What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
AADI:UW Aadi Bioscience Inc
ABBV:UN Abbvie Inc
ABEO:UW Abeona Therapeutics Inc
ABIO:UW ARCA biopharma Inc
ABOS:UW Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc
ABSI:UW Absci Corp
ABUS:UW Arbutus Biopharma Corp
ABVC:UW ABVC BioPharma Inc
ACAD:UW Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACB:UW Aurora Cannabis Inc
ACER:UW Acer Therapeutics Inc
ACET:UW Adicet Bio Inc
ACGN:UW Aceragen Inc
ACHV:UW Achieve Life Sciences Inc.
ACOR:UW Acorda Therapeutics Inc
ACRS:UW Aclaris Therapeutics Inc
ACRV:UW Acrivon Therapeutics Inc
ACST:UW Acasti Pharma Inc
ACXP:UW Acurx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADAG:UW Adagene Inc
ADAP:UW Adaptimmune Therapeutics Plc
ADCT:UN Adc Therapeutics SA
ADIL:UW Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADILW:UW Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADMA:UW Adma Biologics Inc
ADMP:UW Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
ADTX:UW Aditxt Inc
ADVM:UW Adverum Biotechnologies Inc
AEZS:UW Aeterna Zentaris Inc.
AFMD:UW Affimed N.V.
AGE:UA AgeX Therapeutics Inc
AGEN:UW Agenus Inc
AGIO:UW Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc
AGLE:UW Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc
AGRX:UW Agile Therapeutics Inc
AIM:UA AIM ImmunoTech Inc
AIMD:UW Ainos Inc
AIMDW:UW Ainos Inc
AKAN:UW Akanda Corp
AKBA:UW Akebia Therapeutics Inc.
AKRO:UW Akero Therapeutics Inc
AKTX:UW Akari Therapeutics Plc
ALBO:UW Albireo Pharma Inc
ALDX:UW Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc
ALGS:UW Aligos Therapeutics Inc
ALIM:UW Alimera Sciences Inc.
ALKS:UW Alkermes plc
ALLK:UW Allakos Inc
ALNY:UW Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc
ALPN:UW Alpine Immune Sciences Inc
ALRN:UW Aileron Therapeutics Inc
ALT:UW Altimmune Inc
ALVR:UW AlloVir Inc
ALXO:UW Alx Oncology Holdings Inc
ALZN:UW Alzamend Neuro Inc
AMLX:UW Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPE:UA Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPH:UW Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMRN:UW Amarin Corp
AMRX:UN Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANAB:UW AnaptysBio Inc
ANEB:UW Anebulo Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANGN:UW Angion Biomedica Corp
ANIK:UW Anika Therapeutics Inc.
ANIP:UW ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANNX:UW Annexon Inc
ANPC:UW AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co Ltd
ANTX:UW AN2 Therapeutics Inc
ANVS:UN Annovis Bio Inc
APLS:UW Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc
APM:UW Aptorum Group Ltd
APRE:UW Aprea Therapeutics Inc
APTO:UW Aptose Biosciences Inc
APTX:UW Aptinyx Inc
APVO:UW Aptevo Therapeutics Inc
AQST:UW Aquestive Therapeutics Inc
ARAV:UW Aravive Inc
ARCT:UW Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc
ARDS:UW Aridis Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARDX:UW Ardelyx Inc
ARMP:UA Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARQT:UW Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc
ARWR:UW Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ASMB:UW Assembly Biosciences Inc
ASND:UW Ascendis Pharma A/S
ASRT:UW Assertio Holdings Inc
ATAI:UW ATAI Life Sciences N.V.
ATHA:UW Athira Pharma Inc
ATHE:UW Alterity Therapeutics Ltd
ATHX:UW Athersys Inc
ATNF:UW 180 Life Sciences Corp
ATNFW:UW 180 Life Sciences Corp
ATNM:UA Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
ATNX:UW Athenex Inc
ATOS:UW Atossa Therapeutics Inc
ATRA:UW Atara Biotherapeutics Inc
ATXI:UW Avenue Therapeutics Inc
ATXS:UW Astria Therapeutics Inc
AUPH:UW Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc
AUTL:UW Autolus Therapeutics plc
AVDL:UW Avadel Pharmaceuticals plc
AVEO:UW AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc
AVIR:UW Atea Pharmaceuticals Inc
AVRO:UW AvroBio Inc
AVTE:UW Aerovate Therapeutics Inc
AVTX:UW Avalo Therapeutics Inc
AVXL:UW Anavex Life Sciences Corporation
AWH:UW Aspira Women`s Health Inc
AXSM:UW Axsome Therapeutics Inc
AYLA:UW Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc
AYTU:UW Aytu BioPharma Inc
AZN:UW Astrazeneca plc
AZYO:UW Aziyo Biologics Inc
BCAB:UW BioAtla Inc
BCEL:UW Atreca Inc
BCLI:UW Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
BCRX:UW Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.
BCTX:UW BriaCell Therapeutics Corp
BCTXW:UW BriaCell Therapeutics Corp
BEAM:UW Beam Therapeutics Inc
BFRG:UW Bullfrog AI Holdings Inc
BFRI:UW Biofrontera Inc
BFRIW:UW Biofrontera Inc
BGNE:UW BeiGene Ltd
BGXX:UW Bright Green Corp
BHC:UN Bausch Health Companies Inc
BIIB:UW Biogen Inc
BIVI:UW BioVie Inc
BLCM:UW Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc
BLI:UW Berkeley Lights Inc
BLPH:UW Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc
BLRX:UW Bioline Rx Ltd
BLTE:UW Belite Bio Inc
BLU:UW Bellus Health Inc
BLUE:UW Bluebird bio Inc
BMEA:UW Biomea Fusion Inc
BMRN:UW Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
BMY:UN Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
BNGO:UW Bionano Genomics Inc
BNGOW:UW Bionano Genomics Inc
BNOX:UW Bionomics Ltd.
BNTC:UW Benitec Biopharma Inc
BOLT:UW Bolt Biotherapeutics Inc
BPMC:UW Blueprint Medicines Corp
BPTH:UW Bio-Path Holdings Inc
BPTS:UW Biophytis
BTAI:UW BioXcel Therapeutics Inc
BVXV:UW Biondvax Pharmaceuticals Ltd
BWV:UW Blue Water Vaccines Inc
BXRX:UW Baudax Bio Inc
BYSI:UW BeyondSpring Inc
CABA:UW Cabaletta Bio Inc
CADL:UW Candel Therapeutics Inc
CALA:UW Calithera Biosciences Inc
CANF:UA Can-Fite Biopharma Ltd
CAPR:UW Capricor Therapeutics Inc
CARA:UW Cara Therapeutics Inc
CASI:UW CASI Pharmaceuticals Inc
CBAY:UW Cymabay Therapeutics Inc
CBIO:UW Catalyst Biosciences Inc
CCCC:UW C4 Therapeutics Inc
CDMO:UW Avid Bioservices Inc
CDTX:UW Cidara Therapeutics Inc
CDXS:UW Codexis Inc.
CELU:UW Celularity Inc
CELUW:UW Celularity Inc
CELZ:UW Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc
CEMI:UW Chembio Diagnostics Inc.
CERE:UW Cerevel Therapeutics Holdings Inc
CERS:UW Cerus Corp.
CERT:UW Certara Inc
CFRX:UW ContraFect Corp
CGEM:UW Cullinan Oncology Inc
CGEN:UW Compugen Ltd
CGTX:UW Cognition Therapeutics Inc
CHRS:UW Coherus Biosciences Inc
CINC:UW CinCor Pharma Inc
CING:UW Cingulate Inc
CINGW:UW Cingulate Inc
CKPT:UW Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc
CLDX:UW Celldex Therapeutics Inc.
CLLS:UW Cellectis
CLNN:UW Clene Inc
CLNNW:UW Clene Inc
CLRB:UW Cellectar Biosciences Inc
CLSD:UW Clearside Biomedical Inc
CLVR:UW Clever Leaves Holdings Inc
CLVRW:UW Clever Leaves Holdings Inc
CMMB:UW Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd
CMPS:UW Compass Pathways Plc
CMPX:UW Compass Therapeutics Inc
CMRA:UW Comera Life Sciences Holdings Inc
CMRAW:UW Comera Life Sciences Holdings Inc
CMRX:UW Chimerix Inc
CNCE:UW Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNSP:UW Cns Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNTA:UW Centessa Pharmaceuticals plc
CNTB:UW Connect Biopharma Holdings Ltd
CNTX:UW Context Therapeutics Inc
COCP:UW Cocrystal Pharma Inc
COGT:UW Cogent Biosciences Inc
COLL:UW Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc
CORT:UW Corcept Therapeutics Inc
COYA:UW Coya Therapeutics Inc
CPHI:UA China Pharma Holdings Inc.
CPIX:UW Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.
CPRX:UW Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc
CRBP:UW Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc
CRBU:UW Caribou Biosciences Inc
CRIS:UW Curis Inc
CRMD:UW CorMedix Inc
CRNX:UW Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc
CRON:UW Cronos Group Inc
CRSP:UW CRISPR Therapeutics AG
CRVS:UW Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc
CSBR:UW Champions Oncology Inc
CTIC:UW CTI BioPharma Corp
CTLT:UN Catalent Inc.
CTMX:UW CytomX Therapeutics Inc
CTXR:UW Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc
CUE:UW Cue Biopharma Inc
CVAC:UW CureVac N.V.
CVKD:UW Cadrenal Therapeutics Inc
CVM:UA Cel-Sci Corp.
CYAN:UW Cyanotech Corp.
CYBN:UA Cybin Inc
CYCC:UW Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
CYCCP:UW Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
CYCN:UW Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc
CYT:UW Cyteir Therapeutics Inc
CYTK:UW Cytokinetics Inc
CYTO:UW Altamira Therapeutics Ltd
DARE:UW Dare Bioscience Inc
DAWN:UW Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc
DBTX:UW Decibel Therapeutics Inc
DBVT:UW DBV Technologies
DCPH:UW Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Inc
DCTH:UW Delcath Systems Inc
DERM:UW Journey Medical Corp
DFFN:UW Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc
DICE:UW DICE Therapeutics Inc
DMAC:UW DiaMedica Therapeutics Inc
DNLI:UW Denali Therapeutics Inc
DRMA:UW Dermata Therapeutics Inc
DRMAW:UW Dermata Therapeutics Inc
DRRX:UW Durect Corp
DSGN:UW Design Therapeutics Inc
DVAX:UW Dynavax Technologies Corp.
DYN:UW Dyne Therapeutics Inc
EBS:UN Emergent Biosolutions Inc
EDIT:UW Editas Medicine Inc
EDSA:UW Edesa Biotech Inc
EFTR:UW eFFECTOR Therapeutics Inc
EFTRW:UW eFFECTOR Therapeutics Inc
EGRX:UW Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc
EIGR:UW Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Inc
ELAN:UN Elanco Animal Health Inc
ELAT:UN Elanco Animal Health Inc
ELDN:UW Eledon Pharmaceuticals Inc
ELOX:UW Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ELYM:UW Eliem Therapeutics Inc
ENLV:UW Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd
ENOB:UW Enochian Biosciences Inc
ENSC:UW Ensysce Biosciences Inc
ENTA:UW Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc
ENTX:UW Entera Bio Ltd
ENTXW:UW Entera Bio Ltd
EOLS:UW Evolus Inc
EPIX:UW Essa Pharma Inc
EQ:UW Equillium Inc
ERNA:UW Eterna Therapeutics Inc
ERYP:UW Erytech Pharma
ESPR:UW Esperion Therapeutics Inc.
ETNB:UW 89bio Inc
ETON:UW Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc
EVGN:UW Evogene Ltd
EVLO:UW Evelo Biosciences Inc
EVO:UW Evotec SE
EVOK:UW Evoke Pharma Inc
EWTX:UW Edgewise Therapeutics Inc
EXAI:UW Exscientia Plc
EXEL:UW Exelixis Inc
EYEN:UW Eyenovia Inc
EYPT:UW EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Inc
FATE:UW Fate Therapeutics Inc
FBIO:UW Fortress Biotech Inc
FBIOP:UW Fortress Biotech Inc
FBRX:UW Forte Biosciences Inc
FDMT:UW 4D Molecular Therapeutics Inc
FENC:UW Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc
FGEN:UW FibroGen Inc
FHTX:UW Foghorn Therapeutics Inc
FIXX:UW Homology Medicines Inc
FLGC:UW Flora Growth Corp
FNCH:UW Finch Therapeutics Group Inc
FOLD:UW Amicus Therapeutics Inc
FRLN:UW Freeline Therapeutics Holdings plc
FRTX:UW Fresh Tracks Therapeutics Inc
FSTX:UW F-star Therapeutics Inc
FWBI:UW First Wave BioPharma Inc
FWP:UW Forward Pharma A/S
GALT:UW Galectin Therapeutics Inc
GANX:UW Gain Therapeutics Inc
GENE:UW Genetic Technologies Ltd.
GERN:UW Geron Corp.
GILD:UW Gilead Sciences, Inc.
GLMD:UW Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd
GLPG:UW Galapagos NV
GLSI:UW Greenwich LifeSciences Inc
GLTO:UW Galecto Inc
GLUE:UW Monte Rosa Therapeutics Inc
GLYC:UW GlycoMimetics Inc
GMDA:UW Gamida Cell Ltd
GNFT:UW Genfit
GNLX:UW Genelux Corp
GNPX:UW Genprex Inc
GOSS:UW Gossamer Bio Inc
GOVX:UW Geovax Labs Inc
GOVXW:UW Geovax Labs Inc
GRAY:UW Graybug Vision Inc
GRCL:UW Gracell Biotechnologies Inc
GRFS:UW Grifols SA
GRTS:UW Gritstone Bio Inc
GTBP:UW GT Biopharma Inc
GTHX:UW G1 Therapeutics Inc
HALO:UW Halozyme Therapeutics Inc.
HCM:UW HUTCHMED (China) Limited
HCWB:UW HCW Biologics Inc
HEPA:UW Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc
HGEN:UW Humanigen Inc
HILS:UW Hillstream BioPharma Inc
HLVX:UW HilleVax Inc
HOOK:UW Hookipa Pharma Inc
HOTH:UW Hoth Therapeutics Inc
HOWL:UW Werewolf Therapeutics Inc
HRMY:UW Harmony Biosciences Holdings Inc
HROW:UW Harrow Health Inc
HRTX:UW Heron Therapeutics Inc
HSTO:UW Histogen Inc
HUGE:UW FSD Pharma Inc
HZNP:UW Horizon Therapeutics Plc
IBIO:UA iBio Inc
IBRX:UW ImmunityBio Inc
ICCC:UW Immucell Corp.
ICPT:UW Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc
ICVX:UW Icosavax Inc
IDXX:UW Idexx Laboratories, Inc.
IDYA:UW Ideaya Biosciences Inc
IGMS:UW IGM Biosciences Inc
IKT:UW Inhibikase Therapeutics Inc
ILMN:UW Illumina Inc
IMCC:UW IM Cannabis Corp
IMCR:UW Immunocore Holdings plc
IMGN:UW Immunogen, Inc.
IMGO:UW Imago BioSciences Inc
IMMP:UW Immutep Limited
IMMX:UW Immix Biopharma Inc
IMNM:UW Immunome Inc
IMNN:UW Imunon Inc
IMPL:UW Impel Pharmaceuticals Inc
IMRA:UW Imara Inc
IMRN:UW Immuron Limited
IMRX:UW Immuneering Corp
IMTX:UW Immatics N.V
IMTXW:UW Immatics N.V
IMUX:UW Immunic Inc
INAB:UW IN8bio Inc
INBX:UW Inhibrx Inc
INCR:UW Intercure Ltd
INCY:UW Incyte Corp.
INDP:UW Indaptus Therapeutics Inc
INFI:UW Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc.
INKT:UW MiNK Therapeutics Inc
INM:UW InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc
INO:UW Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
INSM:UW Insmed Inc
INVA:UW Innoviva Inc
INZY:UW Inozyme Pharma Inc
IOBT:UW IO Biotech Inc
IONS:UW Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc
IOVA:UW Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc
IPA:UW ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd
IRON:UW Disc Medicine Inc
IRWD:UW Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc
ITCI:UW Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc
ITOS:UW ITeos Therapeutics Inc
ITRM:UW Iterum Therapeutics Plc
IVA:UW Inventiva
IVVD:UW Invivyd Inc
JAGX:UW Jaguar Health Inc
JANX:UW Janux Therapeutics Inc
JAZZ:UW Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc
JNCE:UW Jounce Therapeutics Inc
JNJ:UN Johnson & Johnson
JUPW:UW Jupiter Wellness Inc
JUPWW:UW Jupiter Wellness Inc
KA:UW Kineta Inc
KALA:UW Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc
KALV:UW KalVista Pharmaceuticals Inc
KDNY:UW Chinook Therapeutics Inc
KMDA:UW Kamada Ltd
KMPH:UW KemPharm Inc
KNSA:UW Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Ltd
KNTE:UW Kinnate Biopharma Inc
KPRX:UW Kiora Pharmaceuticals Inc
KPTI:UW Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc
KRBP:UW Kiromic BioPharma Inc
KRON:UW Kronos Bio Inc
KRTX:UW Karuna Therapeutics Inc
KRYS:UW Krystal Biotech Inc
KTRA:UW Kintara Therapeutics Inc
KTTA:UW Pasithea Therapeutics Corp
KTTAW:UW Pasithea Therapeutics Corp
KURA:UW Kura Oncology Inc
KYMR:UW Kymera Therapeutics Inc
KZIA:UW Kazia Therapeutics Limited
KZR:UW Kezar Life Sciences Inc
LABP:UW Landos Biopharma Inc
LBPH:UW Longboard Pharmaceuticals Inc
LCI:UN Lannett Co., Inc.
LCTX:UA Lineage Cell Therapeutics Inc
LGND:UW Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
LGVN:UW Longeveron Inc
LIFE:UW Atyr Pharma Inc
LIPO:UW Lipella Pharmaceuticals Inc
LIXT:UW Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc
LIXTW:UW Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc
LLY:UN Lilly(Eli) & Co
LMDX:UW LumiraDx Limited
LMDXW:UW LumiraDx Limited
LMNL:UW Liminal Biosciences Inc
LPCN:UW Lipocine Inc
LPTX:UW Leap Therapeutics Inc
LQDA:UW Liquidia Corp
LRMR:UW Larimar Therapeutics Inc
LSTA:UW Lisata Therapeutics Inc
LUMO:UW Lumos Pharma Inc
LUNG:UW Pulmonx Corp
LVTX:UW LAVA Therapeutics NV
LXRX:UW Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc
LYEL:UW Lyell Immunopharma Inc
MACK:UW Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc
MAIA:UA MAIA Biotechnology Inc
MBIO:UW Mustang Bio Inc
MBRX:UW Moleculin Biotech Inc
MCRB:UW Seres Therapeutics Inc
MDGL:UW Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc
MDNA:UW Medicenna Therapeutics Corp
MDVL:UW MedAvail Holdings Inc
MDWD:UW MediWound Ltd
MEDP:UW Medpace Holdings Inc
MEIP:UW MEI Pharma Inc
MGNX:UW Macrogenics Inc
MGTA:UW Magenta Therapeutics Inc
MGTX:UW MeiraGTx Holdings plc
MIST:UW Milestone Pharmaceuticals Inc
MNK:UA Mallinckrodt Plc
MNKD:UW Mannkind Corp
MNMD:UW Mind Medicine Inc
MNOV:UW Medicinova Inc
MNPR:UW Monopar Therapeutics Inc
MOLN:UW Molecular Partners AG
MOR:UW Morphosys AG
MRK:UN Merck & Co Inc
MRKR:UW Marker Therapeutics Inc
MRNA:UW Moderna Inc
MRNS:UW Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc
MRSN:UW Mersana Therapeutics Inc
MRTX:UW Mirati Therapeutics Inc
MRVI:UW Maravai LifeSciences Holdings Inc
MTEM:UW Molecular Templates Inc
MTNB:UA Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc
MTP:UW Midatech Pharma Plc
MXCT:UW MaxCyte Inc
MYNZ:UW Mainz Biomed N.V.
MYOV:UN Myovant Sciences Ltd
NAII:UW Natural Alternatives International, Inc.
NATR:UW Nature`s Sunshine Products, Inc.
NAUT:UW Nautilus Biotechnology Inc
NAVB:UA Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc
NBIX:UW Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.
NBRV:UW Nabriva Therapeutics Plc
NBSE:UW NeuBase Therapeutics Inc
NBTX:UW Nanobiotix
NBY:UA Novabay Pharmaceuticals Inc
NCNA:UW NuCana plc
NEOG:UW Neogen Corp.
NEPT:UW Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc
NERV:UW Minerva Neurosciences Inc
NEXI:UW Neximmune Inc
NGM:UW Ngm Biopharmaceuticals Inc
NHWK:UA NightHawk Biosciences Inc
NKTR:UW Nektar Therapeutics
NLSP:UW NLS Pharmaceutics Ltd
NLSPW:UW NLS Pharmaceutics Ltd
NLTX:UW Neoleukin Therapeutics Inc
NMTR:UW 9 Meters Biopharma Inc
NNVC:UA NanoViricides Inc
NOVN:UW Novan Inc
NRBO:UW NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals Inc
NRIX:UW Nurix Therapeutics Inc
NRSN:UW NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd
NRSNW:UW NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd
NSTG:UW Nanostring Technologies Inc
NTLA:UW Intellia Therapeutics Inc
NUVB:UN Nuvation Bio Inc
NUVL:UW Nuvalent Inc
NVAX:UW Novavax, Inc.
NVCT:UW Nuvectis Pharma Inc
NVIV:UW InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
NVO:UN Novo Nordisk
NVS:UN Novartis AG
NXTC:UW Nextcure Inc
NYMX:UW Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp
OCGN:UW Ocugen Inc
OCUL:UW Ocular Therapeutix Inc
OCUP:UW Ocuphire Pharma Inc
OCX:UW Oncocyte Corporation
OGEN:UA Oragenics Inc
OGI:UW OrganiGram Holdings Inc.
OGN:UN Organon & Co.
OKYO:UW OKYO Pharma Limited
OLMA:UW Olema Pharmaceuticals Inc
OMER:UW Omeros Corporation
OMGA:UW Omega Therapeutics Inc
ONCR:UW Oncorus Inc
ONCS:UW OncoSec Medical Inc
ONCT:UW Oncternal Therapeutics Inc
ONCY:UW Oncolytics Biotech, Inc.
ONTX:UW Onconova Therapeutics Inc
OPK:UW Opko Health Inc
OPNT:UW Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc
OPT:UW Opthea Limited
OPTN:UW OptiNose Inc
ORGO:UW Organogenesis Holdings Inc
ORGS:UW Orgenesis Inc
ORMP:UW Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc
ORTX:UW Orchard Therapeutics plc
OTLK:UW Outlook Therapeutics Inc
OVID:UW Ovid Therapeutics Inc
OYST:UW Oyster Point Pharma Inc
PACB:UW Pacific Biosciences of California Inc
PALI:UW Palisade Bio Inc
PASG:UW Passage Bio Inc
PBLA:UW Panbela Therapeutics Inc.
PBYI:UW Puma Biotechnology Inc
PCRX:UW Pacira BioSciences Inc
PCSA:UW Processa Pharmaceuticals Inc
PDSB:UW PDS Biotechnology Corporation
PEPG:UW PepGen Inc
PETS:UW Petmed Express, Inc.
PFE:UN Pfizer Inc.
PGEN:UW Precigen Inc
PHAR:UW Pharming Group N.V.
PHAT:UW Phathom Pharmaceuticals Inc
PHIO:UW Phio Pharmaceuticals Corp
PHVS:UW Pharvaris NV
PIRS:UW Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc
PLUR:UW Pluri Inc
PLX:UA Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc.
PLXP:UW PLx Pharma Inc.
PMCB:UW PharmaCyte Biotech Inc
PMVP:UW PMV Pharmaceuticals Inc
PNT:UW POINT Biopharma Global Inc
PPBT:UW Purple Biotech Ltd
PRAX:UW Praxis Precision Medicines Inc
PRDS:UW Pardes Biosciences Inc
PRFX:UW PainReform Ltd
PRGO:UN Perrigo Company plc
PRLD:UW Prelude Therapeutics Inc
PROC:UW Procaps Group S.A
PROCW:UW Procaps Group S.A
PRPH:UW ProPhase Labs Inc
PRQR:UW ProQR Therapeutics N.V
PRTA:UW Prothena Corporation plc
PRTC:UW PureTech Health Plc
PRTK:UW Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc.
PRVB:UW Provention Bio Inc
PSTV:UW Plus Therapeutics Inc
PTCT:UW PTC Therapeutics Inc
PTGX:UW Protagonist Therapeutics Inc
PTN:UA Palatin Technologies Inc.
PTPI:UW Petros Pharmaceuticals Inc
PULM:UW Pulmatrix Inc
PXMD:UW PaxMedica Inc
PYR:UW Pyrogenesis Canada Inc
PYXS:UW Pyxis Oncology Inc
QDEL:UW QuidelOrtho Corporation
QLGN:UW Qualigen Therapeutics Inc
QLI:UW Qilian International Holding Group ltd
QNCX:UW Quince Therapeutics Inc
QNRX:UW Quoin Pharmaceuticals Ltd
QSI:UW Quantum-Si Incorporated
QSIAW:UW Quantum-Si Incorporated
QURE:UW uniQure N.V.
RAIN:UW Rain Oncology Inc
RANI:UW Rani Therapeutics Holdings Inc
RARE:UW Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.
RCKT:UW Rocket Pharmaceuticals Inc
RCUS:UN Arcus Biosciences Inc
RDHL:UW Redhill Biopharma
RDY:UN Dr. Reddy`s Laboratories Ltd.
REGN:UW Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
RETA:UW Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc
REUN:UW Reunion Neuroscience Inc
REVB:UW Revelation Biosciences Inc
REVBU:UW Revelation Biosciences Inc
REVBW:UW Revelation Biosciences Inc
RGC:UW Regencell Bioscience Holdings Ltd
RGEN:UW Repligen Corp.
RGLS:UW Regulus Therapeutics Inc
RGNX:UW Regenxbio Inc
RIGL:UW Rigel Pharmaceuticals
RLAY:UW Relay Therapeutics Inc
RLMD:UW Relmada Therapeutics Inc
RLYB:UW Rallybio Corp
RMTI:UW Rockwell Medical Inc
RNAZ:UW TransCode Therapeutics Inc
RNXT:UW RenovoRx Inc
ROIV:UW Roivant Sciences Ltd
ROIVW:UW Roivant Sciences Ltd
RPHM:UW Reneo Pharmaceuticals Inc
RUBY:UW Rubius Therapeutics Inc
RVLP:UW RVL Pharmaceuticals plc
RVMD:UW Revolution Medicines Inc
RVNC:UW Revance Therapeutics Inc
RXDX:UW Prometheus Biosciences Inc
RXRX:UW Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc
RXST:UW RxSight Inc
RYTM:UW Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Inc.
RZLT:UW Rezolute Inc
SAGE:UW Sage Therapeutics Inc
SANA:UW Sana Biotechnology Inc
SAVA:UW Cassava Sciences Inc
SBFM:UW Sunshine Biopharma Inc
SBFMW:UW Sunshine Biopharma Inc
SCPH:UW scPharmaceuticals Inc
SCTL:UW Societal CDMO Inc
SCYX:UW Scynexis Inc
SDGR:UW Schrodinger Inc
SEEL:UW Seelos Therapeutics Inc
SEER:UW Seer Inc
SELB:UW Selecta Biosciences Inc
SESN:UW Sesen Bio Inc.
SGEN:UW Seagen Inc
SGMO:UW Sangamo Therapeutics Inc
SGTX:UW Sigilon Therapeutics Inc
SHPH:UW Shuttle Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc
SIGA:UW SIGA Technologies Inc
SIOX:UW Sio Gene Therapies Inc
SISI:UW Shineco Inc
SLGL:UW Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd
SLNO:UW Soleno Therapeutics Inc
SLRX:UW Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc
SLS:UW SELLAS Life Sciences Group Inc
SMMT:UW Summit Therapeutics Inc
SNDX:UW Syndax Pharmaceuticals Inc
SNGX:UW Soligenix Inc
SNOA:UW Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc.
SNPX:UW Synaptogenix Inc
SNSE:UW Sensei Biotherapeutics Inc
SNY:UW Sanofi
SONN:UW Sonnet BioTherapeutics Holdings Inc
SPPI:UW Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SPRB:UW Spruce Biosciences Inc
SPRC:UW SciSparc Ltd
SPRY:UW ARS Pharmaceuticals Inc
SQZ:UN SQZ Biotechnologies Co
SRDX:UW Surmodics, Inc.
SRNE:UW Sorrento Therapeutics Inc
SRPT:UW Sarepta Therapeutics Inc
SRZN:UW Surrozen Inc
SRZNW:UW Surrozen Inc
STAB:UW Statera BioPharma Inc
STOK:UW Stoke Therapeutics Inc
STRO:UW Sutro Biopharma Inc
STSA:UW Satsuma Pharmaceuticals Inc
STTK:UW Shattuck Labs Inc
SUPN:UW Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc
SVRA:UW Savara Inc
SXTC:UW China SXT Pharmaceuticals Inc
SYBX:UW Synlogic Inc
SYRS:UW Syros Pharmaceuticals Inc.
TAK:UN Takeda Pharmaceutical Co
TARA:UW Protara Therapeutics Inc
TARO:UN Taro Pharmaceutical Industries
TARS:UW Tarsus Pharmaceuticals Inc
TBPH:UW Theravance Biopharma Inc
TCBP:UW TC BioPharm (Holdings) plc
TCBPW:UW TC BioPharm (Holdings) plc
TCDA:UW Tricida Inc
TCON:UW TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc
TCRT:UW Alaunos Therapeutics Inc
TCRX:UW Tscan Therapeutics Inc
TECH:UW Bio-Techne Corp
TENX:UW Tenax Therapeutics Inc
TERN:UW Terns Pharmaceuticals Inc
TEVA:UN Teva- Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
TGTX:UW TG Therapeutics Inc
THRD:UW Third Harmonic Bio Inc
THRN:UW Thorne Healthtech Inc
THRX:UW Theseus Pharmaceuticals Inc
THTX:UW Theratechnologies Inc.
TIL:UW Instil Bio Inc
TLRY:UW Tilray Brands Inc
TLSA:UW Tiziana Life Sciences Ltd
TMBR:UA Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc
TNGX:UW Tango Therapeutics Inc
TNXP:UW Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp
TNYA:UW Tenaya Therapeutics Inc
TOVX:UA Theriva Biologics Inc
TPST:UW Tempest Therapeutics Inc
TRDA:UW Entrada Therapeutics Inc
TRIB:UW Trinity Biotech Plc
TRVN:UW Trevena Inc
TSHA:UW Taysha Gene Therapies Inc
TSVT:UW 2seventy bio Inc
TTNP:UW Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (de)
TVTX:UW Travere Therapeutics Inc
TWST:UW Twist Bioscience Corp
TXMD:UW TherapeuticsMD Inc
UBX:UW Unity Biotechnology Inc
UNCY:UW Unicycive Therapeutics Inc
UPC:UW Universe Pharmaceuticals INC
URGN:UW UroGen Pharma Ltd
USNA:UN Usana Health Sciences Inc
UTHR:UW United Therapeutics Corp
VACC:UW Vaccitech plc
VALN:UW Valneva SE
VAXX:UW Vaxxinity Inc
VBIV:UW VBI Vaccines Inc.
VBLT:UW Vascular Biogenics Ltd
VCEL:UW Vericel Corp
VCNX:UW Vaccinex Inc
VCYT:UW Veracyte Inc
VECT:UW VectivBio Holding AG
VERA:UW Vera Therapeutics Inc
VERV:UW Verve Therapeutics Inc
VINC:UW Vincerx Pharma Inc
VIR:UW Vir Biotechnology Inc
VIRI:UW Virios Therapeutics Inc
VIRX:UW Viracta Therapeutics Inc
VIVK:UW Vivakor Inc
VIVO:UW Meridian Bioscience Inc.
VKTX:UW Viking Therapeutics Inc
VLNS:UW Valens Company Inc (The)
VLON:UW Vallon Pharmaceuticals Inc
VNDA:UW Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc
VOR:UW Vor Biopharma Inc
VRCA:UW Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc
VRNA:UW Verona Pharma Plc
VRPX:UW Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc
VRTX:UW Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
VSTM:UW Verastem Inc
VTGN:UW VistaGen Therapeutics Inc
VTRS:UW Viatris Inc
VTVT:UW vTv Therapeutics Inc
VTYX:UW Ventyx Biosciences Inc
VXRT:UW Vaxart Inc
VYGR:UW Voyager Therapeutics Inc
VYNE:UW VYNE Therapeutics Inc
WINT:UW Windtree Therapeutics Inc
WVE:UW Wave Life Sciences Ltd.
XBIT:UW XBiotech Inc
XCUR:UW Exicure Inc
XENE:UW Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc
XERS:UW Xeris Biopharma Holdings Inc
XLO:UW Xilio Therapeutics Inc
XNCR:UW Xencor Inc
XRTX:UW XORTX Therapeutics Inc
XTLB:UW X.T.L. Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
XXII:UW 22nd Century Group Inc
YI:UW 111 Inc
ZLAB:UW Zai Lab Limited
ZOM:UA Zomedica Corp
ZTS:UN Zoetis Inc
ZYNE:UW Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc