What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
ABCB:UW Ameris Bancorp
AFBI:UW Affinity Bancshares Inc
AFRM:UW Affirm Holdings Inc
AGM:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGM.A:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpC:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpD:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpE:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpF:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpG:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AIHS:UW Senmiao Technology Ltd
ALLY:UN Ally Financial Inc
ALRS:UW Alerus Financial Corp
AMAL:UW Amalgamated Financial Corp
AMJ:UP JPMorgan Chase & Co.
AMJB:UP JPMorgan Chase & Co.
AMNB:UW American National Bankshares Inc.
AMTB:UN Amerant Bancorp Inc
ANY:UW Sphere 3D Corp
ARBK:UW Argo Blockchain Plc
AROW:UW Arrow Financial Corp.
ASB:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASBpE:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASBpF:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASRV:UW Ameriserv Financial Inc
ATLC:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLCP:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLO:UW Ames National Corp.
ATMP:UF Barclays Bank PLC
AUB:UN Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp
AUBN:UW Auburn National Bancorp Inc.
AUBpA:UN Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp
AVAL:UN Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores S.A.
AX:UN Axos Financial Inc.
AXP:UN American Express Co.
BAC:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpB:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpE:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpK:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpL:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpM:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpN:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpO:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpP:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpQ:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpS:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BAFN:UW BayFirst Financial Corp
BANC:UN Banc of California Inc
BANCpF:UN Banc of California Inc
BANCPRF:UN Banc of California Inc
BANF:UW Bancfirst Corp.
BANR:UW Banner Corp.
BAP:UN Credicorp Ltd
BBAR:UN BBVA Argentina
BBD:UN Banco Bradesco S.A.
BBDO:UN Banco Bradesco S.A.
BBVA:UN Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.
BCBP:UW BCB Bancorp Inc (NJ)
BCH:UN Banco de Chile
BCML:UW BayCom Corp
BCOW:UW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc.
BCS:UN Barclays plc
BENF:UW Beneficient
BERZ:UP Bank of Montreal
BETR:UW Better Home & Finance Holding Co.
BETRW:UW Better Home & Finance Holding Co.
BFC:UW Bank First Corp
BFH:UN Bread Financial Holdings Inc
BFIN:UW Bankfinancial Corp
BFST:UW Business First Bancshares Inc.
BHB:UA Bar Harbor Bankshares Inc
BHLB:UN Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc.
BHRB:UW Burke & Herbert Financial Services Corp.
BITF:UW Bitfarms Ltd.
BK:UN Bank Of New York Mellon Corp
BKKT:UN Bakkt Holdings Inc
BKU:UN BankUnited Inc
BLFY:UW Blue Foundry Bancorp
BLX:UN Banco Latinoamericano De Comercio Exterior SA
BMA:UN Banco Macro S.A.
BMLpG:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMLpH:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMLpJ:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMLpL:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMO:UN Bank of Montreal
BMRC:UW Bank of Marin Bancorp
BMTX:UA BM Technologies Inc
BNKD:UP Bank of Montreal
BNKU:UP Bank of Montreal
BNS:UN Bank Of Nova Scotia
BOH:UN Bank of Hawaii Corp.
BOHpA:UN Bank of Hawaii Corp.
BOKF:UW BOK Financial Corp.
BOTJ:UW Bank of the James Financial Group Inc.
BPOP:UW Popular Inc.
BPOPM:UW Popular Capital Trust II
BPRN:UW Princeton Bancorp Inc
BRBS:UA Blue Ridge Bankshares Inc (VA)
BRKL:UW Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
BSAC:UN Banco Santander Chile SA
BSBK:UW Bogota Financial Corp
BSBR:UN Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A.
BSRR:UW Sierra Bancorp
BSVN:UW Bank7 Corp
BTBT:UW Bit Digital Inc
BTCT:UW BTC Digital Ltd.
BTDR:UW Bitdeer Technologies Holding Co
BTM:UW Bitcoin Depot Inc
BTOG:UW Bit Origin Ltd
BULZ:UP Bank of Montreal
BUR:UN Burford Capital Limited
BUSE:UW First Busey Corp.
BVFL:UW BV Financial Inc
BWB:UW Bridgewater Bancshares Inc
BWBBP:UW Bridgewater Bancshares Inc
BWFG:UW Bankwell Financial Group Inc
BY:UN Byline Bancorp Inc
BYFC:UW Broadway Financial Corp.
C:UN Citigroup Inc
CAC:UW Camden National Corp.
CACC:UW Credit Acceptance Corp.
CADE:UN Cadence Bank
CALB:UW California Bancorp
CARE:UW Carter Bankshares Inc
CARV:UW Carver Bancorp Inc.
CASH:UW Pathward Financial Inc
CATC:UW Cambridge Bancorp
CATY:UW Cathay General Bancorp
CBAN:UW Colony Bankcorp, Inc.
CBFV:UW CB Financial Services Inc
CBNK:UW Capital Bancorp Inc
CBSH:UW Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
CBU:UN Community Bank System, Inc.
CCB:UW Coastal Financial Corp
CCBG:UW Capital City Bank Group, Inc.
CCNE:UW CNB Financial Corp (PA)
CCNEP:UW CNB Financial Corp (PA)
CFB:UW Crossfirst Bankshares Inc
CFBK:UW CF Bankshares Inc
CFFI:UW C & F Financial Corp
CFFN:UW Capitol Federal Financial
CFG:UN Citizens Financial Group Inc
CFGpD:UN Citizens Financial Group Inc
CFGpE:UN Citizens Financial Group Inc
CFR:UN Cullen Frost Bankers Inc.
CFRpB:UN Cullen Frost Bankers Inc.
CFSB:UW CFSB Bancorp Inc
CHCO:UW City Holding Co.
CHMG:UW Chemung Financial Corp.
CIB:UN Bancolombia S.A.
CIFR:UW Cipher Mining Inc
CIFRW:UW Cipher Mining Inc
CIVB:UW Civista Bancshares Inc
CLBK:UW Columbia Financial, Inc
CLSK:UW Cleanspark Inc
CLST:UW Catalyst Bancorp Inc
CM:UN Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce
CMA:UN Comerica, Inc.
CMPO:UW CompoSecure Inc
CMPOW:UW CompoSecure Inc
CNF:UN CNFinance Holdings Ltd
CNOB:UW ConnectOne Bancorp Inc.
CNOBP:UW ConnectOne Bancorp Inc.
COF:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpI:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpJ:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpK:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpL:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpN:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFS:UW Choiceone Financial Services, Inc.
COIN:UW Coinbase Global Inc
COLB:UW Columbia Banking System, Inc.
COOP:UW Mr. Cooper Group Inc
CORZ:UW Core Scientific Inc
CORZW:UW Core Scientific Inc
CORZZ:UW Core Scientific Inc
CPBI:UW Central Plains Bancshares Inc
CPF:UN Central Pacific Financial Corp.
CpJ:UN Citigroup Inc
CpN:UN Citigroup Capital XIII
CPSS:UW Consumer Portfolio Service, Inc.
CSTR:UW CapStar Financial Holdings Inc
CTBI:UW Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
CUBI:UN Customers Bancorp Inc
CUBIpE:UN Customers Bancorp Inc
CUBIpF:UN Customers Bancorp Inc
CULL:UW Cullman Bancorp Inc.
CVBF:UW CVB Financial Corp.
CVLY:UW Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.
C.VS:UN Citigroup Inc
CWBC:UW Community West Bancshares
CZFS:UW Citizens Financial Services, Inc.
CZNC:UW Citizens & Northern Corp
CZWI:UW Citizens Community Bancorp Inc MD
DAVE:UW Dave Inc
DB:UN Deutsche Bank AG
DCOM:UW Dime Community Bancshares Inc
DCOMP:UW Dime Community Bancshares Inc
DFS:UN Discover Financial Services
DGHI:UW Digihost Technology Inc
DJP:UP Barclays Bank PLC
DXF:UA Dunxin Financial Holdings Limited.
EBC:UW Eastern Bankshares Inc.
EBMT:UW Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc
EBTC:UW Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.
ECBK:UW ECB Bancorp Inc
ECPG:UW Encore Capital Group, Inc.
EEFT:UW Euronet Worldwide Inc
EFSC:UW Enterprise Financial Services Corp.
EFSCP:UW Enterprise Financial Services Corp.
EGBN:UW Eagle Bancorp Inc (MD)
ENVA:UN Enova International Inc.
EQBK:UN Equity Bancshares Inc
ESQ:UW Esquire Financial Holdings Inc
ESSA:UW ESSA Bancorp Inc
EVBN:UA Evans Bancorp Inc
EWBC:UW East West Bancorp, Inc.
FBIZ:UW First Business Financial Services Inc
FBK:UN FB Financial Corp
FBMS:UW First Bancshares Inc Miss
FBNC:UW First Bancorp
FBP:UN First Bancorp PR
FCAP:UW First Capital Inc.
FCBC:UW First Community Bankshares Inc.
FCCO:UW First Community Corp.
FCF:UN First Commonwealth Financial Corp.
FCNCA:UW First Citizens Bancshares, Inc (NC)
FCNCO:UW First Citizens Bancshares, Inc (NC)
FCNCP:UW First Citizens Bancshares, Inc (NC)
FDBC:UW Fidelity D&D Bancorp, Inc.
FEXD:UW Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp
FEXDR:UW Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp
FEXDU:UW Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp
FEXDW:UW Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp
FFBC:UW First Financial Bancorp
FFIC:UW Flushing Financial Corp.
FFIN:UW First Financial Bankshares, Inc.
FFNW:UW First Financial Northwest Inc
FFWM:UN First Foundation Inc
FGBI:UW First Guaranty Bancshares Inc
FGBIP:UW First Guaranty Bancshares Inc
FHB:UW First Hawaiian INC
FHN:UN First Horizon Corporation
FHNpB:UN First Horizon National Corp.
FHNpC:UN First Horizon National Corp.
FHNpD:UN First Horizon National Corp.
FHNpE:UN First Horizon National Corp.
FHNpF:UN First Horizon Corporation
FIBK:UW First Interstate BancSystem Inc.
FIF:UN First Trust Energy Infrastructure Fund
FINV:UN FinVolution Group
FINW:UW FinWise Bancorp
FISI:UW Financial Institutions Inc.
FITB:UW Fifth Third Bancorp
FITBI:UW Fifth Third Bancorp
FITBO:UW Fifth Third Bancorp
FITBP:UW Fifth Third Bancorp
FLIC:UW First Of Long Island Corp.
FLYD:UP Bank of Montreal
FLYU:UP Bank of Montreal
FMAO:UW Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc.
FMBH:UW First Mid Bancshares Inc.
FMNB:UW Farmers National Banc Corp.
FNB:UN F.N.B. Corp.
FNCB:UW FNCB Bancorp Inc
FNGD:UP Bank of Montreal
FNGO:UP Bank of Montreal
FNGS:UP Bank of Montreal
FNGU:UP Bank of Montreal
FNLC:UW First Bancorp Inc (ME)
FNWB:UW First Northwest Bancorp
FNWD:UW Finward Bancorp
FOA:UN Finance of America Companies Inc
FRAF:UW Franklin Financial Services Corp.
FRBA:UW First Bank (NJ)
FRME:UW First Merchants Corp.
FRMEP:UW First Merchants Corp.
FRST:UW Primis Financial Corp
FSBC:UW Five Star Bancorp
FSBW:UW FS Bancorp Inc
FSEA:UW First Seacoast Bancorp Inc
FSFG:UW First Savings Financial Group Inc
FULT:UW Fulton Financial Corp.
FULTP:UW Fulton Financial Corp.
FUNC:UW First United Corporation
FUSB:UW First US Bancshares Inc
FVCB:UW FVCBankcorp Inc
FXNC:UW First National Corp. (Strasburg, VA)
GABC:UW German American Bancorp Inc
GBCI:UN Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
GBNY:UW Generations Bancorp NY Inc
GCBC:UW Greene County Bancorp Inc
GDOT:UN Green Dot Corp.
GDXD:UP Bank of Montreal
GDXU:UP Bank of Montreal
GGAL:UW Grupo Financiero Galicia
GHI:UN Greystone Housing Impact Investors LP
GHLD:UN Guild Holdings Co
GLBZ:UW Glen Burnie Bancorp
GNTY:UN Guaranty Bancshares, Inc. (TX)
GREE:UW Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc
GREEL:UW Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc
GRN:UP Barclays Bank PLC
GRYP:UW Gryphon Digital Mining Inc.
GSBC:UW Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.
HAFC:UW Hanmi Financial Corp.
HBAN:UW Huntington Bancshares, Inc.
HBANL:UW Huntington Bancshares, Inc.
HBANM:UW Huntington Bancshares, Inc.
HBANP:UW Huntington Bancshares, Inc.
HBCP:UW Home Bancorp Inc
HBNC:UW Horizon Bancorp Inc (IN)
HBT:UW HBT Financial Inc
HFBL:UW Home Federal Bancorp Inc (Louisiana)
HFWA:UW Heritage Financial Corp.
HIVE:UW HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd.
HKD:UN AMTD Digital Inc
HMNF:UW HMN Financial Inc.
HMST:UW HomeStreet Inc
HNVR:UW Hanover Bancorp Inc
HOMB:UN Home Bancshares Inc
HONE:UW HarborOne Bancorp Inc.
HOPE:UW Hope Bancorp Inc
HSBC:UN HSBC Holdings plc
HTBI:UW HomeTrust Bancshares Inc
HTBK:UW Heritage Commerce Corp.
HTH:UN Hilltop Holdings Inc
HTLF:UW Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
HTLFP:UW Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
HUT:UW Hut 8 Corp
HWBK:UW Hawthorn Bancshares Inc
HWC:UW Hancock Whitney Corp.
IBCP:UW Independent Bank Corporation (Ionia, MI)
IBIT:UW iShares Bitcoin Trust
IBOC:UW International Bancshares Corp.
IBTX:UW Independent Bank Group Inc
IFS:UN Intercorp Financial Services Inc
INBK:UW First Internet Bancorp
INDB:UW Independent Bank Corp.
INTR:UW Inter & Co Inc
IREN:UW Iris Energy Ltd
IROQ:UW IF Bancorp Inc
ISTR:UW Investar Holding Corp
ITUB:UN Itau Unibanco Holding S.A.
IX:UN Orix Corporation
JFIN:UW Jiayin Group Inc
JMSB:UW John Marshall Bancorp Inc
JNVR:UW Janover Inc
JPM:UN JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPMpC:UN JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPMpJ:UN JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPMpK:UN JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPMpM:UN JPMorgan Chase & Co.
KB:UN KB Financial Group Inc
KERNW:UW Gryphon Digital Mining Inc.
KEY:UN Keycorp
KEYpI:UN Keycorp
KEYpJ:UN Keycorp
KEYpK:UN Keycorp
KEYpL:UN Keycorp
KFFB:UW Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
KRNY:UW Kearny Financial Corp.
LARK:UW Landmark Bancorp Inc
LBAI:UW Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.
LBC:UW Luther Burbank Corp
LC:UN LendingClub Corp
LDI:UN LoanDepot Inc
LKFN:UW Lakeland Financial Corp.
LMFA:UW LM Funding America Inc
LNKB:UW Linkbancorp Inc
LOB:UN Live Oak Bancshares Inc
LPRO:UW Open Lending Corp
LSAK:UW Lesaka Technologies Inc
LSBK:UW Lake Shore Bancorp
LU:UN Lufax Holding Ltd
LX:UW LexinFintech Holdings Ltd
LYG:UN Lloyds Banking Group plc
MBCN:UW Middlefield Banc Corp.
MBIN:UW Merchants Bancorp
MBINN:UW Merchants Bancorp
MBINO:UW Merchants Bancorp
MBINP:UW Merchants Bancorp
MBWM:UW Mercantile Bank Corp.
MCB:UN Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp
MCBC:UW Macatawa Bank Corp.
MCBS:UW MetroCity Bankshares Inc
MCVT:UW Mill City Ventures III Ltd
MDBH:UW MDB Capital Holdings LLC
MEGL:UW Magic Empire Global Ltd
MERpK:UN Bank Of America Corp.
MFG:UN Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
MFH:UW Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc
MFIN:UW Medallion Financial Corp.
MGLD:UA Marygold Companies Inc (The)
MGYR:UW Magyar Bancorp Inc.
MIGI:UW Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc
ML:UN MoneyLion Inc
MNSB:UW MainStreet Bancshares Inc
MNSBP:UW MainStreet Bancshares Inc
MOFG:UW MidWestOne Financial Group Inc
MOGO:UW Mogo Inc
MPB:UW Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc.
MPU:UA Mega Matrix Corp
MRBK:UW Meridian Corp
MSBI:UW Midland States Bancorp Inc
MSBIP:UW Midland States Bancorp Inc
MTB:UN M & T Bank Corp
MTBpH:UN M & T Bank Corp
MUFG:UN Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
MVBF:UW MVB Financial Corp.
MYFW:UW First Western Financial Inc
NBBK:UW NB Bancorp Inc.
NBHC:UN National Bank Holdings Corp
NBN:UW Northeast Bank
NBTB:UW NBT Bancorp. Inc.
NCPL:UW Netcapital Inc
NCPLW:UW Netcapital Inc
NCTY:UW The9 Limited
NECB:UW NorthEast Community Bancorp Inc.
NEWT:UW NewtekOne Inc
NFBK:UW Northfield Bancorp Inc
NFJ:UN Virtus AllianzGI Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Fund
NIC:UN Nicolet Bankshares Inc.
NICK:UW Nicholas Financial, Inc.
NKSH:UW National Bankshares Inc.
NNI:UN Nelnet Inc
NRGD:UP Bank of Montreal
NRGU:UP Bank of Montreal
NRIM:UW Northrim Bancorp, Inc.
NSTS:UW NSTS Bancorp Inc
NTB:UN Bank of N T Butterfield & Son Ltd.
NTRS:UW Northern Trust Corp.
NTRSO:UW Northern Trust Corp.
NU:UN Nu Holdings Ltd
NWBI:UW Northwest Bancshares Inc
NWFL:UW Norwood Financial Corp.
NWG:UN NatWest Group Plc
NXTP:UW NextPlay Technologies Inc
NYCB:UN New York Community Bancorp Inc.
NYCBpA:UN New York Community Bancorp Inc.
OBK:UN Origin Bancorp Inc
OBT:UW Orange County Bancorp Inc
OCFC:UW OceanFirst Financial Corp.
OCFCP:UW OceanFirst Financial Corp.
OCN:UN Ocwen Financial Corp.
OCTO:UW Eightco Holdings Inc
OFG:UN OFG Bancorp
OILD:UP Bank of Montreal
OILU:UP Bank of Montreal
OMF:UN OneMain Holdings Inc
ONB:UW Old National Bancorp
ONBPO:UW Old National Bancorp
ONBPP:UW Old National Bancorp
OPBK:UW OP Bancorp
OPHC:UW Optimumbank Holdings Inc.
OPOF:UW Old Point Financial Corp.
OPRT:UW Oportun Financial Corp
ORRF:UW Orrstown Financial Services, Inc.
OSBC:UW Old Second Bancorporation Inc.
OVBC:UW Ohio Valley Banc Corp.
OVLY:UW Oak Valley Bancorp
PAPL:UA Pineapple Financial Inc
PB:UN Prosperity Bancshares Inc.
PBBK:UW PB Bankshares Inc
PBFS:UW Pioneer Bancorp Inc
PBHC:UW Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.
PCB:UW PCB Bancorp.
PDLB:UW Ponce Financial Group Inc
PEBK:UW Peoples Bancorp Of North Carolina Inc
PEBO:UW Peoples Bancorp, Inc. (Marietta, OH)
PFBC:UW Preferred Bank (Los Angeles, CA)
PFC:UW Premier Financial Corp
PFIS:UW Peoples Financial Services Corp
PFS:UN Provident Financial Services Inc
PFSI:UN PennyMac Financial Services Inc.
PGC:UW Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corp.
PGY:UW Pagaya Technologies Ltd
PGYWW:UW Pagaya Technologies Ltd
PHH:UN Phh Corp.
PKBK:UW Parke Bancorp Inc
PLBC:UW Plumas Bancorp.
PNBK:UW Patriot National Bancorp Inc
PNC:UN PNC Financial Services Group Inc
PNFP:UW Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.
PNFPP:UW Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.
PPBI:UW Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc.
PRK:UA Park National Corp.
PROV:UW Provident Financial Holdings, Inc.
PVBC:UW Provident Bancorp Inc
PWM:UW Prestige Wealth Inc
PWOD:UW Penns Woods Bancorp, Inc.
PWP:UW Perella Weinberg Partners
QCRH:UW QCR Holding, Inc.
QD:UN Qudian Inc
QFIN:UW Qifu Technology Inc.
RBB:UW RBB Bancorp
RBCAA:UW Republic Bancorp, Inc. (KY)
RBKB:UW Rhinebeck Bancorp Inc
RF:UN Regions Financial Corp.
RFpB:UN Regions Financial Corp.
RFpC:UN Regions Financial Corp.
RFpE:UN Regions Financial Corp.
RIOT:UW Riot Platforms Inc
RKT:UN Rocket Companies Inc
RM:UN Regional Management Corp
RMBI:UW Richmond Mutual Bancorporation Inc
RNST:UN Renasant Corp.
RRBI:UW Red River Bancshares Inc
RVSB:UW Riverview Bancorp, Inc.
RY:UN Royal Bank Of Canada
SAI:UW SAI.TECH Global Corporation
SAITW:UW SAI.TECH Global Corporation
SAN:UN Banco Santander S.A.
SASR:UW Sandy Spring Bancorp
SBCF:UW Seacoast Banking Corp. Of Florida
SBFG:UW SB Financial Group Inc
SBSI:UW Southside Bancshares Inc
SBT:UW Sterling Bancorp Inc
SDIG:UW Stronghold Digital Mining Inc
SFBC:UW Sound Financial Bancorp Inc
SFBS:UN ServisFirst Bancshares Inc
SFNC:UW Simmons First National Corp.
SFST:UW Southern First Bancshares Inc
SHBI:UW Shore Bancshares Inc.
SHFS:UW SHF Holdings Inc
SHG:UN Shinhan Financial Group Co. Ltd.
SII:UN Sprott Inc
SLNH:UW Soluna Holdings Inc
SLNHP:UW Soluna Holdings Inc
SLVO:UW Credit Suisse AG Nassau Branch
SMBC:UW Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc.
SMBK:UN SmartFinancial Inc
SMFG:UN Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc
SMMF:UW Summit Financial Group Inc
SNFCA:UW Security National Financial Corp.
SNTG:UW Sentage Holdings Inc
SNV:UN Synovus Financial Corp.
SNVpD:UN Synovus Financial Corp.
SNVpE:UN Synovus Financial Corp.
SOFI:UW SoFi Technologies Inc
SOR:UN Source Capital, Inc.
SOS:UN SOS Limited
SPFI:UW South Plains Financial Inc
SRBK:UW SR Bancorp Inc
SRCE:UW 1st Source Corp.
SSB:UN SouthState Corporation
SSBK:UW Southern States Bancshares Inc
STBA:UW S & T Bancorp, Inc.
STEL:UN Stellar Bancorp Inc
STT:UN State Street Corp.
STTpD:UN State Street Corp.
STTpG:UN State Street Corp.
SUPV:UN Grupo Supervielle S.A.
SWKH:UW Swk Holdings Corp
SYBT:UW Stock Yards Bancorp Inc
SYF:UN Synchrony Financial
SYFpA:UN Synchrony Financial
TBBK:UW Bancorp Inc. (The)
TBNK:UW Territorial Bancorp Inc
TCBC:UW TC Bancshares Inc
TCBI:UW Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.
TCBIO:UW Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.
TCBK:UW Trico Bancshares
TCBS:UW Texas Community Bancshares Inc
TCBX:UW Third Coast Bancshares Inc
TD:UN Toronto Dominion Bank
TECTP:UW Tectonic Financial Inc.
TFC:UN Truist Financial Corporation
TFCpI:UN Truist Financial Corp
TFCpO:UN Truist Financial Corporation
TFCpR:UN Truist Financial Corporation
TFIN:UW Triumph Financial Inc
TFINP:UW Triumph Financial Inc
TFSL:UW TFS Financial Corporation
THFF:UW First Financial Corp. - Indiana
TMP:UA Tompkins Financial Corp
TREE:UW LendingTree Inc.
TRIN:UW Trinity Capital Inc
TRMK:UW Trustmark Corp.
TRST:UW Trustco Bank Corp.
TSBK:UW Timberland Bancorp, Inc.
UBCP:UW United Bancorp, Inc. (Martins Ferry, OH)
UBFO:UW United Security Bancshares (CA)
UBSI:UW United Bankshares, Inc.
UCBI:UW United Community Banks Inc
UCBIO:UW United Community Banks Inc
UMBF:UW UMB Financial Corp.
UNB:UW Union Bankshares, Inc.
UNTY:UW Unity Bancorp, Inc.
UPST:UW Upstart Holdings Inc
USB:UN U.S. Bancorp.
USBpA:UN U.S. Bancorp
USBpH:UN U S Bancorp
USBpP:UN U.S. Bancorp
USBpQ:UN U.S. Bancorp.
USBpR:UN U.S. Bancorp.
USBpS:UN U.S. Bancorp.
USCB:UW USCB Financial Holdings Inc
USIO:UW Usio Inc
UVSP:UW Univest Financial Corp
UWMC:UN UWM Holdings Corporation
VABK:UW Virginia National Bankshares Corp
VBFC:UW Village Bank & Trust Financial Corporation
VBNK:UW VersaBank.
VBTX:UW Veritex Holdings Inc
VEL:UN Velocity Financial Inc
VLY:UW Valley National Bancorp
VLYPO:UW Valley National Bancorp
VLYPP:UW Valley National Bancorp
VXX:UF Barclays Bank PLC
VXZ:UF Barclays Bank PLC
WABC:UW Westamerica Bancorporation
WAL:UN Western Alliance Bancorp
WALpA:UN Western Alliance Bancorp
WASH:UW Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc.
WBS:UN Webster Financial Corp.
WBSpF:UN Webster Financial Corp.
WBSpG:UN Webster Financial Corp.
WD:UN Walker & Dunlop Inc
WF:UN Woori Financial Group Inc
WFC:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpA:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpC:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpD:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpL:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpR:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpY:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WFCpZ:UN Wells Fargo & Co.
WMPN:UW William Penn Bancorporation
WNEB:UW Western New England Bancorp Inc
WRLD:UW World Acceptance Corp.
WSBC:UW Wesbanco, Inc.
WSBCP:UW Wesbanco, Inc.
WSBF:UW Waterstone Financial Inc
WSFS:UW WSFS Financial Corp.
WTBA:UW West Bancorporation
WTFC:UW Wintrust Financial Corp.
WTFCM:UW Wintrust Financial Corp.
WTFCP:UW Wintrust Financial Corp.
WULF:UW TeraWulf Inc
XYF:UN X Financial
YRD:UN Yirendai Ltd
ZION:UW Zions Bancorporation N.A
ZIONO:UW Zions Bancorporation N.A
ZIONP:UW Zions Bancorporation N.A