What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
AAC:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation
AACOU:UW Advancit Acquisition Corp I
AACQ:UW Artius Acquisition Inc
AACQU:UW Artius Acquisition Inc
AAC.U:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation
AAMC:UA Altisource Asset Management Corp
AAQC.U:UN Accelerate Acquisition Corp
AB:UN AllianceBernstein Holding Lp
ABGI:UW ABG Acquisition Corp I
AC:UN Associated Capital Group Inc
ACAC:UW Acies Acquisition Corp
ACACU:UW Acies Acquisition Corp
ACAHU:UW Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp
ACBAU:UW Ace Global Business Acquisition Ltd
ACIC:UN Atlas Crest Investment Corp
ACIC.U:UN Atlas Crest Investment Corp
ACII:UN Atlas Crest Investment Corp II
ACII.U:UN Atlas Crest Investment Corp II
ACKIU:UW Ackrell SPAC Partners I Co
ACND:UN Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp
ACND.U:UN Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp
ACQRU:UW Independence Holdings Corp
ACTDU:UW ArcLight Clean Transition Corp II
ADER:UW 26 Capital Acquisition Corp
ADERU:UW 26 Capital Acquisition Corp
ADEX:UN Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp
ADEX.U:UN Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp
ADF.U:UN Aldel Financial Inc
ADOC:UW Edoc Acquisition Corp
ADRA:UA Adara Acquisition Corp
ADRA.U:UA Adara Acquisition Corp
ADX:UN Adams Diversified Equity Fund
AEAC:UW Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp
AEACU:UW Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp
AEF:UA Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund Inc
AFAQU:UW AF Acquisition Corp
AFRM:UW Affirm Holdings Inc
AFT:UN Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc
AGAC:UN African Gold Acquisition Corp
AGAC.U:UN African Gold Acquisition Corp
AGBA:UW Agba Acquisition Ltd
AGBAU:UW Agba Acquisition Ltd
AGC:UW Altimeter Growth Corp
AGCB:UN Altimeter Growth Corp 2
AGCUU:UW Altimeter Growth Corp
AGD:UN Aberdeen Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
AGGRU:UW Agile Growth Corp
AGM:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGM.A:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpC:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AHAC:UW Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp
AHACU:UW Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp
AIHS:UW Senmiao Technology Ltd
AINC:UA Ashford Inc
AINV:UW Apollo Investment Corporation
AKIC:UW Sports Ventures Acquisition Corp
AKICU:UW Sports Ventures Acquisition Corp
ALAC:UW Alberton Acquisition Corp
ALACU:UW Alberton Acquisition Corp
ALLYpA:UN GMAC Capital Trust I
ALPAU:UW Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp III
ALTU:UW Altitude Acquisition Corp
ALTUU:UW Altitude Acquisition Corp
ALUS:UN Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp
ALUS.U:UN Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp
AMAOU:UW American Acquisition Opportunity Inc
AMCIU:UW AMCI Acquisition Corp II
AMG:UN Affiliated Managers Group Inc.
AMHC:UW Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Corp
AMHCU:UW Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Corp
AMK:UN Assetmark Financial Holdings Inc
AMP:UN Ameriprise Financial Inc
AMPI.U:UN Advanced Merger Partners Inc
AMRK:UW A-Mark Precious Metals Inc
AMTB:UW Mercantil Bank Holding Corp.
AMTBB:UW Mercantil Bank Holding Corp.
ANAC.U:UN Arctos NorthStar Acquisition Corp
ANAT:UW American National Group Inc
ANDA:UW Andina Acquisition Corp III
ANDAU:UW Andina Acquisition Corp III
ANZUU:UW Anzu Special Acquisition Corp I
AOD:UN Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
APAM:UN Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc
APGB:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital II
APGB.U:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital II
APO:UN Apollo Global Management Inc
APSG:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital
APSG.U:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital
APXT:UW Apex Technology Acquisition Corp
APXTU:UW Apex Technology Acquisition Corp
ARBG:UW Aequi Acquisition Corp
ARBGU:UW Aequi Acquisition Corp
ARCC:UW Ares Capital Corp
ARDC:UN Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Inc
ARES:UN Ares Management Corp
ARRWU:UW Arrowroot Acquisition Corp
ARTAU:UW Artisan Acquisition Corp
ARYA:UW ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp III
ARYD:UW Arya Sciences Acquisition Corp IV
ASA:UN ASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd
ASAQ:UN Atlantic Avenue Acquisition Corp
ASAQ.U:UN Atlantic Avenue Acquisition Corp
ASAX:UW Astrea Acquisition Corp
ASAXU:UW Astrea Acquisition Corp
ASG:UN Liberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc
ASPC:UW Alpha Capital Acquisition Co
ASPCU:UW Alpha Capital Acquisition Co
ASPL:UN Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Corp
ASPL.U:UN Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Corp
ASZ.U:UN Austerlitz Acquisition Corp II
ATA:UN Americas Technology Acquisition Corp
ATAC:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp
ATAC.U:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp
ATAQ.U:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp III
ATA.U:UN Americas Technology Acquisition Corp
ATH:UN Athene Holding Ltd
ATHN.U:UN Athena Technology Acquisition Corp
ATIF:UW ATIF Holdings Ltd
ATLC:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATMR:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp II
ATMR.U:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp II
ATSPU:UW Archimedes Tech SPAC Partners Co
ATVCU:UW Tribe Capital Growth Corp I
AURCU:UW Aurora Acquisition Corp
AUS.U:UN Austerlitz Acquisition Corp I
AVACU:UW Avalon Acquisition Inc
AVAN:UN Avanti Acquisition Corp
AVAN.U:UN Avanti Acquisition Corp
AVK:UN Advent Claymore Convertible Securities & Income Fund
AWP:UN Aberdeen Global Premier Properties Fund
AXP:UN American Express Co.
BANX:UW StoneCastle Financial Corp
BBDC:UN Barings BDC Inc
BCAC:UW Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp
BCACU:UW Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp
BCAT:UN BlackRock Capital Allocation Trust
BCOW:UW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc
BCSF:UN Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc
BCTG:UW BCTG Acquisition Corp
BCV:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BCVpA:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BCYP:UW Big Cypress Acquisition Corp
BCYPU:UW Big Cypress Acquisition Corp
BEN:UN Franklin Resources, Inc.
BENE:UW Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp
BENEU:UW Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp
BFK:UN BlackRock Municipal Income Trust
BFST:UW Business First Bancshares Inc.
BFT:UN Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp II
BFT.U:UN Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp II
BGCP:UW BGC Partners Inc
BGIO:UN BlackRock 2022 Global Income Opportunity Trust
BGR:UN Blackrock Energy & Resources Trust
BGSX.U:UN Build Acquisition Corp
BGX:UN Blackstone/gso Long-short Credit Income Fund
BGY:UN BlackRock Enhanced International Dividend Trust
BHK:UN BlackRock Core Bond Trust
BHSE:UW Bull Horn Holdings Corp
BHSEU:UW Bull Horn Holdings Corp
BIF:UN Boulder Growth & Income Fund Inc
BIOT:UW Biotech Acquisition Co
BIOTU:UW Biotech Acquisition Co
BITE:UN Bite Acquisition Corp
BITE.U:UN Bite Acquisition Corp
BK:UN Bank Of New York Mellon Corp
BKCC:UW BlackRock Capital Investment Corp
BKT:UN BlackRock Income Trust Inc
BLK:UN Blackrock Inc.
BLNGU:UW Belong Acquisition Corp
BLSA:UW BCLS Acquisition Corp
BLTS:UW Bright Lights Acquisition Corp
BLTSU:UW Bright Lights Acquisition Corp
BLUA:UN BlueRiver Acquisition Corp
BLUA.U:UN BlueRiver Acquisition Corp
BLUW:UW Blue Water Acquisition Corp
BLUWU:UW Blue Water Acquisition Corp
BLW:UN BlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust
BME:UN BlackRock Health Sciences Trust
BOAC:UN Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp
BOAC.U:UN Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp
BOAS:UN BOA Acquisition Corp
BOAS.U:UN BOA Acquisition Corp
BOWX:UW BowX Acquisition Corp
BOWXU:UW BowX Acquisition Corp
BREZ:UW Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp
BRLI:UW Brilliant Acquisition Corp
BRLIU:UW Brilliant Acquisition Corp
BROGW:UW Twelve Seas Investment Co
BRPA:UW Big Rock partners Acquisition Corp
BRPAR:UW Big Rock partners Acquisition Corp
BRPAU:UW Big Rock partners Acquisition Corp
BRPAW:UW Big Rock partners Acquisition Corp
BRPM:UW B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp
BSIG:UN BrightSphere Investment Group plc
BSKYU:UW Big Sky Growth Partners Inc
BSN:UN Broadstone Acquisition Corp
BSN.U:UN Broadstone Acquisition Corp
BSPE:UW Bespoke Capital Acquisition Corp
BSVN:UW Bank7 Corp
BTAQ:UW Burgundy Technology Acquisition Corp
BTAQU:UW Burgundy Technology Acquisition Corp
BTBT:UW Bit Digital Inc
BTNB:UW Bridgetown 2 Holdings Ltd
BTO:UN John Hancock Financial Opportunities Fund
BTWN:UW Bridgetown Holdings Ltd
BTWNU:UW Bridgetown Holdings Ltd
BUI:UN BlackRock Utility Infrastructure & Power Opportunities Trust
BUR:UN Burford Capital Limited
BWAC:UW Better World Acquisition Corp
BWACU:UW Better World Acquisition Corp
BWG:UN BrandywineGLOBAL - Global Income Opportunities Fund Inc
BX:UN Blackstone Group Inc (The)
BXMX:UN Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund
BYTSU:UW BYTE Acquisition Corp
CACC:UW Credit Acceptance Corp.
CAHC:UW CA Healthcare Acquisition Corp
CAHCU:UW CA Healthcare Acquisition Corp
CALQU:UW Callodine Acquisition Corp
CAP:UN Capitol Investment Corp V
CAPA:UW HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp
CAPAU:UW HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp
CAP.U:UN Capitol Investment Corp V
CAS:UN Cascade Acquisition Corp
CAS.U:UN Cascade Acquisition Corp
CATM:UW Cardtronics plc
CBAH:UN CBRE Acquisition Holdings Inc
CBAH.U:UN CBRE Acquisition Holdings Inc
CBH:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income 2024 Target Term Fund
CBOE:UW Cboe Global Markets Inc.
CCAC:UN CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp
CCAC.U:UN CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp
CCAP:UW Crescent Capital BDC Inc
CCB:UW Coastal Financial Corp
CCD:UW Calamos Dynamic Convertible and Income Fund
CCIV:UN Churchill Capital Corp IV
CCIV.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp IV
CCV:UN Churchill Capital Corp V
CCVI:UN Churchill Capital Corp VI
CCVI.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp VI
CCV.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp V
CCX:UN Churchill Capital Corp II
CCX.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp II
CEE:UN Central and Eastern Europe Fund Inc (The)
CEM:UN ClearBridge Energy MLP Fund Inc
CENH:UW Centricus Acquisition Corp
CENHU:UW Centricus Acquisition Corp
CET:UA Central Securities Corp
CFAC:UW CF Finance Acquisition Corp III
CFACU:UW CF Finance Acquisition Corp III
CFFEU:UW CF Acquisition Corp VIII
CFFVU:UW CF Acquisition Corp V
CFIV:UW CF Acquisition Corp. IV
CFIVU:UW CF Acquisition Corp. IV
CFV:UW CF Acquisition Corp V
CFVI:UW CF Acquisition Corp VI
CFVIU:UW CF Acquisition Corp VI
CG:UW Carlyle Group Inc (The)
CGO:UW Calamos Global Total Return Fund
CGRO:UW Collective Growth Corporation
CGROU:UW Collective Growth Corporation
CHAA:UN Catcha Investment Corp
CHAA.U:UN Catcha Investment Corp
CHAQ:UA Chardan Healthcare Acquisition 2 Corp
CHFW:UA Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp
CHFW.U:UA Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp
CHN:UN China Fund Inc
CHPM:UW CHP Merger Corp
CHPMU:UW CHP Merger Corp
CHY:UW Calamos Convertible and High Income Fund
CIIC:UW CIIG Merger Corp
CIK:UA Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund Inc.
CIT:UN CIT Group Inc
CIXX:UN CI Financial Corp
CLAA.U:UN Colonnade Acquisition Corp II
CLAS:UN Class Acceleration Corp
CLAS.U:UN Class Acceleration Corp
CLII:UN Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition Corp
CLII.U:UN Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition Corp
CLIM:UN Climate Real Impact Solutions II Acquisition Corp
CLM:UA Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund
CLNC:UN Colony Credit Real Estate Inc
CLRM:UW Clarim Acquisition Corp
CLRMU:UW Clarim Acquisition Corp
CM:UN Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce
CME:UW CME Group Inc
CMIIU:UW CM Life Sciences II Inc
CMLF:UW CM Life Sciences Inc
CMLFU:UW CM Life Sciences Inc
CMLTU:UW CM Life Sciences III Inc
CNAQU:UW Chardan NexTech Acquisition Corp
CND:UN Concord Acquisition Corp
CND.U:UN Concord Acquisition Corp
CNF:UN CNFinance Holdings Ltd
CNS:UN Cohen & Steers Inc.
CODI:UN Compass Diversified Holdings
CODIpA:UN Compass Diversified Holdings
CODIpB:UN Compass Diversified Holdings
COF:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpG:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFpH:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COHN:UA Cohen & Company Inc
COIN:UW Coinbase Global Inc
COLIU:UW Colicity Inc
COOL:UW Corner Growth Acquisition Corp
COOLU:UW Corner Growth Acquisition Corp
CORR:UN CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
CORRpA:UN CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
COVA:UW COVA Acquisition Corp
COVAU:UW COVA Acquisition Corp
COWN:UW Cowen Inc
CPSR:UN Capstar Special Purpose Acquisition Corp
CPSR.U:UN Capstar Special Purpose Acquisition Corp
CPSS:UW Consumer Portfolio Service, Inc.
CPTA:UW Capitala Finance Corp
CPTK:UN Crown PropTech Acquisitions
CPTK.U:UN Crown PropTech Acquisitions
CPUH:UN Compute Health Acquisition Corp
CPUH.U:UN Compute Health Acquisition Corp
CRHC:UN Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp
CRHC.U:UN Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp
CRSA:UW Crescent Acquisition Corp
CRSAU:UW Crescent Acquisition Corp
CRU:UN Crucible Acquisition Corp
CRU.U:UN Crucible Acquisition Corp
CRZNU:UW Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Corp
CSTA:UN Constellation Acquisition Corp I
CSWC:UW Capital Southwest Corp.
CTAC:UN Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp
CTAC.U:UN Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp
CTAQ:UW Carney Technology Acquisition Corp II
CTAQU:UW Carney Technology Acquisition Corp II
CTR:UN ClearBridge Energy MLP Total Return Fund Inc
CUEN:UW Cuentas Inc
CURO:UN CURO Group Holdings Corp
CVII:UN Churchill Capital Corp VII
CVII.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp VII
CXE:UN MFS High Income Municipal Trust
DBDR:UW Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp
DBDRU:UW Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp
DCF:UN BNY Mellon Alcentra Global Credit Income 2024 Target Term Fund, Inc.
DCRB:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp
DCRBU:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp
DCRCU:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III
DCRN:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II
DCRNU:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II
DDMX:UW DD3 Acquisition Corp II
DDMXU:UW DD3 Acquisition Corp II
DEH:UN D8 Holdings Corp
DEH.U:UN D8 Holdings Corp
DFHT:UW Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions Corp
DFHTU:UW Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions Corp
DFNS:UN LGL Systems Acquisition Corp
DFP:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic Preferred and Income Fund Inc
DFPH:UW DFP Healthcare Acquisitions Corp
DFPHU:UW DFP Healthcare Acquisitions Corp
DFS:UN Discover Financial Services
DGNR:UN Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp
DGNR.U:UN Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp
DGNS:UW Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp II
DGNU:UW Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp III
DHBCU:UW DHB Capital Corp
DHCAU:UW DHC Acquisition Corp
DHHC:UW DiamondHead Holdings Corp
DHHCU:UW DiamondHead Holdings Corp
DHIL:UW Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc.
DHY:UA Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
DIAX:UN Nuveen Dow 30SM Dynamic Overwrite Fund
DISAU:UW Disruptive Acquisition Corp I
DLCA:UW Deep Lake Capital Acquisition Corp
DLCAU:UW Deep Lake Capital Acquisition Corp
DMF:UA Dreyfus Municipal Income Inc
DMLP:UW Dorchester Minerals LP
DMO:UN Western Asset Mortgage Defined Opportunity Fund Inc.
DMYD:UN dMY Technology Group Inc II
DMYD.U:UN dMY Technology Group Inc II
DMYI:UN dMY Technology Group Inc III
DMYI.U:UN dMY Technology Group Inc III
DMYQ.U:UN dMY Technology Group Inc IV
DNMR:UN Danimer Scientific Inc
DNP:UN DNP Select Income Fund Inc.
DNZ:UN D and Z Media Acquisition Corp
DNZ.U:UN D and Z Media Acquisition Corp
DSAC:UW Duddell Street Acquisition Corp
DSACU:UW Duddell Street Acquisition Corp
DSM:UN Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund Inc
DTOCU:UW Digital Transformation Opportunities Corp
DUNE:UW Dune Acquisition Corporation
DUNEU:UW Dune Acquisition Corporation
DWIN:UN Delwinds Insurance Acquisition Corp
DWIN.U:UN Delwinds Insurance Acquisition Corp
EAC:UW Edify Acquisition Corp
EACPU:UW Edify Acquisition Corp
EBACU:UW European Biotech Acquisition Corp
EBSB:UW Meridian Bancorp Inc
ECC:UN Eagle Point Credit Company Inc
ECFpA:UA Ellsworth Growth and Income Fund Ltd
ECPG:UW Encore Capital Group, Inc.
EDTX:UW EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp II
EDTXU:UW EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp II
EEA:UN European Equity Fund Inc
EFL:UN Eaton Vance Floating-Rate 2022 Target Term Trust
EFX:UN Equifax, Inc.
EHI:UN Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc
EIC:UN Eagle Point Income Company Inc
EIM:UA Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund
EJFAU:UW EJF Acquisition Corp
ELVT:UN Elevate Credit Inc
EMO:UN ClearBridge Energy MLP Opportunity Fund Inc
EMPW:UN Empower Ltd
EMPW.U:UN Empower Ltd
ENFA:UW 890 5th Avenue Partners Inc
ENFAU:UW 890 5th Avenue Partners Inc
ENNV:UW ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp
ENNVU:UW ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp
ENPC:UN Executive Network Partnering Corporation
ENPC.U:UN Executive Network Partnering Corporation
ENVA:UN Enova International Inc.
ENVI:UW Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp
ENVIU:UW Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp
EOSE:UW B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. II
EPWR:UN Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp
EPWR.U:UN Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp
EQD:UN Equity Distribution Acquisition Corp
EQD.U:UN Equity Distribution Acquisition Corp
EQHA:UN EQ Health Acquisition Corp
EQHA.U:UN EQ Health Acquisition Corp
EQOS:UW Diginex Limited
EQS:UN Equus Total Return Inc
ERES:UW East Resources Acquisition Co
ERESU:UW East Resources Acquisition Co
ESM.U:UN ESM Acquisition Corp
ESSC:UW East Stone Acquisition Corp
ESSCU:UW East Stone Acquisition Corp
ESXB:UW Community Bankers Trust Corp
ETAC:UW E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp
ETACU:UW E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp
ETV:UN Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
ETW:UN Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
EUCR:UW Eucrates Biomedical Acquisition Corp
EUCRU:UW Eucrates Biomedical Acquisition Corp
EUSG:UW European Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp
EUSGU:UW European Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp
EV:UN Eaton Vance Corp.
EVF:UN Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust
EVOJ:UW Evo Acquisition Corp
EVOJU:UW Evo Acquisition Corp
EVOP:UW EVO Payments Inc
EVR:UN Evercore Inc
EVRI:UN Everi Holdings Inc
EVV:UA Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Fund
EXPC:UW Experience Investment Corp
EZPW:UW EZCorp, Inc.
FACA:UN Figure Acquisition Corp I
FACA.U:UN Figure Acquisition Corp I
FACT.U:UN Freedom Acquisition I Corp
FAII:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp II
FAII.U:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp II
FAM:UN First Trust-Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund
FCAC:UW Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp
FCACU:UW Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp
FCAX:UN Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp
FCAX.U:UN Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp
FCFS:UN FirstCash Inc
FCRD:UW First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC Inc
FCT:UN First Trust Senior Floting Rate Income Fund II
FDEU:UN First Trust Dynamic Europe Equity Income Fund
FDUS:UW Fidus Investment Corp
FEI:UN First Trust MLP and Energy Income Fund
FEN:UA First Trust Energy Income and Growth Fund
FEO:UN First Trust-Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund
FFA:UN First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund
FFC:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Securities Income Fund Inc
FGB:UN First Trust Specialty Finance & Financial Opportunities Fund
FGNA:UN FG New America Acquisition Corp
FGNA.U:UN FG New America Acquisition Corp
FHI:UN Federated Hermes Inc
FIF:UN First Trust Energy Infrastructure Fund
FIII:UW Forum Merger III Corp
FIIIU:UW Forum Merger III Corp
FINM:UW Marlin Technology Corp
FIV:UN First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Term Fund
FLAC:UW Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp
FLACU:UW Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp
FLC:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund Inc
FLME.U:UN Flame Acquisition Corp
FMAC:UN FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp
FMAC.U:UN FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp
FMIVU:UW Forum Merger IV Corp
FMO:UN Fiduciary-Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund
FMY:UN First Trust Mortgage Income Fund
FOCS:UW Focus Financial Partners Inc
FORE:UW Foresight Acquisition Corp
FOREU:UW Foresight Acquisition Corp
FOXW:UW FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp
FOXWU:UW FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp
FPAC:UN Far Peak Acquisition Corp
FPAC.U:UN Far Peak Acquisition Corp
FPAY:UW FlexShopper Inc
FPF:UN First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund
FPL:UN First Trust New Opportunities MLP & Energy Fund
FRONU:UW Frontier Acquisition Corp
FRSGU:UW First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp
FRWAU:UW PWP Forward Acquisition Corp I
FRX:UN Forest Road Acquisition Corp
FRXB.U:UN Forest Road Acquisition Corp II
FRX.U:UN Forest Road Acquisition Corp
FSD:UN First Trust High Income Long Short Fund
FSII:UW FS Development Corp II
FSK:UN FS KKR Capital Corp
FSKR:UN FS KKR Capital Corp II
FSNB.U:UN Fusion Acquisition Corp II
FSRV:UW FinServ Acquisition Corp
FSRVU:UW FinServ Acquisition Corp
FSRXU:UW FinServ Acquisition Corp II
FSSI:UW Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Corp
FSSIU:UW Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Corp
FST:UN FAST Acquisition Corp
FST.U:UN FAST Acquisition Corp
FT:UN Franklin Universal Trust
FTAAU:UW FTAC Athena Acquisition Corp
FTCV:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp V
FTCVU:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp V
FTEV.U:UN FinTech Evolution Acquisition Group
FTIV:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp IV
FTIVU:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp IV
FTOC:UW FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp
FTOCU:UW FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp
FTPAU:UW FTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp
FUND:UW Sprott Focus Trust Inc
FUSE:UN Fusion Acquisition Corp
FVAM:UW 5:01 Acquisition Corp
FVIV.U:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp IV
FVT:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III
FVT.U:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III
FWAA:UW Fifth Wall Acquisition Corp I
FZT.U:UN FAST Acquisition Corp II
GAB:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GABpG:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GABpH:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GABpJ:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GAIN:UW Gladstone Investment Corporation
GAINL:UW Gladstone Investment Corporation
GAM:UN General American Investors Co., Inc.
GAMCU:UW Golden Arrow Merger Corp
GAMpB:UN General American Investors Co., Inc.
GAPA.U:UN G&P acquisition corp
GBAB:UN Guggenheim Taxable Municipal Managed Duration Trust
GBDC:UW Golub Capital BDC Inc
GBL:UN Gamco Investors Inc
GBRGU:UW Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd
GCAC:UW Growth Capital Acquisition Corp
GCACU:UW Growth Capital Acquisition Corp
GCMG:UW GCM Grosvenor Inc
GCV:UN Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc
GDO:UN Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund Inc
GDOT:UN Green Dot Corp.
GDV:UN Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust
GDVpG:UN Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust
GDYN:UW Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc
GECC:UW Great Elm Capital Corp
GF:UN New Germany Fund Inc
GFLDU:UW Gefen Landa Acquisition Corp
GFX:UN Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp
GFX.U:UN Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp
GGM:UN Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fund
GGMCU:UW Glenfarne Merger Corp
GGPIU:UW Gores Guggenheim Inc
GGT:UN Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc
GGTpE:UN Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc
GHAC:UW Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp
GHACU:UW Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp
GHL:UN Greenhill & Co Inc
GHVI:UW Gores Holdings VI Inc
GHVIU:UW Gores Holdings VI Inc
GIG:UW Gigcapital4 Inc
GIIXU:UW Gores Holdings VIII Inc
GIK:UN GigCapital3 Inc
GIK.U:UN GigCapital3 Inc
GIM:UN Templeton Global Income Fund Inc
GIX:UN Gigcapital2 Inc
GLAD:UW Gladstone Capital Corp.
GLAQ:UW Globis Acquisition Corp
GLAQU:UW Globis Acquisition Corp
GLBLU:UW Cartesian Growth Corp
GLEEU:UW Gladstone Acquisition Corp
GLEO:UN Galileo Acquisition Corp
GLEO.U:UN Galileo Acquisition Corp
GLG:UW China Commercial Credit Inc
GLHAU:UW Glass Houses Acquisition Corp
GLO:UA Clough Global Opportunities Fund.
GLQ:UA Clough Global Equity Fund
GLSPU:UW Global SPAC Partners Co
GLU:UA Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust.
GLUpA:UA Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust.
GMBT:UW Queens Gambit Growth Capital
GMBTU:UW Queens Gambit Growth Capital
GMII:UW Gores Metropoulos II Inc
GMIIU:UW Gores Metropoulos II Inc
GNAC:UW Group Nine Acquisition Corp
GNACU:UW Group Nine Acquisition Corp
GNPK:UN Genesis Park Acquisition Corp
GNPK.U:UN Genesis Park Acquisition Corp
GNRS:UW Greenrose Acquisition Corp
GOAC:UN GO Acquisition Corp
GOAC.U:UN GO Acquisition Corp
GOF:UN Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund
GPAC:UW Global Partner Acquisition Corp II
GPACU:UW Global Partner Acquisition Corp II
GPM:UN Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund
GRCY:UW Greencity Acquisition Corp
GRCYU:UW Greencity Acquisition Corp
GRNV:UW GreenVision Acquisition Corp
GRNVU:UW GreenVision Acquisition Corp
GROW:UW U.S. Global Investors, Inc.
GRSV:UW Gores Holdings V Inc
GRSVU:UW Gores Holdings V Inc
GRX:UN Gabelli Healthcare & WellnessRx Trust
GS:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSAH:UN GS Acquisition Holdings Corp II
GSAQ:UW Global Synergy Acquisition Corp
GSAQU:UW Global Synergy Acquisition Corp
GSBD:UN Goldman Sachs BDC Inc
GSEV:UW Gores Holdings VII Inc
GSEVU:UW Gores Holdings VII Inc
GSpA:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpC:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpD:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpJ:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpK:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpN:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSQD:UN G Squared Ascend I Inc
GSQD.U:UN G Squared Ascend I Inc
GTPAU:UW Gores Technology Partners Inc
GTPBU:UW Gores Technology Partners II Inc
GUT:UN Gabelli Utility Trust
GUTpA:UN Gabelli Utility Trust
GUTpC:UN Gabelli Utility Trust
GWAC:UW Good Works Acquisition Corp
GXGX:UW Gx Acquisition Corp
GXGXU:UW Gx Acquisition Corp
GXIIU:UW GX Acquisition Corp II
HAAC:UW Health Assurance Acquisition Corp
HAACU:UW Health Assurance Acquisition Corp
HBT:UW HBT Financial Inc
HCAP:UW Harvest Capital Credit Corp
HCAQ:UW HealthCor Catalio Acquisition Corp
HCAR:UW Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp
HCARU:UW Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp
HCCC:UW Healthcare Capital Corp
HCCCU:UW Healthcare Capital Corp
HCIC:UW Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V
HCICU:UW Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V
HCII:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp II
HCIIU:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp II
HEC:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp
HECCU:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp
HEQ:UN John Hancock Hedged equity & Income Fund
HERAU:UW FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp
HFRO:UN Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund
HHLA:UN HH&L Acquisition Co
HHLA.U:UN HH&L Acquisition Co
HIE:UN Miller/Howard High Income Equity Fund
HIGA:UN H.I.G. Acquisition Corp
HIGA.U:UN H.I.G. Acquisition Corp
HIIIU:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp III
HIO:UN Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund Inc
HIX:UN Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc
HKIB:UN Amtd International Inc
HLAH:UW Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Inc
HLAHU:UW Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Inc
HLI:UN Houlihan Lokey Inc
HLNE:UW Hamilton Lane Inc
HLXA:UW Helix Acquisition Corp
HMCO:UW HumanCo Acquisition Corp
HMCOU:UW HumanCo Acquisition Corp
HMPT:UW Home Point Capital Inc
HNNA:UW Hennessy Advisors Inc
HOL:UW Holicity Inc
HOLUU:UW Holicity Inc
HOMS:UN Caliber Home Loans Inc
HQH:UN Tekla Healthcare Investors
HQL:UN Tekla Life Sciences Investors
HRZN:UW Horizon Technology Finance Corp
HSAQ:UW Health Sciences Acquisitions Corp 2
HTPA:UN Highland Transcend Partners I Corp
HTPA.U:UN Highland Transcend Partners I Corp
HUGS.U:UN USHG Acquisition Corp
HVBC:UW HV Bancorp Inc
HX:UW Hexindai Inc
HYACU:UW Haymaker Acquisition Corp III
HYB:UN New America High Income Fund Inc
HYI:UN Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund Inc
HYLN:UN Hyliion Holdings Corporation
HYW:UW Hywin Holdings Ltd
HZAC:UN Horizon Acquisition Corp
HZAC.U:UN Horizon Acquisition Corp
HZON:UN Horizon Acquisition Corp II
HZON.U:UN Horizon Acquisition Corp II
IACA:UN ION Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd
IACA.U:UN ION Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd
IACB:UN ION Acquisition Corp 2 Ltd
IACB.U:UN ION Acquisition Corp 2 Ltd
IAE:UN Voya Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund
IBER.U:UN Ibere Pharmaceuticals
IBKR:UW Interactive Brokers Group Inc
ICE:UN Intercontinental Exchange Inc
ICMB:UW Investcorp Credit Management BDC Inc
IDE:UN Voya Infrastructure, Industrials and Materials Fund
IFN:UN India Fund Inc
IFS:UN Intercorp Financial Services Inc
IGA:UN Voya Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund
IGAC:UW IG Acquisition Corp
IGACU:UW IG Acquisition Corp
IGD:UN Voya Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund
IGNY:UW Ignyte Acquisition Corp
IGNYU:UW Ignyte Acquisition Corp
IHD:UN Voya Emerging Markets High Dividend Equity Fund
IHTA:UN Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Fund
IIAC:UN Investindustrial Acquisition Corp
IIAC.U:UN Investindustrial Acquisition Corp
IID:UN Voya International High Dividend Equity Income Fund
IIF:UN Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc
IIII:UW INSU Acquisition Corp III
IIIIU:UW INSU Acquisition Corp III
IMPX:UN AEA-Bridges Impact Corp
IMPX.U:UN AEA-Bridges Impact Corp
INKA:UW KludeIn I Acquisition Corp
INKAU:UW KludeIn I Acquisition Corp
INSI:UN Insight Select Income Fund
IPOD:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV
IPOD.U:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV
IPOE:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V
IPOE.U:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V
IPOF:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI
IPOF.U:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI
IPVA.U:UN InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp
IPVF.U:UN InterPrivate III Financial Partners Inc
IPVIU:UW InterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners Inc
IRL:UN New Ireland Fund Inc
IRR:UN Voya Natural Resources Equity Income Fund
ISLE:UW Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp
ISLEU:UW Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp
ISOS.U:UN Isos Acquisition Corp
ITAC:UW Industrial Tech Acquisitions Inc
ITACU:UW Industrial Tech Acquisitions Inc
ITHX:UW ITHAX Acquisition Corp
ITHXU:UW ITHAX Acquisition Corp
ITQ:UW Itiquira Acquisition Corp
ITQRU:UW Itiquira Acquisition Corp
IVAN:UN Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp
IVAN.U:UN Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp
IVZ:UN Invesco Ltd
IX:UN Orix Corporation
JAAC:UW Just Another Acquisition Corp
JCE:UN Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund
JCIC:UW Jack Creek Investment Corp
JCICU:UW Jack Creek Investment Corp
JEF:UN Jefferies Financial Group Inc
JEMD:UN Nuveen Emerging Markets Debt 2022 Target Term Fund
JFR:UN Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund
JGH:UN Nuveen Global High Income Fund
JHG:UN Janus Henderson Group plc
JHI:UN John Hancock Investors Trust
JIH:UN Juniper Industrial Holdings Inc
JIH.U:UN Juniper Industrial Holdings Inc
JLS:UN Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund
JMM:UN Nuveen Multi-Market Income Fund
JOFF:UW Joff Fintech Acquisition Corp
JOFFU:UW Joff Fintech Acquisition Corp
JP:UN Jupai Holdings Ltd
JPI:UN Nuveen Preferred and Income Term Fund
JPS:UN Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities Fund
JPT:UN Nuveen Preferred and Income 2022 Term Fund
JQC:UN Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund
JRS:UN Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund.
JT:UN Jianpu Technology Inc
JWS:UN Jaws Acquisition Corp
JWSM:UN Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corporation
JWSM.U:UN Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corporation
JWS.U:UN Jaws Acquisition Corp
JYAC:UW Jiya Acquisition Corp
KAHC.U:UN KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp
KAII:UW Kismet Acquisition Two Corp
KAIIU:UW Kismet Acquisition Two Corp
KAIR:UW Kairos Acquisition Corp
KAIRU:UW Kairos Acquisition Corp
KCAC.U:UN Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp II
KF:UN Korea Fund Inc
KIII:UW Kismet Acquisition Three Corp
KIIIU:UW Kismet Acquisition Three Corp
KINZ:UW KINS Technology Group Inc
KINZU:UW KINS Technology Group Inc
KKR:UN KKR & Co. Inc.
KKRpA:UN KKR & Co. Inc.
KKRpB:UN KKR & Co. Inc.
KLAQ:UW KL Acquisition Corp
KLAQU:UW KL Acquisition Corp
KRNL:UW Kernel Group Holdings Inc
KRNLU:UW Kernel Group Holdings Inc
KRNY:UW Kearny Financial Corp.
KSICU:UW Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp
KSM:UN DWS Strategic Municipal Income Trust
KSMT:UW Kismet Acquisition One Corp
KSMTU:UW Kismet Acquisition One Corp
KTF:UN DWS Municipal Income Trust
KURI:UW Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp
KURIU:UW Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp
KVSA:UW Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co
KVSB:UW Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co II
KVSC:UW Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co III
KVSD:UW Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co IV
KWAC:UN Kingswood Acquisition Corp
KWAC.U:UN Kingswood Acquisition Corp
KYN:UN Kayne Anderson MLP/Midstream Investment Co
LACQ:UW Leisure Acquisition Corp
LACQU:UW Leisure Acquisition Corp
LACQW:UW Leisure Acquisition Corp
LATN:UW Union Acquisition Corp II
LATNU:UW Union Acquisition Corp II
LAZ:UN Lazard Ltd.
LC:UN LendingClub Corp
LCAAU:UW L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp
LCAHU:UW Landcadia Holdings IV Inc
LCAP:UW Lionheart Acquisition Corp II
LCAPU:UW Lionheart Acquisition Corp II
LCY:UW Landcadia Holdings III Inc
LCYAU:UW Landcadia Holdings III Inc
LDHAU:UW LDH Growth Corp I
LDI:UN LoanDepot Inc
LEGAU:UW Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Ltd
LEGO:UW Legato Merger Corp
LEGOU:UW Legato Merger Corp
LEHCQ:UN Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
LEHDQ:UN Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
LEVL:UW Level One Bancorp Inc
LFTR:UW Lefteris Acquisition Corp
LFTRU:UW Lefteris Acquisition Corp
LGAC:UW Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp I
LGACU:UW Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp I
LGV.U:UN Longview Acquisition Corp II
LHAA:UW Lerer Hippeau Acquisition Corp
LHC:UN Leo Holdings Corp II
LHC.U:UN Leo Holdings Corp II
LIII.U:UN Leo Holdings III Corp
LIVK:UW LIV Capital Acquisition Corp
LIVKU:UW LIV Capital Acquisition Corp
LJAQ:UW Lightjump Acquisition Corp
LJAQU:UW Lightjump Acquisition Corp
LMACA:UW Liberty Media Acquisition Corp
LMACU:UW Liberty Media Acquisition Corp
LMAO:UW LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc
LMAOU:UW LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc
LMFA:UW LM Funding America Inc
LNFA:UN L&F Acquisition Corp
LNFA.U:UN L&F Acquisition Corp
LOAC:UW Longevity Acquisition Corp
LOACU:UW Longevity Acquisition Corp
LOAN:UW Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc
LOKB:UN Live Oak Acquisition Corp II
LOKB.U:UN Live Oak Acquisition Corp II
LOKM.U:UN Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp
LPLA:UW LPL Financial Holdings Inc
LPRO:UW Open Lending Corp
LSAQ:UW LifeSci Acquisition II Corp
LU:UN Lufax Holding Ltd
LUXA:UW Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp
LUXAU:UW Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp
LVRAU:UW Levere Holdings Corp
LWAC:UW Locust Walk Acquisition Corp
LWACU:UW Locust Walk Acquisition Corp
LX:UW LexinFintech Holdings Ltd
MA:UN Mastercard Incorporated
MAAC:UW Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp
MAACU:UW Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp
MACA:UW Moringa Acquisition Corp
MACAU:UW Moringa Acquisition Corp
MACC.U:UN Mission Advancement Corp
MACQU:UW MCAP Acquisition Corp
MACU:UW Mallard Acquisition Corp
MACUU:UW Mallard Acquisition Corp
MAIN:UN Main Street Capital Corporation
MARPS:UW Marine Petroleum Trust
MBAC.U:UN M3 Brigade Acquisition II Corp
MBIN:UW Merchants Bancorp
MBTCU:UW Nocturne Acquisition Corp
MC:UN Moelis & Co
MCAD:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp II
MCADU:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp II
MCB:UN Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp
MCBS:UW MetroCity Bankshares Inc
MCI:UN Barings Corporate Investors
MCMJ:UW Merida Merger Corp I
MDH:UN MDH Acquisition Corp
MDH.U:UN MDH Acquisition Corp
MDLY:UN Medley Management Inc
MEN:UN BlackRock Munienhanced Fund Inc
MFD:UN Macquarie-First Tr. Global Inf. Utilities Div. & Income Fund
MFIN:UW Medallion Financial Corp.
MFM:UN MFS Municipal Income Trust
MFV:UN MFS Special Value Trust
MGI:UW Moneygram International Inc.
MHD:UN BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund Inc
MHE:UN BlackRock Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Trust
MHF:UN Western Asset Municipal High Income Fund Inc
MIT:UN Mason Industrial Technology Inc
MIT.U:UN Mason Industrial Technology Inc
MKTX:UW MarketAxess Holdings Inc.
MLAC:UW Malacca Straits Acquisition Co Ltd
MLACU:UW Malacca Straits Acquisition Co Ltd
MLPY:UP Morgan Stanley
MMD:UN MainStay MacKay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund
MMU:UN Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund Inc
MN:UN Manning & Napier Inc
MNP:UN Western Asset Municipal Partners Fund Inc
MON:UW Monument Circle Acquisition Corp
MONCU:UW Monument Circle Acquisition Corp
MOTN:UW Motion Acquisition Corp
MOTNU:UW Motion Acquisition Corp
MOTV:UN Motive Capital Corp
MOTV.U:UN Motive Capital Corp
MPACU:UW Model Performance Acquisition Corp
MPLN:UN MultiPlan Corp
MPV:UN Barings Participation Investors
MRAC:UW Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp
MRACU:UW Marquee Raine Acquisition Corp
MS:UN Morgan Stanley
MSAC:UW Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp
MSACU:UW Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp
MSB:UN Mesabi Trust
MSDAU:UW MSD Acquisition Corp
MSpA:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpE:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpF:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpI:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpK:UN Morgan Stanley
MSVB:UW Mid-Southern Bancorp Inc
MTAC:UW MedTech Acquisition Corp
MTACU:UW MedTech Acquisition Corp
MTR:UN Mesa Royalty Trust
MTT:UN Western Asset Municipal Defined Opportunity Trust
MUA:UN BlackRock Muniassets Fund Inc
MUDS:UW Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp II
MUDSU:UW Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp II
MUI:UN BlackRock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
MVF:UN BlackRock MuniVest Fund, Inc
MVT:UN BlackRock Munivest Fund II Inc
MXF:UN Mexico Fund Inc
MYJ:UN BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Fund Inc
NAAC:UW North Atlantic Acquisition Corp
NAACU:UW North Atlantic Acquisition Corp
NAVI:UW Navient Corp
NBA:UA New Beginnings Acquisition Corp
NBAC:UW Newborn Acquisition Corp
NBACU:UW Newborn Acquisition Corp
NBB:UN Nuveen Build America Bond Fund
NBSTU:UW Newbury Street Acquisition Corp
NCV:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund
NCVpA:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund
NCZ:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund II
NCZpA:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund II
NDACU:UW NightDragon Acquisition Corp
NDAQ:UW Nasdaq Inc
NEBC:UW Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp
NEBCU:UW Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp
NFJ:UN AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Fund
NGA:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp
NGAB:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp II
NGAB.U:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp II
NGAC:UW NextGen Acquisition Corp
NGACU:UW NextGen Acquisition Corp
NGA.U:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp
NGCAU:UW NextGen Acquisition Corp II
NGC.U:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp III
NHF:UN NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund
NHIC:UW NewHold Investment Corp
NHS:UA Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund
NICK:UW Nicholas Financial, Inc.
NIE:UN AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund
NKX:UN Nuveen California AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund
NMFC:UN New Mountain Finance Corp
NMI:UN Nuveen Municipal Income Fund
NMMC:UW North Mountain Merger Corp
NMMCU:UW North Mountain Merger Corp
NMR:UN Nomura Holdings Inc.
NMS:UN Nuveen Minnesota Quality Municipal Income Fund
NMY:UN Nuveen Maryland Quality Municipal Income Fund
NNI:UN Nelnet Inc
NOAC:UW Natural Order Acquisition Corp
NOACU:UW Natural Order Acquisition Corp
NOAH:UN Noah Holdings Limited
NRAC:UW Noble Rock Acquisition Corp
NRACU:UW Noble Rock Acquisition Corp
NRT:UN North European Oil Royalty Trust
NSH:UN NavSight Holdings Inc
NSH.U:UN NavSight Holdings Inc
NSL:UN Nuveen Senior Income Fund
NSTB:UN Northern Star Investment Corp II
NSTB.U:UN Northern Star Investment Corp II
NSTC.U:UN Northern Star Investment Corp III
NSTD.U:UN Northern Star Investment Corp IV
NTRS:UW Northern Trust Corp.
NUV:UN Nuveen Municipal Value Fund Inc.
NVSA:UW New Vista Acquisition Corp
NVSAU:UW New Vista Acquisition Corp
NXC:UN Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
NXN:UN Nuveen New York Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
NXU:UN Novus Capital Corp II
NXU.U:UN Novus Capital Corp II
OACB:UN Oaktree Acquisition Corp II
OACB.U:UN Oaktree Acquisition Corp II
OAKpA:UN Oaktree Capital Group LLC
OAKpB:UN Oaktree Capital Group LLC
OCA:UN Omnichannel Acquisition Corp
OCA.U:UN Omnichannel Acquisition Corp
OCAX:UW OCA Acquisition Corp
OCAXU:UW OCA Acquisition Corp
OCCI:UW OFS Credit Company Inc
OCSI:UW Oaktree Strategic Income Corp
OCSL:UW Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp
OEPW:UW One Equity Partners Open Water I Corp
OEPWU:UW One Equity Partners Open Water I Corp
OFS:UW OFS Capital Corp
OHPAU:UW Orion Acquisition Corp
OMEG:UW Omega Alpha SPAC
OMF:UN OneMain Holdings Inc
OMP:UN Oasis Midstream Partners LP
OPA.U:UN Magnum Opus Acquisition Ltd
OPP:UN RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic opportunity fund Inc
OPRT:UW Oportun Financial Corp
OPY:UN Oppenheimer Holdings Inc
ORCC:UN Owl Rock Capital Corp
OSTR:UW Oyster Enterprises Acquisition Corp
OSTRU:UW Oyster Enterprises Acquisition Corp
OTRA:UW OTR Acquisition Corp
OTRAU:UW OTR Acquisition Corp
OXLC:UW Oxford Lane Capital Corp
OXLCM:UW Oxford Lane Capital Corp
OXLCO:UW Oxford Lane Capital Corp
OXSQ:UW Oxford Square Capital Corp
PACE:UN TPG Pace Tech Opportunities Corp
PACE.U:UN TPG Pace Tech Opportunities Corp
PACX:UW Pioneer Merger Corp
PACXU:UW Pioneer Merger Corp
PAI:UN Western Asset Investment Grade Income Fund Inc
PAIC:UW Petra Acquisition Inc
PAICU:UW Petra Acquisition Inc
PANA:UW Panacea Acquisition Corp II
PAQC:UW Provident Acquisition Corp
PAQCU:UW Provident Acquisition Corp
PBHC:UW Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.
PBIP:UW Prudential Bancorp Inc
PCN:UN PIMCO Corporate & Income Strategy Fund
PCPC:UN Periphas Capital Partnering Corp
PCPC.U:UN Periphas Capital Partnering Corp
PCSB:UW PCSB Financial Corp
PDAC:UN Peridot Acquisition Corp
PDAC.U:UN Peridot Acquisition Corp
PDLB:UW PDL Community Bancorp
PDOT.U:UN Peridot Acquisition Corp II
PEO:UN Adams Natural Resources Fund Inc
PFD:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Inc
PFDR:UW Pathfinder Acquisition Corp
PFDRU:UW Pathfinder Acquisition Corp
PFL:UN Pimco Income Strategy Fund
PFLT:UW PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd
PFN:UN Pimco Income Strategy Fund II
PFO:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Inc
PFX:UW Medley Capital Corp
PGP:UN Pimco Global StocksPLUS & Income Fund
PGRW:UW Progress Acquisition Corp
PGRWU:UW Progress Acquisition Corp
PHCF:UW Puhui Wealth Investment Management Co Ltd
PHD:UN Pioneer Floating Rate Trust
PHIC:UW Population Health Investment Co Inc
PHICU:UW Population Health Investment Co Inc
PHK:UN Pimco High Income Fund
PHT:UN Pioneer High Income Trust
PIAI:UN Prime Impact Acquisition I
PIAI.U:UN Prime Impact Acquisition I
PICC:UN Pivotal Investment Corp III
PICC.U:UN Pivotal Investment Corp III
PIPP:UN Pine Island Acquisition Corp
PIPP.U:UN Pine Island Acquisition Corp
PIPR:UN Piper Sandler Companies
PJT:UN PJT Partners Inc
PKO:UN Pimco Income Opportunity Fund
PLMIU:UW Plum Acquisition Corp I
PLMR:UW Palomar Holdings Inc
PMGM:UW Priveterra Acquisition Corp
PMGMU:UW Priveterra Acquisition Corp
PML:UN Pimco Municipal Income Fund II
PMVC:UN PMV Consumer Acquisition Corp
PMVC.U:UN PMV Consumer Acquisition Corp
PMX:UN Pimco Municipal Income Fund III
PNNT:UW PennantPark Investment Corporation
PNTM:UN Pontem Corp
PNTM.U:UN Pontem Corp
POW:UW Powered Brands
POWRU:UW Powered Brands
PPGH:UW Poema Global Holdings Corp
PPGHU:UW Poema Global Holdings Corp
PPR:UN Voya Prime Rate Trust
PPT:UN Putnam Premier Income Trust
PROS:UN Prosight Global Inc
PRPB:UN CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II
PRPC:UN CC Neuberger Principal Holdings III
PRPC.U:UN CC Neuberger Principal Holdings III
PRSR:UW Prospector Capital Corp
PRSRU:UW Prospector Capital Corp
PSAC:UW Property Solutions Acquisition Corp
PSACU:UW Property Solutions Acquisition Corp
PSAG:UW Property Solutions Acquisition Corp II
PSAGU:UW Property Solutions Acquisition Corp II
PSEC:UW Prospect Capital Corp
PSTH:UN Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Ltd
PSTL:UN Postal Realty Trust Inc
PSZ.E:UA Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
PT:UW Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd
PTK:UA PTK Acquisition Corp
PTK.U:UA PTK Acquisition Corp
PTMN:UW Portman Ridge Finance Corp
PTOCU:UW Pine Technology Acquisition Corp
PUCK:UW Goal Acquisitions Corp
PUCKU:UW Goal Acquisitions Corp
PUYI:UW Puyi Inc
PV:UN Primavera Capital Acquisition Corporation
PYPL:UW PayPal Holdings Inc
PZN:UN Pzena Investment Management Inc
QD:UN Qudian Inc
QELL:UW Qell Acquisition Corp
QELLU:UW Qell Acquisition Corp
QFIN:UN 360 Finance Inc
QFTA:UN Quantum Fintech Acquisition Corp
QFTA.U:UN Quantum Fintech Acquisition Corp
QWNBU:UW Queens Gambit Growth Capital II
RAAC:UW Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp
RAACU:UW Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp
RACA:UW Therapeutics Acquisition Corp
RACB:UW Research Alliance Corp II
RAND:UW Rand Capital Corp.
RBAC:UN RedBall Acquisition Corp
RBAC.U:UN RedBall Acquisition Corp
RCHG:UW Recharge Acquisition Corp
RCHGU:UW Recharge Acquisition Corp
RCLF:UW Rosecliff Acquisition Corp I
RCLFU:UW Rosecliff Acquisition Corp I
RCS:UN PIMCO Strategic Income Fund Inc
REVHU:UW Revolution Healthcare Acquisition Corp
RICE:UN Rice Acquisition Corp
RICE.U:UN Rice Acquisition Corp
RILY:UW B. Riley Financial Inc
RJF:UN Raymond James Financial, Inc.
RKT:UN Rocket Companies Inc
RKTA.U:UN Rocket Internet Growth Opportunities Corp
RM:UN Regional Management Corp
RMGB:UW RMG Acquisition Corp II
RMGBU:UW RMG Acquisition Corp II
RMGC:UW RMG Acquisition Corp III
RMGCU:UW RMG Acquisition Corp III
RMGDU:UW RMG Acquisition Corp IV
RMRM:UW RMR Real Estate Income Fund.
RMT:UN Royce Micro-Cap Trust Inc
ROCC:UW Roth CH Acquisition II Co
ROCCU:UW Roth CH Acquisition II Co
ROCR:UW Roth CH Acquisition III Co
ROCRU:UW Roth CH Acquisition III Co
ROSS.U:UN Ross Acquisition Corp II
ROT:UN Rotor Acquisition Corp
ROT.U:UN Rotor Acquisition Corp
RPAY:UW Repay Holdings Corporation
RPLA:UN Replay Acquisition Corp
RPLA.U:UN Replay Acquisition Corp
RPRX:UW Royalty Pharma plc
RRBI:UW Red River Bancshares Inc
RSVA:UW Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp
RSVAU:UW Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp
RTP:UN Reinvent Technology Partners
RTP.U:UN Reinvent Technology Partners
RTPYU:UW Reinvent Technology Partners Y
RTPZ:UN Reinvent Technology Partners Z
RTPZ.U:UN Reinvent Technology Partners Z
RVPH:UW Reviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.
RVT:UN Royce Value Trust Inc
RXRAU:UW RXR Acquisition Corp
SAII:UW Software Acquisition Group Inc II
SAMG:UW Silvercrest Asset Management Group Inc
SAR:UN Saratoga Investment Corp
SBEAU:UW SilverBox Engaged Merger Corp I
SBG:UN Sandbridge Acquisition Corp
SBG.U:UN Sandbridge Acquisition Corp
SBI:UN Western Asset Intermediate Muni Fund Inc
SBII.U:UN Sandbridge X2 Corp
SBR:UN Sabine Royalty Trust
SBT:UW Sterling Bancorp Inc
SCAQU:UW Stratim Cloud Acquisition Corp
SCD:UN LMP Capital and Income Fund Inc
SCHW:UN Charles Schwab Corp.
SCHWpC:UN Charles Schwab Corp.
SCHWpD:UN Charles Schwab Corp.
SCLE:UW Broadscale Acquisition Corp
SCLEU:UW Broadscale Acquisition Corp
SCM:UN Stellus Capital Investment Corp
SCOA:UW ScION Tech Growth I
SCOAU:UW ScION Tech Growth I
SCOB:UW ScION Tech Growth II
SCPE:UN Sc Health Corp
SCPE.U:UN Sc Health Corp
SCU:UN Sculptor Capital Management Inc
SDAC:UW Sustainable Development Acquisition I Corp
SDACU:UW Sustainable Development Acquisition I Corp
SEAH:UN Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp
SEAH.U:UN Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp
SEIC:UW SEI Investments Co.
SF:UN Stifel Financial Corp.
SFE:UN Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
SFpA:UN Stifel Financial Corp.
SFTW:UN Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp
SFTW.U:UN Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp
SGAM:UW Seaport Global Acquisition Corp
SGAMU:UW Seaport Global Acquisition Corp
SHAC:UW SCP & CO Healthcare Acquisition Co
SHACU:UW SCP & CO Healthcare Acquisition Co
SI:UN Silvergate Capital Corp
SIEB:UW Siebert Financial Corp.
SII:UN Sprott Inc
SLAC:UN Social Leverage Acquisition Corp I
SLAC.U:UN Social Leverage Acquisition Corp I
SLAMU:UW Slam Corp
SLCR:UW Silver Crest Acquisition Corp
SLCRU:UW Silver Crest Acquisition Corp
SLRC:UW Solar Capital Ltd
SMM:UN Salient Midstream & MLP Fund
SNEX:UW StoneX Group Inc
SNFCA:UW Security National Financial Corp.
SNII.U:UN Supernova Partners Acquisition Co II Ltd
SNPR:UN Tortoise Acquisition Corp II
SNPR.U:UN Tortoise Acquisition Corp II
SNRH:UW Senior Connect Acquisition Corp I
SNRHU:UW Senior Connect Acquisition Corp I
SOAC:UN Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp
SOAC.U:UN Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp
SOR:UN Source Capital, Inc.
SOS:UN SOS Limited
SPAQ:UN Spartan Acquisition Corp. III
SPAQ.U:UN Spartan Acquisition Corp. III
SPE:UN Special Opportunities Fund Inc
SPEpB:UN Special Opportunities Fund Inc
SPFI:UW South Plains Financial Inc
SPFR:UN Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corp
SPFR.U:UN Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corporation
SPGS:UN Simon Property Group Acquisition Holdings Inc
SPGS.U:UN Simon Property Group Acquisition Holdings Inc
SPKBU:UW Silver Spike Acquisition Corp II
SPNV:UN Supernova Partners Acquisition Company Inc
SPNV.U:UN Supernova Partners Acquisition Company Inc
SPRQ:UN Spartan Acquisition Corp II
SPRQ.U:UN Spartan Acquisition Corp II
SPTK:UW SportsTek Acquisition Corp
SPTKU:UW SportsTek Acquisition Corp
SRAC:UW Stable Road Acquisition Corp
SRACU:UW Stable Road Acquisition Corp
SRNGU:UW Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp
SRSA:UW Sarissa Capital Acquisition Corp
SRSAU:UW Sarissa Capital Acquisition Corp
SRV:UN Cushing MLP & Infrastructure Total Return Fund
SSAA:UW Science Strategic Acquisition Corp Alpha
SSAAU:UW Science Strategic Acquisition Corp Alpha
SSPK:UW Silver Spike Acquisition Corp
SSPKU:UW Silver Spike Acquisition Corp
SSSS:UW Suro Capital Corp
STEP:UW StepStone Group Inc
STIC:UN Northern Star Acquisition Corp
STIC.U:UN Northern Star Acquisition Corp
STNE:UW StoneCo Ltd
STPC:UN Star Peak Corp II
STPC.U:UN Star Peak Corp II
STPK:UN Star Peak Energy Transition Corp
STPK.U:UN Star Peak Energy Transition Corp
STRE.U:UN Supernova Partners Acquisition Co III Ltd
STT:UN State Street Corp.
STTpD:UN State Street Corp.
STTpG:UN State Street Corp.
STWO:UW ACON S2 Acquisition Corp
STWOU:UW ACON S2 Acquisition Corp
STXB:UW Spirit of Texas Bancshares Inc
SUNS:UW Solar Senior Capital Ltd
SV:UW Spring Valley Acquisition Corp
SVAC:UW Starboard Value Acquisition Corp
SVACU:UW Starboard Value Acquisition Corp
SVFA:UW SVF Investment Corp
SVFAU:UW SVF Investment Corp
SVFB:UW SVF Investment Corp 2
SVFC:UW SVF Investment Corp 3
SVOK:UW Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp
SVOKU:UW Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp
SVSVU:UW Spring Valley Acquisition Corp
SVVC:UW Firsthand Technology Value Fund Inc
SWBK:UN Switchback II Corp
SWBK.U:UN Switchback II Corp
SWET:UW Athlon Acquisition Corp
SWETU:UW Athlon Acquisition Corp
SWZ:UN Swiss Helvetia Fund Inc
SYF:UN Synchrony Financial
TACA:UN Trepont Acquisition Corp I
TACA.U:UN Trepont Acquisition Corp I
TBA:UN Thoma Bravo Advantage
TBCP:UW Thunder Bridge Capital Partners III Inc
TBCPU:UW Thunder Bridge Capital Partners III Inc
TBSAU:UW TB SA Acquisition Corp
TCAC:UW Tuatara Capital Acquisition Corp
TCACU:UW Tuatara Capital Acquisition Corp
TCF:UN TCF Financial Corp.
TCPC:UW TCP Capital Corp
TCVA:UW TCV Acquisition Corp
TDAC:UW Trident Acquisitions Corp
TDACU:UW Trident Acquisitions Corp
TDACW:UW Trident Acquisitions Corp
TDF:UN Templeton Dragon Fund Inc
TEKK:UW Tekkorp Digital Acquisition Corp
TEKKU:UW Tekkorp Digital Acquisition Corp
TETCU:UW Tech and Energy Transition Corp
THBR:UW Thunder Bridge Acquisition II Ltd
THBRU:UW Thunder Bridge Acquisition II Ltd
THCA:UW Tuscan Holdings Corp II
THCAU:UW Tuscan Holdings Corp II
THCB:UW Tuscan Holdings Corp
THCBU:UW Tuscan Holdings Corp
THMA:UW Thimble Point Acquisition Corp
THMAU:UW Thimble Point Acquisition Corp
THQ:UN Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund
THW:UN Tekla World Healthcare Fund
TIGR:UW UP Fintech Holding Ltd
TINV:UN Tiga Acquisition Corp
TINV.U:UN Tiga Acquisition Corp
TLGA:UN TLG Acquisition One Corp
TMAC:UN Music Acquisition Corporation
TMAC.U:UN Music Acquisition Corporation
TMKR:UW Tastemaker Acquisition Corp
TMKRU:UW Tastemaker Acquisition Corp
TMPM:UW Turmeric Acquisition Corp
TMPMU:UW Turmeric Acquisition Corp
TMTS:UW Spartacus Acquisition Corp
TMTSU:UW Spartacus Acquisition Corp
TPGS:UN TPG Pace Solutions Corp
TPGY:UN TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp
TPGY.U:UN TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp
TPVG:UN TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp
TRCA.U:UN Twin Ridge Capital Acquisition Corp
TREB:UN Trebia Acquisition Corp
TREB.U:UN Trebia Acquisition Corp
TRIT:UW Triterras Inc
TROW:UW T. Rowe Price Group Inc.
TRTY:UF Cambria Trinity ETF
TSI:UN TCW Strategic Income Fund Inc
TSIA:UW TS Innovation Acquisitions Corp
TSIAU:UW TS Innovation Acquisitions Corp
TSIB:UW Tishman Speyer Innovation Corp II
TSIBU:UW Tishman Speyer Innovation Corp II
TSPQ.U:UN TCW Special Purpose Acquisition Corp
TTP:UN Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund Inc
TVAC:UW Thayer Ventures Acquisition Corp
TVACU:UW Thayer Ventures Acquisition Corp
TW:UW Tradeweb Markets Inc
TWCT:UW TWC Tech Holdings II Corp
TWCTU:UW TWC Tech Holdings II Corp
TWLVU:UW Twelve Seas Investment Co II
TWN:UN Taiwan Fund Inc
TWND:UN Tailwind Acquisition Corp
TWND.U:UN Tailwind Acquisition Corp
TWNI:UN Tailwind International Acquisition Corp
TWNI.U:UN Tailwind International Acquisition Corp
TWNT.U:UN Tailwind Two Acquisition Corp
TY:UN Tri-Continental Corp.
TYG:UN Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp
TYp:UN Tri-Continental Corp.
TZPS:UW TZP Strategies Acquisition Corp
TZPSU:UW TZP Strategies Acquisition Corp
USA:UN Liberty All-Star Equity Fund
UWMC:UN UWM Holdings Corporation
V:UN Visa Inc
VACQ:UW Vector Acquisition Corp
VACQU:UW Vector Acquisition Corp
VAQC:UW Vector Acquisition Corp II
VBF:UN Invesco Bond Fund
VCKA:UW Vickers Vantage Corp I
VCKAU:UW Vickers Vantage Corp I
VCTR:UW Victory Capital Holdings Inc
VCVC:UW 10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp
VCVCU:UW 10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp
VEL:UN Velocity Financial Inc
VELOU:UW Velocity Acquisition Corp
VENA:UW Venus Acquisition Corp
VENAU:UW Venus Acquisition Corp
VGAC:UN VG Acquisition Corp
VGAC.U:UN VG Acquisition Corp
VGII.U:UN Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II
VHAQ:UA Viveon Health Acquisition Corp
VHAQ.U:UA Viveon Health Acquisition Corp
VIH:UW VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings
VIHAU:UW VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings
VII:UW 7GC & Co Holdings Inc
VIIAU:UW 7GC & Co Holdings Inc
VINP:UW Vinci Partners Investments Ltd
VIRT:UW Virtu Financial Inc
VKQ:UN Invesco Municipal Trust
VLATU:UW Valor Latitude Acquisition Corp
VLT:UN Invesco High Income Trust II
VMAC:UW Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc
VMACU:UW Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc
VOSO:UW Virtuoso Acquisition Corp
VOSOU:UW Virtuoso Acquisition Corp
VOYA:UN Voya Financial Inc
VPCBU:UW VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings II
VPCC.U:UN VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III Inc
VRTS:UW Virtus Investment Partners Inc
VSPR:UW Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp
VSPRU:UW Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp
VTAQ:UW Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp
VTAQU:UW Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp
VTIQ:UW VectoIQ Acquisition Corp II
VTIQU:UW VectoIQ Acquisition Corp II
VVR:UN Invesco Senior Income Trust
VYGG:UN Vy Global Growth
VYGG.U:UN Vy Global Growth
WALDU:UW Waldencast Acquisition Corp
WARR.U:UN Warrior Technologies Acquisition Co
WDR:UN Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc.
WEA:UN Western Asset Premier Bond Fund
WEI:UN Weidai Ltd
WETF:UW Wisdomtree Investments Inc
WHF:UW WhiteHorse Finance Inc
WHG:UN Westwood Holdings Group Inc
WPCA.U:UN Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I A
WPCB.U:UN Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I B
WPF:UN Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp
WPF.U:UN Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp
WRLD:UW World Acceptance Corp.
WTRE:UW Watford Holdings Ltd
WU:UN Western Union Company
XFLT:UN XAI Octagon Floating Rate Alternative Income Term Trust
XPDI:UW Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp
XPDIU:UW Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp
XPOA:UN DPCM Capital Inc
XPOA.U:UN DPCM Capital Inc
XYF:UN X Financial
YAC:UN Yucaipa Acquisition Corporation
YAC.U:UN Yucaipa Acquisition Corporation
YRD:UN Yirendai Ltd
YSAC:UW Yellowstone Acquisition Co
YSACU:UW Yellowstone Acquisition Co
YTPG:UN TPG Pace Beneficial II Corp
ZGYH:UW Yunhong International
ZGYHU:UW Yunhong International
ZNTE:UW Zanite Acquisition Corp
ZNTEU:UW Zanite Acquisition Corp
ZTR:UN Virtus Global Dividend & Income Fund Inc
ZWRK:UW Z-Work Acquisition Corp
ZWRKU:UW Z-Work Acquisition Corp