Data Tags

What is a data tag?

Intrinio data is categorized using “data tags”, such as marketcap , netincome , and close_price . A data tag combined with a corresponding entity (security, company, index, bank, etc), will allow you to retrieve current and historical values from our system. For example, to retrieve the historical daily volume for Apple, you would use the volume data tag in conjuction with the AAPL ticker symbol.

Name Tag Type Units
All Other Compensation comp_all_other Compensation Number The value of all other compensation not otherwise accounted for in the other categories.
Bonus comp_bonus Compensation Number The bonus for the executive.
Cash Paid comp_cash_paid Compensation Number The amount of cash paid out to the executive not considered a salary or bonus.
Compensation Currency comp_currency Compensation String The currency of the compensation for the executive.
Compensation Denomination comp_denomination Compensation String The currency denomination: Absolute | Thousands | Millions.
Compensation Meeting Date comp_meeting_date Compensation Date The date of the Board of Directors meeting where the executives compensation package was determined.
Compensation Proxy Year comp_proxy_year Compensation String The proxy when the compensation is disclosed.
Compensation Year comp_year Compensation String The fiscal year of the executive’s compensation package.
Director Compensation comp_director Compensation True/False A boolean, representing whether the compensation includes or is exclusively for a directorship.
Non-Equity Incentive Plan comp_non_eqty_incentive_plan Compensation Number The value of any non-equity incentive plan benefits.
Option Awards comp_option_awards Compensation Number The total value of all option grants at their fair market value.
Pension Non-Qualifying Deferred Compensation comp_pension_nqdc Compensation Number The value of pension benefit contributions.
Salary comp_salary Compensation Number The established salary of the executive.
Stock Awards comp_stock_awards Compensation Number The total value of all stock grants.
Total Compensation comp_total_summary Compensation Number The total value of all compensation for the fiscal year.