inc
EKCS Electronic Control Security Inc
EKSO Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc
ELGX Endologix Inc
ELMD Electromed Inc
ELRE Yinfu Gold Corp
ELSE Electro-Sensors Inc
ELTP Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc
ELTZ Elite Group Inc
ELVT Elevate Credit Inc
EMAN eMagin Corp
EMBI Emerald Bioscience Inc
EMBR Embarr Downs Inc
EMCF Emclaire Financial Corp
EMGC Emergent Capital Inc
EML Eastern Co
EMMS Emmis Communications Corp
EMPM Empire Post Media Inc
EMPR Empire Petroleum Corp
EMYB Embassy Bancorp Inc
ENBP ENB Financial Corp
ENCR Ener-Core Inc
ENDV Endonovo Therapeutics Inc
ENFC Entegra Financial Corp
ENG ENGlobal Corp
ENIP Endeavor IP Inc
ENKS Castle Holding Corp
ENRT Enertopia Corp
ENSV Enservco Corp
ENT Global Eagle Entertainment Inc
ENVS Enova Systems Inc
ENZ Enzo Biochem Inc
ENZN Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc
EOPT EOS Petro Inc
EPM Evolution Petroleum Corp
EPRSQ EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals Inc
EPXY Epoxy Inc
EQFN Equitable Financial Corp
EQTE EQM Technologies & Energy Inc
ERA Era Group Inc
ERBA ERBA Diagnostics Inc
ERFB ERF Wireless Inc
ERGO Entia Biosciences Inc
ERHE ERHC Energy Inc
ERIE Erie Indemnity Co
ESBS ES Bancshares Inc
ESCA Escalade Inc
ESCC Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp
ESES Eco-Stim Energy Solutions Inc
ESGI Ensurge Inc
ESINQ ITT Educational Services Inc
ESMC Escalon Medical Corp
ESNC EnSync Inc
ESOA Energy Services Of America Corp
ESP Espey MFG and Electronics Corp
ESPH Ecosphere Technologies Inc
ESQ Esquire Financial Holdings Inc
ESSA ESSA Bancorp Inc
ESSI Eco Science Solutions Inc
ESTE Earthstone Energy Inc
ESWW Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc
ESXB Community Bankers Trust Corp
ETAH Eternity Healthcare Inc
ETCC Environmental Tectonics Corp
ETCK EnerTeck Corp
ETEK Eco-Tek Group Inc
ETFM 2050 Motors Inc
ETNI Entest Biomedical Inc
ETST Earth Science Tech Inc
ETTX Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc
EURI Agrieuro Corp
EUSP EuroSite Power Inc
EVBN Evans Bancorp Inc
EVC Entravision Communications Corp
EVCC Environmental Control Corp
EVFM Evofem Biosciences Inc
EVK Ever-Glory International Group Inc
EVLO Evelo Biosciences Inc
EVOK Evoke Pharma Inc
EVOL Evolving Systems Inc
EVSI Envision Solar International Inc
EVTI Eventure Interactive Inc
EVTN Enviro Voraxial Technology Inc
EWLU Merion, Inc.
EXCC Excel Corp
EXLA Helmer Directional Drilling Corp
EXPR Express Inc
EYEG EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc
EYEN Eyenovia Inc
EYES Second Sight Medical Products Inc
EYPT pSivida Corp
FABK First Advantage Bancorp
FABU FAB Universal Corp
FALC FalconStor Software Inc
FARE World Moto Inc
FARM Farmer Bros Co
FBCD Fbc Holding Inc
FBEC FBEC Worldwide Inc
FBIO Fortress Biotech Inc
FBIZ First Business Financial Services Inc
FBSS Fauquier Bankshares Inc
FCAP First Capital Inc
FCBI Frederick County Bancorp Inc
FCCN Spectral Capital Corp
FCCO First Community Corp
FCCY 1st Constitution Bancorp
FCEL FuelCell Energy Inc
FCHS First Choice Healthcare Solutions Inc
FCRE FC Global Realty Inc
FCSC Fibrocell Science Inc
FEIM Frequency Electronics Inc
FELP Foresight Energy LP
FETM Fentura Financial Inc
FFDF FFD Financial Corp
FFNW First Financial Northwest Inc
FGBI First Guaranty Bancshares Inc
FGCO Financial Gravity Companies Inc
FGP Ferrellgas Partners LP
FIFG First Foods Group Inc
FKYS First Keystone Corp
FLAF Farm Lands of Africa Inc
FLCX FlooidCX Corp
FLGT Fulgent Genetics Inc
FLKS Flex Pharma Inc
FLL Full House Resorts Inc
FLRE Flameret Inc
FLSS Forbes Energy Services Ltd
FLST Fuelstream Inc
FLXS Flexsteel Industries Inc
FLXT Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc
FMBM F & M Bank Corp
FNAM Evolutionary Genomics Inc
FNBCQ First NBC Bank Holding Co
FNCB FNCB Bancorp Inc
FNEC First National Energy Corp
FNHC Federated National Holding Co
FNJN Finjan Holdings Inc
FNLC First Bancorp Inc
FNRG ForceField Energy Inc
FNRN First Northern Community Bancorp
FNWB First Northwest Bancorp
FORD Forward Industries Inc
FOTB First Ottawa Bancshares Inc
FPAY FlexShopper Inc
FPI Farmland Partners Inc
FPMI FluoroPharma Medical Inc
FPPP FieldPoint Petroleum Corp
FPRX Five Prime Therapeutics Inc
FPVD Force Protection Video Equipment Corp
FRAF Franklin Financial Services Corp
FRAN Francesca's Holdings Corp
FRBK Republic First Bancorp Inc
FRCN Firemans Contractors, Inc.
FRD Friedman Industries Inc
FRED Fred's Inc
FREVS First Real Estate Investment Trust of New Jersey
FRFC First Robinson Financial Cororation
FRHV Fresh Harvest Products Inc
FRMA Firma Holdings Corp
FRZT Freeze Tag Inc
FSAM Fifth Street Asset Management Inc
FSBW FS Bancorp Inc
FSFG First Savings Financial Group Inc
FSI Flexible Solutions International Inc
FSNR Freestone Resources Inc
FSRL First Reliance Bancshares Inc
FSTC First Corp
FSTR L.B. Foster Co
FTEK Fuel Tech Inc
FTFT Future Fintech Group Inc
FTK Flotek Industries Inc
FTMR Fortem Resources Inc
FTR Frontier Communications Corp
FTWS Flitways Technology Inc
FUEG Face Up Entertainment Group Inc
FULO Fullnet Communications Inc
FUNC First United Corp
FUSB First US Bancshares Inc
FUV Arcimoto Inc
FVCB FVCBankcorp Inc
FVE Five Star Senior Living Inc
FVRG ForeverGreen Worldwide Corp
FWLAF FlatWorld Acquisition Corp.
FXNC First National Corp
GACR Green Automotive Co
GAHC Global Arena Holding Inc
GAIA Gaia Inc
GBBT Global Boatworks Holdings, Inc.
GBEN Global Resource Energy Inc
GBGD Global Gold Corp
GBIM GlobeImmune Inc
GBOE GeoBio Energy Inc
GBR New Concept Energy Inc
GBSNQ Great Basin Scientific Inc
GCAP GAIN Capital Holdings Inc
GCBC Greene County Bancorp Inc
GCEH Global Clean Energy Holdings Inc
GCFB Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd
GCLL Greencell Inc
GDP Goodrich Petroleum Corp
GDRZF Gold Reserve Inc
GEC Great Elm Capital Group Inc
GEMP Gemphire Therapeutics Inc
GEN Genesis Healthcare Inc
GENC Gencor Industries Inc
GEOR GeoPetro Resources Co
GEOS Geospace Technologies Corp
GERN Geron Corp
GETG Green Earth Technologies Inc
GETH Green Envirotech Holdings Corp
GEVO Gevo Inc
GFED Guaranty Federal Bancshares Inc
GFN General Finance Corp
GFOO Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp
GGSM Gold and GemStone Mining Inc
GHM Graham Corp
GIFI Gulf Island Fabrication Inc
GIG GigCapital, Inc.
GIGA Giga-tronics Inc
GIGL Giggles N' Hugs Inc
GLAE Glassbridge Enterprises Inc
GLBR Global Brokerage Inc
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp
GLDN Gold Dynamics Corp
GLG China Commercial Credit Inc
GLGI Greystone Logistics Inc
GLLA Gilla Inc
GLLK Gold Lakes Corp
GLNS Golden Star Resource Corp.
GLOW Glowpoint Inc
GLPH Gala Global Inc
GLRI Glori Energy Inc
GLRP Glen Rose Petroleum Corp
GLTC GelTech Solutions Inc
GLUX Great Lakes Aviation Ltd
GLYE GlyEco Inc
GMER Good Gaming Inc
GMEV GME Innotainment Inc
GMGI Golden Matrix Group Inc
GMO General Moly Inc
GMRE Global Medical REIT Inc
GNC GNC Holdings Inc
GNCA Genocea Biosciences Inc
GNLKQ Genelink Inc
GNMX Aevi Genomic Medicine Inc
GNOW American CareSource Holdings Inc
GNPT Green Parts International Inc
GNPX Genprex Inc
GNRV Grand River Commerce Inc
GNUS Genius Brands International Inc
GOPH Gopher Protocol Inc
GORO Gold Resource Corp
GOVX Geovax Labs Inc
GPIW Grand Perfecta Inc
GPRC Guanwei Recycling Corp
GPX GP Strategies Corp
GPXM Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc
GRAS Greenfield Farms Food Inc
GRCK Grey Cloak Tech Inc
GRIF Griffin Industrial Realty Inc
GRLD Grilled Cheese Truck Inc
GRNE Green Endeavors Inc
GRNQ Greenpro Capital Corp.
GROW U.S. Global Investors Inc
GRST Ethema Health Corp
GRSU Greenhouse Solutions Inc
GRWC Grow Condos Inc
GRYN Green Hygienics Holdings Inc
GSIH General Steel Holdings Inc
GSIT GSI Technology Inc
GSM Ferroglobe PLC
GSPE GulfSlope Energy Inc
GSRX Green Spirit Industries Inc
GSS Golden Star Resources Ltd
GTBP GT Biopharma Inc
GTEH Gentech Holdings, Inc.
GTHP Guided Therapeutics Inc
GTHR GeneThera Inc
GTII Global Tech Industries Group Inc
GTIM Good Times Restaurants Inc
GTVI Joway Health Industries Group Inc
GTYHW GTY Technology Holdings Inc
GURE Gulf Resources Inc
GV Goldfield Corp
GVCM Geovic Mining Corp
GVP GSE Systems Inc
GWGH GWG Holdings Inc
GWRS Global Water Resources Inc
GWTI Greenway Technologies Inc
GYPHQ Gryphon Gold Corp
GYST Graystone Company Inc
HABT Habit Restaurants Inc
HADV Health Advance Inc
HAIR Restoration Robotics Inc
HALL Hallmark Financial Services Inc
HALN Halo Companies Inc
HARI Harvard Illinois Bancorp Inc
HARL Harleysville Financial Corp
HARP Harpoon Therapeutics Inc
HAUP Hauppauge Digital Inc
HBB Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Co
HBIO Harvard Bioscience Inc
HBMD Howard Bancorp Inc
HBP Huttig Building Products Inc
HBSI Highlands Bankshares Inc
HCFT Five Oaks Investment Corp
HCGS HighCom Global Security Inc
HCHC HC2 Holdings Inc
HCMC Healthier Choices Management Corp
HCTI Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc
HDII Hypertension Diagnostics Inc
HDSN Hudson Technologies Inc
HDVY Health Discovery Corp
HDYNQ Hyperdynamics Corp
HEAR Turtle Beach Corp
HEAT SmartHeat Inc
HEB Hemispherx Biopharma Inc
HEMA HemaCare Corp
HENC Holloman Energy Corp
HFBC HopFed Bancorp Inc
HFBL Home Federal Bancorp Inc of Louisiana
HGBL Heritage Global Inc
HGEN Humanigen Inc
HGGGQ hhgregg Inc
HGSH China HGS Real Estate Inc
HHS Harte Hanks Inc
HIIQ Health Insurance Innovations Inc
HIVE Aerohive Networks Inc
HJLIW Hancock Jaffe Laboratories, Inc.
HK Halcon Resources Corp
HKBT HK Battery Technology Inc
HKEB HK Ebus Corp
HLAB MedeFile International Inc
HLND Highlands Bankshares Inc
HLTH Nobilis Health Corp
HLWD Almost Never Films Inc
HMG HMG Courtland Properties Inc
HMGN Hemagen Diagnostics Inc
HMLA Homeland Resources Ltd
HMNF HMN Financial Inc
HMNY Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc
HNDI Handeni Gold Inc
HNNA Hennessy Advisors Inc
HNRG Hallador Energy Co
HOFT Hooker Furniture Corp
HOKUQ Hoku Corp
HOS Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc
HOTH Hoth Therapeutics Inc
HOV Hovnanian Enterprises Inc
HPJ Highpower International Inc
HPPI HedgePath Pharmaceuticals Inc
HPR Bill Barrett Corp
HPTO hopTo Inc
HRAA Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc
HROW Harrow Health, Inc.
HSGX Histogenics Corp
HSON Hudson Global Inc
HSTC HST Global Inc
HTBX Heat Biologics Inc
HTGM HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc
HURC Hurco Companies Inc
HUSA Houston American Energy Corp
HVBC HV Bancorp Inc
HVCW Harrison Vickers and Waterman Inc
HVT Haverty Furniture Companies Inc
HWBK Hawthorn Bancshares Inc
HWCC Houston Wire & Cable Co
HYDI Hydromer Inc
HYII All Grade Mining Inc
HYRE HyreCar Inc
HYSR HyperSolar Inc
HZN Horizon Global Corp
HZNM Horizon Minerals Corp
IAIC Information Analysis Inc
IBAL International Baler Corp
IBIO Ibio Inc
ICBK County Bancorp Inc
ICCC ImmuCell Corp
ICCH ICC Holdings Inc
ICD Independence Contract Drilling Inc
ICLD InterCloud Systems Inc
ICNB Iconic Brands Inc
ICON Iconix Brand Group Inc
ICRD International Card Establishment Inc
ICTV ICTV Brands Inc
IDDR IDdriven Inc
IDEA Invent Ventures Inc
IDLM Idle Media Inc
IDN Intellicheck Inc
IDRA Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc
IDSA Industrial Services of America Inc
IDSY ID Systems Inc
IDTY Ipsidy Inc
IDVC Infrastructure Developments Corp
IDXG Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc
IEA M III Acquisition Corp
IEC IEC Electronics Corp
IFMK iFresh Inc
IFNY Infinity Energy Resources Inc
IFXY Infrax Systems Inc
IGC India Globalization Capital Inc
IGEN IGEN Networks Corp
IGEX Indo Global Exchange(s) Pte Ltd
IGMB iGambit Inc
IGXT Intelgenx Technologies Corp
IHT InnSuites Hospitality Trust
III Information Services Group Inc
IIN IntriCon Corp
IINX Ionix Technology Inc
IKNX Ikonics Corp
ILIM Il2m International Corp
ILUS Cache Elite Inc
IMCI Infinite Group Inc
IMH Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc
IMI Intermolecular Inc
IMLE TransBiotec Inc
IMMR Immersion Corp
IMNPQ Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc
IMTO InterMetro Communications Inc
IMTV Imagination TV Inc
IMUC ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd
IMUN Immune Therapeutics Inc
INAP Internap Corp
INB Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder Inc
INBI Infusion Brands International Inc
INBK First Internet Bancorp
INCT InCapta Inc
INFI Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc
INFU InfuSystem Holdings Inc
INIS International Isotopes Inc
INLX Intellinetics Inc
INMB INmune Bio Inc
INNI Innovaro Inc
INNT Innovate Biopharmaceuticals Inc
INNV Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc
INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
INPX Inpixon
INQD Indoor Harvest Corp
INRD Inrad Optics Inc
INSE Inspired Entertainment Inc
INTG InterGroup Corp
INTT inTest Corp
INTZ Intrusion Inc
INUV Inuvo Inc
INVE Identiv Inc
INVI Integral Vision Inc
INVT Inventergy Global Inc
INVU Investview Inc
INWK InnerWorkings Inc
IO Ion Geophysical Corp
IOR Income Opportunity Realty Investors Inc
IOTC Iota Communications Inc
IOTS Adesto Technologies Corp
IPDN Professional Diversity Network Inc
IPIX Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc
IPOA Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp
IPUB indiePub Entertainment Inc
IPWR Ideal Power Inc
IRLD Ireland Inc
IRMD IRadimed Corp
IRNC Ironclad Encryption Corp
IROQ IF Bancorp Inc
IRSB Iris Biotechnologies Inc
ISBA Isabella Bank Corp
ISCO International Stem Cell Corp
ISDR Issuer Direct Corp
ISIG Insignia Systems Inc
ISLV International Silver Inc
ISNS Image Sensing Systems Inc
ISR IsoRay Inc
ISSC Innovative Solutions and Support Inc
ISTR Investar Holding Corp
ITCC InsPro Technologies Corp
ITDN Interdyne Co
ITEC InterTech Solutions Inc
ITI Iteris Inc
ITKG Integral Technologies Inc
ITLL Intelligent Cloud Resources Inc
ITP Orient Paper Inc
ITRK Interlink Plus, Inc.
ITRM Iterum Therapeutics PLC
IVAC Intevac Inc
IVC Invacare Corp
IVDA Iveda Solutions Inc
IVDN Innovative Designs Inc
IVFH Innovative Food Holdings Inc
IVOB INVO Bioscience Inc
IWAL iwallet Corp
IWSY ImageWare Systems Inc
JAGX Jaguar Health Inc
JAKK JAKKS Pacific Inc
JASN Jason Industries Inc
JAX J Alexanders Holdings Inc
JCS Communications Systems Inc
JCTCF Jewett-Cameron Trading Company Ltd
JFBC Jeffersonville Bancorp
JFGI Jacobs Financial Group Inc
JFIL Jubilant Flame International Ltd
JILL J.Jill Inc
JMDA Jerrick Media Holdings Inc
JNCE Jounce Therapeutics Inc
JOB GEE Group Inc
JRSH Jerash Holdings (US) Inc
JSYN Jensyn Acquisition Corp
JTBK Jetblack Corp
JUVF Juniata Valley Financial Corp
JVA Coffee Holding Co Inc
JYNT Joint Corp
KALA Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc
KALV Kalvista Pharmaceuticals Inc
KALY Kali Inc
KANP Kaanapali Land LLC
KAYS Kaya Holdings Inc
KBLB Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc
KEG Key Energy Services Inc
KEQU Kewaunee Scientific Corp
KFFB Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
KFS Kingsway Financial Services Inc
KGJI Kingold Jewelry Inc
KIDBQ Kid Brands Inc
KIN Kindred Biosciences Inc
KINS Kingstone Companies Inc
KIRK Kirkland's Inc
KMPH KemPharm Inc
KNDI Kandi Technologies Group Inc
KNSC Kenergy Scientific Inc
KODK Eastman Kodak Co
KONAQ Kona Grill Inc
KOOL Cesca Therapeutics Inc
KOPN Kopin Corp
KOSS Koss Corp
KRBF Kreido Biofuels Inc
KRED Konared Corp
KRP Kimbell Royalty Partners LP
KTCC Key Tronic Corp
KTYB Kentucky Bancshares Inc
KVHI KVH Industries Inc
KWBT Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp
KZR Kezar Life Sciences Inc
LAHO Lans Holdings Inc
LAKE Lakeland Industries Inc
LAND Gladstone Land Corp
LARK Landmark Bancorp Inc
LATX Latitude 360 Inc
LBAS Location Based Technologies Inc
LBCC Long Blockchain Corp
LBSR Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp
LBY Libbey Inc
LBYE Liberty Energy Corp
LCAR Lescarden Inc
LCI Lannett Company Inc
LCLP Life Clips Inc
LCTC Lifeloc Technologies Inc
LCUT Lifetime Brands Inc
LDHL LD Holdings Inc
LDSR Landstar Rubber Inc
LEAF Leaf Group Ltd
LEAT Leatt Corp
LEDS SemiLEDs Corp
LEE Lee Enterprises Inc
LEU Centrus Energy Corp
LEVL Level One Bancorp Inc
LEXG Lithium Exploration Group Inc
LFAP LifeApps Brands Inc
LFVN LifeVantage Corp (Pre-Reincorporation)
LGL LGL Group Inc
LHC Leo Holdings Corp.
LIBE Liberated Energy Inc
LIFE aTyr Pharma Inc
LINC Lincoln Educational Services Corp
LINK Interlink Electronics Inc
LIQDQ Liquid Holdings Group Inc
LIQT LiqTech International Inc
LITH US Lithium Corp
LIVC Live Current Media Inc
LIVE Live Ventures Inc
LIVX Livexlive Media Inc
LIXT Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc
LJPC La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co
LKSD LSC Communications Inc
LLEX Lilis Energy Inc
LLIT Lianluo Smart Ltd
LLNW Limelight Networks Inc
LMB Limbach Holdings Inc
LMFA Lm Funding America, Inc.
LMST Porter Bancorp Inc
LNDT Liandi Clean Technology Inc
LOAN Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc
LOCMQ Local Corp
LODE Comstock Mining Inc
LOGC LogicBio Therapeutics Inc
LOGL Legend Oil and Gas Ltd
LOGX PeerLogix Inc
LONE Lonestar Resources US Inc
LOTE Lot78 Inc
LPCN Lipocine Inc
LPTH LightPath Technologies Inc
LQDA Liquidia Technologies Inc
LQDT Liquidity Services Inc
LQMT Liquidmetal Technologies Inc
LRDC Laredo Oil Inc
LRSV Link Reservations Inc
LSBK Lake Shore Bancorp Inc
LSCG Lighting Science Group Corp
LSTG Lone Star Gold Inc
LTBR Lightbridge Corp
LTFD Littlefield Corp
LTNC Labor Smart Inc
LTRE Learning Tree International Inc
LTRX Lantronix Inc
LTTC Lattice Inc
LTUM Lithium Corp
LUB Luby's Inc
LUNA Luna Innovations Inc
LUVU Luvu Brands Inc
LVCA Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc
LVVV Livewire Ergogenics Inc
LWAY Lifeway Foods Inc
LWLG Lightwave Logic Inc
LXU LSB Industries Inc
LYFE LYFE Communications Inc
LYNS Lightyear Network Solutions Inc
LYTS LSI Industries Inc
MACE Mace Security International Inc
MACK Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc
MAG MAG Silver Corp
MAGAA Magna-Lab Inc
MAGE Magellan Gold Corp
MAMS MAM Software Group Inc
MARA Marathon Patent Group Inc
MARK Remark Holdings Inc
MATN Mateon Therapeutics Inc
MAXD Max Sound Corp
MAXE Maxwell Resources Inc
MAYS J.W. Mays Inc
MBCI MabCure Inc
MBCN Middlefield Banc Corp
MBCQ MB Bancorp Inc
MBII Marrone Bio Innovations Inc
MBIO Mustang Bio Inc
MBOT Microbot Medical Inc
MBRX Moleculin Biotech Inc
MBTF MBT Financial Corp
MCBK Madison County Financial Inc
MCEP Mid-Con Energy Partners LP
MCET Multicell Technologies Inc
MCF Contango Oil & Gas Co
MCHX Marchex Inc
MCIG mCig Inc
MCOA Marijuana Company Of America Inc
MCPI Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining Inc
MCRB Seres Therapeutics Inc
MCTH Medical Connections Holdings Inc
MDCA MDC Partners Inc
MDCE Medical Care Technologies Inc
MDCL Medicine Man Technologies Inc
MDCN Medican Enterprises Inc
MDDD Makism 3D Corp
MDEX Madison Technologies Inc
MDIT Medite Cancer Diagnostics Inc
MDLY Medley Management Inc
MDRM Galileo Life Sciences Inc
MDSYF Modsys International Ltd
MDVX Medovex Corp
MEDD Medical Imaging Corp
MEEC Midwest Energy Emissions Corp
MEET Meet Group Inc
MEIL Methes Energies International Ltd
MEIP MEI Pharma Inc
MELR Melrose Bancorp Inc
MEME Meemee Media Inc
MENB Mendocino Brewing Company Inc
MEPW ME Renewable Power Corp
METC Ramaco Resources Inc
MFAC.U Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp
MFBP M&F Bancorp Inc
MFCO Microwave Filter Company Inc
MFIN Medallion Financial Corp
MFNC Mackinac Financial Corp
MFON Mobivity Holdings Corp
MFSF MutualFirst Financial Inc
MFST Medifirst Solutions Inc
MGEN Miragen Therapeutics Inc
MGI MoneyGram International Inc
MGTI MGT Capital Investments Inc
MGYR Magyar Bancorp Inc
MHCC Millennium Healthcare Inc
MHH Mastech Digital Inc
MHLD Maiden Holdings Ltd
MHTX Manhattan Scientifics Inc
MICR Micron Solutions Inc
MIHI Medical Innovation Holdings Inc
MIND Mitcham Industries Inc
MINE Minerco Inc
MIXX MIX 1 Life Inc
MJNE MJ Holdings Inc
MJTV Michael James Enterprises Inc
MJWL Majic Wheels Corp
MKGI Monaker Group Inc
MKRS Mikros Systems Corp
MKTY Mechanical Technology Inc
MLER Moller International Inc
MLHC M Line Holdings Inc
MLNT Melinta Therapeutics, Inc.
MLP Maui Land & Pineapple Company Inc
MLSS Milestone Scientific Inc
MLVF Malvern Bancorp Inc
MMAC MMA Capital Holdings, Inc.
MMDM Modern Media Acquisition Corp
MMEGD Momentous Entertainment Group Inc
MMEX MMEX Resources Corp
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners LP
MMMB MamaMancini's Holdings Inc
MMMW Mass Megawatts Windpower Inc
MMRF MMRGlobal Inc
MMTC Micro Imaging Technology Inc
MN Manning & Napier Inc
MNAP MNP Petroleum Corp
MNGG Mining Global Inc
MNI McClatchy Co
MNKD MannKind Corp
MNLO Menlo Therapeutics Inc
MNMB Merchants & Marine Bancorp, Inc.
MNTX Manitex International Inc
MNVN Mondial Ventures Inc
MOBQ Mobiquity Technologies Inc
MOJO MOJO Organics Inc
MOMT MoneyOnMobile Inc
MOST MobileSmith Inc
MOSY MoSys Inc
MOTS Motus GI Holdings Inc
MOXC Moxian Inc
MPAD Micropac Industries Inc
MPB Mid Penn Bancorp Inc
MPME Medisun Precision Medicine Ltd
MPO Midstates Petroleum Company Inc
MRAM Everspin Technologies Inc
MRGE Mirage Energy Corp
MRIC MRI Interventions Inc
MRIN Marin Software Inc
MRLN Marlin Business Services Corp
MRNS Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc
MRSN Mersana Therapeutics Inc
MSBF MSB Financial Corp
MSHFQ MediaShift, Inc.
MSL MidSouth Bancorp Inc
MSLP MusclePharm Corp
MSN Emerson Radio Corp
MSON Misonix Inc
MSPC Metrospaces Inc
MSTG Mustang Alliances Inc
MSVB Mid-Southern Bancorp Inc
MTBC Medical Transcription Billing Corp
MTEM Molecular Templates Inc
MTEX Mannatech Inc
MTNB Matinas BioPharma Holdings Inc
MTST MetaStat Inc
MTXS Matches Inc
MVBF MVB Financial Corp
MVIS MicroVision Inc
MWWC Marketing Worldwide Corp
MXC Mexco Energy Corp
MYDP Dougherty's Pharmacy Inc
MYFW First Western Financial Inc
MYGG Mygo Games Holding Co
MYHI Mountain High Acquisitions Corp
MYND MYnd Analytics Inc
MYO Myomo Inc
MYOS MYOS RENS Technology Inc
MYRX Myrexis Inc
MYSZ My Size Inc
NAFS North America Frac Sand, Inc.
NAII Natural Alternatives International Inc
NANX Nanophase Technologies Corp
NAOV NanoVibronix, Inc.
NATR Natures Sunshine Products Inc
NAUH National American University Holdings Inc
NAVB Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc
NBEV New Age Beverages Corp
NBN Northeast Bancorp
NBRI North Bay Resources Inc
NBRV Nabriva Therapeutics PLC
NBY NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc
NCSM NCS Multistage Holdings Inc
NDRA ENDRA Life Sciences Inc
NEBU Nebula Acquisition Corp
NECA New America Energy Corp
NECB Northeast Community Bancorp Inc
NEIK Northstar Electronics Inc
NEN New England Realty Associates LP
NEOM NeoMedia Technologies Inc
NEON Neonode Inc
NEOS Neos Therapeutics Inc
NERV Minerva Neurosciences Inc
NES Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc
NESR National Energy Services Reunited Corp.
NETE Net Element Inc
NEWT Newtek Business Services Corp
NEXS Nexus Biopharma Inc
NGBL Notis Global Inc
NGMC Next Generation Management Corp
NGRC National Graphite Corp
NGS Natural Gas Services Group Inc
NGVC Natural Grocers By Vitamin Cottage Inc
NH NantHealth Inc
NHLD National Holdings Corp
NHMD Nate's Food Co
NHTC Natural Health Trends Corp
NICK Nicholas Financial Inc
NIHD NII Holdings Inc
NILA Nilam Resources Inc
NIMU Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems Inc
NJMC New Jersey Mining Co
NK NantKwest Inc
NKSH National Bankshares Inc
NL NL Industries Inc
NLNK NewLink Genetics Corp
NLS Nautilus Inc
NLST Netlist Inc
NMEX Northern Minerals & Exploration Ltd
NMXS Net Medical Xpress Solutions Inc
NNUT Royal Hawaiian Orchards LP
NNVC NanoViricides Inc
NOBH Nobility Homes Inc
NORNQ Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp
NOVC Novation Companies Inc
NOVN Novan Inc
NPHC Nutra Pharma Corp
NPTN NeoPhotonics Corp
NRBT Novus Robotics Inc
NRIM Northrim BanCorp Inc
NRLB Northern California Bancorp Inc
NROM Noble Roman's Inc
NSEC National Security Group Inc
NSLPQ New Source Energy Partners LP
NSPR InspireMD Inc
NSPX Inspyr Therapeutics Inc
NSRCF NextSource Materials Inc
NSYS Nortech Systems Inc
NTEC Intec Pharma Ltd
NTFL Network 1 Financial Group Inc
NTGN Neon Therapeutics Inc
NTIC Northern Technologies International Corp
NTIP Network-1 Technologies Inc
NTN NTN Buzztime Inc
NTRR Neutra Corp
NTWK NetSol Technologies Inc
NUGN NuGene International Inc
NURO NeuroMetrix Inc
NUUU Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc
NVAX Novavax Inc
NVFY Nova LifeStyle Inc
NVIC N-Viro International Corp
NVIV InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
NVLN Novelion Therapeutics Inc
NVTR Nuvectra Corp
NVUS Novus Therapeutics Inc
NWBO Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc
NWFL Norwood Financial Corp
NWHM New Home Company Inc
NWIN Northwest Indiana Bancorp
NWPG Newport Gold Inc
NWPX Northwest Pipe Co
NXTH NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc
NYXO Nyxio Technologies Corp
OBCI Ocean Bio-Chem Inc
OBLN Obalon Therapeutics Inc
OCC Optical Cable Corp
OCEL Ocean Electric Inc
OCFN Omega Commercial Finance Corp
OCLG Oncologix Tech Inc
OCN Ocwen Financial Corp
OCUL Ocular Therapeutix Inc
OCX OncoCyte Corp
ODC Oil-Dri Corporation of America
OEDVQ Osage Exploration and Development Inc
OESX Orion Energy Systems Inc
OFED Oconee Federal Financial Corp
OGEN Oragenics Inc
OHGI One Horizon Group Inc
OLBG OLB Group Inc
OMAG Omagine Inc
OMBP Omni Bio Pharmaceutical Inc
OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc
OMI Owens & Minor Inc
OMTK Omnitek Engineering Corp
OMVE Omni Ventures Inc
ONCS OncoSec Medical Inc
ONCX Advanced Environmental Petroleum Producers Inc
ONOV BioNovelus Inc
ONTX Onconova Therapeutics Inc
ONVO Organovo Holdings Inc
OOMA Ooma Inc
OPBK Open Bank
OPGN OpGen Inc
OPHC OptimumBank Holdings Inc
OPHI Organic Plant Health Inc