What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
AAC:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation
AACI:UW Armada Acquisition Corp I
AACIU:UW Armada Acquisition Corp I
AAC.U:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation
AAIC:UN Arlington Asset Investment Corp
AAMC:UA Altisource Asset Management Corp
AAME:UW Atlantic American Corp.
AAQC:UN Accelerate Acquisition Corp
AAQC.U:UN Accelerate Acquisition Corp
AAT:UN American Assets Trust Inc
AB:UN AllianceBernstein Holding Lp
ABCB:UW Ameris Bancorp
ABGI:UW ABG Acquisition Corp I
ABR:UN Arbor Realty Trust Inc.
ABTX:UW Allegiance Bancshares Inc
AC:UN Associated Capital Group Inc
ACABU:UW Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp II
ACAH:UW Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp
ACAHU:UW Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp
ACAQ:UN Athena Consumer Acquisition Corp
ACAQ.U:UN Athena Consumer Acquisition Corp
ACAXU:UW Alset Capital Acquisition Corp
ACBA:UW Ace Global Business Acquisition Ltd
ACC:UN American Campus Communities Inc.
ACDI:UN Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp III
ACDI.U:UN Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp III
ACGL:UW Arch Capital Group Ltd
ACGLO:UW Arch Capital Group Ltd
ACII:UN Atlas Crest Investment Corp II
ACII.U:UN Atlas Crest Investment Corp II
ACKIU:UW Ackrell SPAC Partners I Co
ACQR:UW Independence Holdings Corp
ACQRU:UW Independence Holdings Corp
ACR:UN ACRES Commercial Realty Corp
ACRE:UN Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp
ACRO:UN Acropolis Infrastructure Acquisition Corp
ACRO.U:UN Acropolis Infrastructure Acquisition Corp
ACTD:UW ArcLight Clean Transition Corp II
ACTDU:UW ArcLight Clean Transition Corp II
ADAL:UW Anthemis Digital Acquisitions I Corp
ADALU:UW Anthemis Digital Acquisitions I Corp
ADC:UN Agree Realty Corp.
ADER:UW 26 Capital Acquisition Corp
ADERU:UW 26 Capital Acquisition Corp
ADEX:UN Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp
ADEX.U:UN Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp
ADOC:UW Edoc Acquisition Corp
ADRA:UA Adara Acquisition Corp
ADRA.U:UA Adara Acquisition Corp
ADRT.U:UA Ault Disruptive Technologies Corp
ADTH:UW AdTheorent Holding Company Inc
ADX:UN Adams Diversified Equity Fund
AEAC:UW Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp
AEACU:UW Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp
AEAE:UW AltEnergy Acquisition Corp
AEAEU:UW AltEnergy Acquisition Corp
AEF:UA Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund Inc
AEG:UN Aegon N. V.
AEHA:UW Aesther Healthcare Acquisition Corp
AEHAU:UW Aesther Healthcare Acquisition Corp
AEL:UN American Equity Investment Life Holding Co
AFAC:UW Arena Fortify Acquisition Corp
AFACU:UW Arena Fortify Acquisition Corp
AFAQ:UW AF Acquisition Corp
AFAQU:UW AF Acquisition Corp
AFARU:UW Aura FAT Projects Acquisition Corp
AFBI:UW Affinity Bancshares Inc
AFG:UN American Financial Group Inc
AFL:UN Aflac Inc.
AFT:UN Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc
AFTR:UN AfterNext HealthTech Acquisition Corp
AFTR.U:UN AfterNext HealthTech Acquisition Corp
AGAC:UN African Gold Acquisition Corp
AGAC.U:UN African Gold Acquisition Corp
AGBA:UW Agba Acquisition Ltd
AGBAU:UW Agba Acquisition Ltd
AGCB:UN Altimeter Growth Corp 2
AGD:UN Aberdeen Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
AGGR:UW Agile Growth Corp
AGGRU:UW Agile Growth Corp
AGM:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGM.A:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpC:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGNC:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNCN:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGO:UN Assured Guaranty Ltd
AHH:UN Armada Hoffler Properties Inc
AHLpC:UN Aspen Insurance Hldgs
AHLpD:UN Aspen Insurance Hldgs
AHPA:UW Avista Public Acquisition Corp II
AHPAU:UW Avista Public Acquisition Corp II
AHRNU:UW Ahren Acquisition Corp
AHT:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpD:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpF:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpG:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpH:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpI:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AIBBU:UW AIB Acquisition Corp
AIG:UN American International Group Inc
AIHS:UW Senmiao Technology Ltd
AIMAU:UW Aimfinity Investment Corp I
AINC:UA Ashford Inc
AINV:UW Apollo Investment Corporation
AIRC:UN Apartment Income REIT Corp
AIV:UN Apartment Investment & Management Co.
AIZ:UN Assurant Inc
AJG:UN Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
AJX:UN Great Ajax Corp
AKIC:UW Sports Ventures Acquisition Corp
AKICU:UW Sports Ventures Acquisition Corp
AKR:UN Acadia Realty Trust
ALAC:UW Alberton Acquisition Corp
ALACU:UW Alberton Acquisition Corp
ALCC:UN AltC Acquisition Corp
ALEX:UN Alexander & Baldwin Inc.
ALL:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLpG:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLY:UN Ally Financial Inc
ALOR:UW ALSP Orchid Acquisition Corp I
ALORU:UW ALSP Orchid Acquisition Corp I
ALPA:UW Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp III
ALPAU:UW Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp III
ALRS:UW Alerus Financial Corp
ALSA:UW Alpha Star Acquisition Corp
ALSAU:UW Alpha Star Acquisition Corp
ALTU:UW Altitude Acquisition Corp
ALTUU:UW Altitude Acquisition Corp
ALX:UN Alexander`s Inc.
AMAL:UW Amalgamated Financial Corp
AMAO:UW American Acquisition Opportunity Inc
AMAOU:UW American Acquisition Opportunity Inc
AMBC:UN AMBAC Financial Group Inc.
AMCI:UW AMCI Acquisition Corp II
AMCIU:UW AMCI Acquisition Corp II
AMG:UN Affiliated Managers Group Inc.
AMH:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMHpF:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMHpG:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMHpH:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMK:UN Assetmark Financial Holdings Inc
AMNB:UW American National Bankshares Inc.
AMP:UN Ameriprise Financial Inc
AMPI:UN Advanced Merger Partners Inc
AMPI.U:UN Advanced Merger Partners Inc
AMRK:UW A-Mark Precious Metals Inc
AMSF:UW Amerisafe Inc
AMT:UN American Tower Corp.
AMTB:UW Amerant Bancorp Inc
ANAC:UN Arctos NorthStar Acquisition Corp
ANAC.U:UN Arctos NorthStar Acquisition Corp
ANAT:UW American National Group Inc
ANZU:UW Anzu Special Acquisition Corp I
ANZUU:UW Anzu Special Acquisition Corp I
AOD:UN Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
AOGOU:UW Arogo Capital Acquisition Corp
AON:UN Aon plc.
APAC:UW StoneBridge Acquisition Corp
APACU:UW StoneBridge Acquisition Corp
APAM:UN Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc
APCA:UN AP Acquisition Corp
APCA.U:UN AP Acquisition Corp
APCX:UW AppTech Payments Corp
APGB:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital II
APGB.U:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital II
APLE:UN Apple Hospitality REIT Inc
APMI:UW AxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition Corp
APMIU:UW AxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition Corp
APN:UN Apeiron Capital Investment Corp
APN.U:UN Apeiron Capital Investment Corp
APSG:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital
APSG.U:UN Apollo Strategic Growth Capital
APTM:UW Alpha Partners Technology Merger Corp
APTMU:UW Alpha Partners Technology Merger Corp
APTS:UN Preferred Apartment Communities Inc
APXI:UW APx Acquisition Corp I
APXIU:UW APx Acquisition Corp I
ARBG:UW Aequi Acquisition Corp
ARBGU:UW Aequi Acquisition Corp
ARBK:UW Argo Blockchain Plc
ARCC:UW Ares Capital Corp
ARCK:UW Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings Corp I
ARCKU:UW Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings Corp I
ARDC:UN Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Inc
ARE:UN Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.
ARES:UN Ares Management Corp
ARGO:UN Argo Group International Holdings Ltd
ARGU:UW Argus Capital Corp
ARGUU:UW Argus Capital Corp
ARI:UN Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc
ARIZ:UW Arisz Acquisition Corp
ARIZU:UW Arisz Acquisition Corp
ARL:UN American Realty Investors Inc.
AROW:UW Arrow Financial Corp.
ARR:UN ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc
ARRW:UW Arrowroot Acquisition Corp
ARRWU:UW Arrowroot Acquisition Corp
ARTA:UW Artisan Acquisition Corp
ARTAU:UW Artisan Acquisition Corp
ARTE:UW Artemis Strategic Investment Corp
ARTEU:UW Artemis Strategic Investment Corp
ARYD:UW Arya Sciences Acquisition Corp IV
ARYE:UW ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp V
ASA:UN ASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd
ASAQ:UN Atlantic Avenue Acquisition Corp
ASAQ.U:UN Atlantic Avenue Acquisition Corp
ASAX:UW Astrea Acquisition Corp
ASAXU:UW Astrea Acquisition Corp
ASB:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASBpE:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASCA:UW ASPAC I Acquisition Corp
ASCAU:UW ASPAC I Acquisition Corp
ASCBU:UW A SPAC II Acquisition Corp
ASG:UN Liberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc
ASPC:UW Alpha Capital Acquisition Co
ASPCU:UW Alpha Capital Acquisition Co
ASRV:UW Ameriserv Financial Inc
ASZ:UN Austerlitz Acquisition Corp II
ASZ.U:UN Austerlitz Acquisition Corp II
ATA:UN Americas Technology Acquisition Corp
ATAKU:UW Aurora Technology Acquisition Corp
ATAQ:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp III
ATAQ.U:UN Altimar Acquisition Corp III
ATA.U:UN Americas Technology Acquisition Corp
ATAX:UW America First Multifamily Investors LP
ATEK:UN Athena Technology Acquisition Corp II
ATEK.U:UN Athena Technology Acquisition Corp II
ATIF:UW ATIF Holdings Ltd
ATLC:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLO:UW Ames National Corp.
ATSPU:UW SoundHound AI Inc
ATVC:UW Tribe Capital Growth Corp I
ATVCU:UW Tribe Capital Growth Corp I
AUB:UW Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp
AUBN:UW Auburn National Bancorp Inc.
AURC:UW Aurora Acquisition Corp
AURCU:UW Aurora Acquisition Corp
AUS:UN Austerlitz Acquisition Corp I
AUS.U:UN Austerlitz Acquisition Corp I
AVAC:UW Avalon Acquisition Inc
AVACU:UW Avalon Acquisition Inc
AVAL:UN Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores S.A.
AVAN:UN Avanti Acquisition Corp
AVAN.U:UN Avanti Acquisition Corp
AVB:UN Avalonbay Communities Inc.
AVHI:UW Achari Ventures Holdings Corp I
AVHIU:UW Achari Ventures Holdings Corp I
AVK:UN Advent Convertible and Income Fund
AVPT:UW AvePoint Inc
AWP:UN Aberdeen Global Premier Properties Fund
AX:UN Axos Financial Inc.
AXH:UN Industrial Human Capital Inc
AXH.U:UN Industrial Human Capital Inc
AXP:UN American Express Co.
AXS:UN Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
AXSpE:UN Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
BAC:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACA:UN Berenson Acquisition Corp I
BACA.U:UN Berenson Acquisition Corp I
BACpB:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpE:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpK:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpL:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BAM:UN Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
BANC:UN Banc of California Inc
BANF:UW Bancfirst Corp.
BANR:UW Banner Corp.
BANX:UW ArrowMark Financial Corp
BAP:UN Credicorp Ltd
BBD:UN Banco Bradesco S.A.
BBDC:UN Barings BDC Inc
BBDO:UN Banco Bradesco S.A.
BBVA:UN Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.
BCAC:UW Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp
BCACU:UW Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp
BCAT:UN BlackRock Capital Allocation Trust
BCBP:UW BCB Bancorp Inc (NJ)
BCH:UN Banco de Chile
BCML:UW BayCom Corp
BCOW:UW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc.
BCS:UN Barclays plc
BCSA:UW Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I
BCSAU:UW Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I
BCSF:UN Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc
BCV:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BCVpA:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BDN:UN Brandywine Realty Trust
BEN:UN Franklin Resources, Inc.
BENE:UW Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp
BENEU:UW Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp
BEPC:UN Brookfield Renewable Corporation
BFAC:UN Battery Future Acquisition Corp
BFAC.U:UN Battery Future Acquisition Corp
BFC:UW Bank First Corp
BFIN:UW Bankfinancial Corp
BFK:UN BlackRock Municipal Income Trust
BFS:UN Saul Centers, Inc.
BFSpD:UN Saul Centers, Inc.
BFST:UW Business First Bancshares Inc.
BGCP:UW BGC Partners Inc
BGR:UN Blackrock Energy & Resources Trust
BGSX:UN Build Acquisition Corp
BGSX.U:UN Build Acquisition Corp
BGX:UN Blackstone Long-Short Credit Income Fund
BGY:UN BlackRock Enhanced International Dividend Trust
BHAC:UW Crixus BH3 Acquisition Co
BHACU:UW Crixus BH3 Acquisition Co
BHB:UA Bar Harbor Bankshares Inc
BHF:UW Brighthouse Financial Inc
BHK:UN BlackRock Core Bond Trust
BHLB:UN Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc.
BHR:UN Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc
BHRpB:UN Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc
BHSE:UW Bull Horn Holdings Corp
BHSEU:UW Bull Horn Holdings Corp
BIOSU:UW BioPlus Acquisition Corp
BIOT:UW Biotech Acquisition Co
BIOTU:UW Biotech Acquisition Co
BITE:UN Bite Acquisition Corp
BITE.U:UN Bite Acquisition Corp
BK:UN Bank Of New York Mellon Corp
BKCC:UW BlackRock Capital Investment Corp
BKSC:UW Bank Of South Carolina Corp.
BKT:UN BlackRock Income Trust Inc
BKU:UN BankUnited Inc
BLEUU:UW bleuacacia ltd
BLK:UN Blackrock Inc.
BLNG:UW Belong Acquisition Corp
BLNGU:UW Belong Acquisition Corp
BLSA:UW BCLS Acquisition Corp
BLTS:UW Bright Lights Acquisition Corp
BLTSU:UW Bright Lights Acquisition Corp
BLUA:UN BlueRiver Acquisition Corp
BLUA.U:UN BlueRiver Acquisition Corp
BLW:UN BlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust
BLX:UN Banco Latinoamericano De Comercio Exterior SA
BMA:UN Banco Macro S.A.
BMAC:UN Black Mountain Acquisition Corp
BMAC.U:UN Black Mountain Acquisition Corp
BMAQ:UW Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp
BMAQU:UW Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp
BME:UN BlackRock Health Sciences Trust
BMLpG:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMLpH:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMLpJ:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMLpL:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BMO:UN Bank of Montreal
BMRC:UW Bank of Marin Bancorp
BNIX:UW Bannix Acquisition Corp
BNL:UN Broadstone Net Lease Inc
BNNR:UW Banner Acquisition Corp
BNNRU:UW Banner Acquisition Corp
BNS:UN Bank Of Nova Scotia
BOAC:UN Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp
BOAC.U:UN Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp
BOAS:UN BOA Acquisition Corp
BOAS.U:UN BOA Acquisition Corp
BOCNU:UW Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp
BOH:UN Bank of Hawaii Corp.
BOKF:UW BOK Financial Corp.
BOTJ:UW Bank of James Financial Group Inc
BPAC:UW Bullpen Parlay Acquisition Co
BPACU:UW Bullpen Parlay Acquisition Co
BPOP:UW Popular Inc.
BPOPM:UW Popular Capital Trust II
BRACU:UW Broad Capital Acquisition Corp
BRBS:UA Blue Ridge Bankshares Inc (VA)
BRD:UN Beard Energy Transition Acquisition Corp
BRDG:UN Bridge Investment Group Holdings Inc
BRD.U:UN Beard Energy Transition Acquisition Corp
BREZ:UW Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp
BRG:UA Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc
BRGpC:UA Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc
BRGpD:UA Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc
BRIV:UW B Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp
BRIVU:UW B Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp
BRK.A:UN Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
BRK.B:UN Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
BRKH:UW BurTech Acquisition Corp
BRKHU:UW BurTech Acquisition Corp
BRKL:UW Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
BRLI:UW Brilliant Acquisition Corp
BRLIU:UW Brilliant Acquisition Corp
BRMK:UN Broadmark Realty Capital Inc
BRO:UN Brown & Brown, Inc.
BROGW:UW Brooge Energy Limited
BRP:UW BRP Group Inc
BRPM:UW B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp
BRSP:UN BrightSpire Capital Inc
BRT:UN BRT Apartments Corp
BRX:UN Brixmor Property Group Inc
BSAC:UN Banco Santander Chile SA
BSAQ:UN Black Spade Acquisition Co
BSAQ.U:UN Black Spade Acquisition Co
BSBK:UW Bogota Financial Corp
BSBR:UN Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A.
BSGA:UW Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp
BSGAU:UW Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp
BSIG:UN BrightSphere Investment Group Inc
BSKY:UW Big Sky Growth Partners Inc
BSKYU:UW Big Sky Growth Partners Inc
BSRR:UW Sierra Bancorp
BSVN:UW Bank7 Corp
BTO:UN John Hancock Financial Opportunities Fund
BTWN:UW Bridgetown Holdings Ltd
BTWNU:UW Bridgetown Holdings Ltd
BUI:UN BlackRock Utility Infrastructure & Power Opportunities Trust
BUR:UN Burford Capital Limited
BUSE:UW First Busey Corp.
BVH:UN Bluegreen Vacations Holding Corporation
BWAC:UW Better World Acquisition Corp
BWACU:UW Better World Acquisition Corp
BWAQU:UW Blue World Acquisition Corp
BWB:UW Bridgewater Bancshares Inc
BWC:UW Blue Whale Acquisition Corp I
BWCAU:UW Blue Whale Acquisition Corp I
BWFG:UW Bankwell Financial Group Inc
BWG:UN BrandywineGLOBAL - Global Income Opportunities Fund Inc
BX:UN Blackstone Inc
BXMT:UN Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc
BXMX:UN Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund
BXP:UN Boston Properties, Inc.
BY:UN Byline Bancorp Inc
BYFC:UW Broadway Financial Corp.
BYNOU:UW byNordic Acquisition Corporation
BYN.U:UN Banyan Acquisition Corp
BYTS:UW BYTE Acquisition Corp
BYTSU:UW BYTE Acquisition Corp
C:UN Citigroup Inc
CAC:UW Camden National Corp.
CACC:UW Credit Acceptance Corp.
CADE:UN Cadence Bank
CALB:UW California Bancorp
CARE:UW Carter Bankshares Inc
CARV:UW Carver Bancorp Inc.
CAS:UN Cascade Acquisition Corp
CASH:UW Meta Financial Group Inc.
CAS.U:UN Cascade Acquisition Corp
CATC:UW Cambridge Bancorp
CATY:UW Cathay General Bancorp
CB:UN Chubb Limited
CBAN:UW Colony Bankcorp, Inc.
CBFV:UW CB Financial Services Inc
CBH:UN Virtus AllianzGI Convertible & Income 2024 Target Term Fund
CBL:UN CBL& Associates Properties, Inc.
CBNK:UW Capital Bancorp Inc
CBOE:UF Cboe Global Markets Inc.
CBRG:UW Chain Bridge I
CBRGU:UW Chain Bridge I
CBSH:UW Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
CBU:UN Community Bank System, Inc.
CCAI:UW Cascadia Acquisition Corp
CCAIU:UW Cascadia Acquisition Corp
CCAP:UW Crescent Capital BDC Inc
CCB:UW Coastal Financial Corp
CCBG:UW Capital City Bank Group, Inc.
CCD:UW Calamos Dynamic Convertible and Income Fund
CCNE:UW CNB Financial Corp (PA)
CCTS:UW Cactus Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd
CCTSU:UW Cactus Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd
CCV:UN Churchill Capital Corp V
CCVI:UN Churchill Capital Corp VI
CCVI.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp VI
CCV.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp V
CDAQ:UW Compass Digital Acquisition Corp
CDAQU:UW Compass Digital Acquisition Corp
CDR:UN Cedar Realty Trust Inc
CDRpB:UN Cedar Realty Trust Inc
CDRpC:UN Cedar Realty Trust Inc
CEE:UN Central and Eastern Europe Fund Inc (The)
CEM:UN ClearBridge MLP and Midstream Fund Inc
CET:UA Central Securities Corp
CFB:UW Crossfirst Bankshares Inc
CFBK:UW CF Bankshares Inc
CFFE:UW CF Acquisition Corp VIII
CFFEU:UW CF Acquisition Corp VIII
CFFI:UW C & F Financial Corp
CFFN:UW Capitol Federal Financial
CFFSU:UW CF Acquisition Corp VII
CFG:UN Citizens Financial Group Inc
CFIV:UW CF Acquisition Corp. IV
CFIVU:UW CF Acquisition Corp. IV
CFR:UN Cullen Frost Bankers Inc.
CFSB:UW CFSB Bancorp Inc
CFVI:UW CF Acquisition Corp VI
CFVIU:UW CF Acquisition Corp VI
CG:UW Carlyle Group Inc (The)
CGBD:UW Carlyle Secured Lending Inc
CGO:UW Calamos Global Total Return Fund
CHAA:UN Catcha Investment Corp
CHAA.U:UN Catcha Investment Corp
CHCO:UW City Holding Co.
CHCT:UN Community Healthcare Trust Inc
CHEAU:UW Chenghe Acquisition Co
CHMG:UW Chemung Financial Corp.
CHMI:UN Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation
CHMIpA:UN Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation
CHN:UN China Fund Inc
CHPM:UW CHP Merger Corp
CHPMU:UW CHP Merger Corp
CHWA:UW CHW Acquisition Corp
CHWAU:UW CHW Acquisition Corp
CHY:UW Calamos Convertible and High Income Fund
CIA:UN Citizens, Inc.
CIB:UN Bancolombia S.A.
CIFR:UW Cipher Mining Inc
CIGI:UW Colliers International Group Inc
CIIG:UW CIIG Capital Partners II Inc
CIIGU:UW CIIG Capital Partners II Inc
CIK:UA Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund Inc.
CIM:UN Chimera Investment Corp
CIMpA:UN Chimera Investment Corp
CIMpB:UN Chimera Investment Corp
CIMpC:UN Chimera Investment Corp
CINF:UW Cincinnati Financial Corp.
CIO:UN City Office REIT Inc
CIOpA:UN City Office REIT Inc
CITEU:UW Cartica Acquisition Corp
CIVB:UW Civista Bancshares Inc
CIXX:UN CI Financial Corp
CIZN:UW Citizens Holding Co
CKX:UA CKX Lands Inc
CLAA:UN Colonnade Acquisition Corp II
CLAA.U:UN Colonnade Acquisition Corp II
CLAQ:UW CleanTech Acquisition Corp
CLAQU:UW CleanTech Acquisition Corp
CLAS:UN Class Acceleration Corp
CLAS.U:UN Class Acceleration Corp
CLAY:UW Chavant Capital Acquisition Corp
CLAYU:UW Chavant Capital Acquisition Corp
CLBK:UW Columbia Financial, Inc
CLBR:UN Colombier Acquisition Corp
CLBR.U:UN Colombier Acquisition Corp
CLDT:UN Chatham Lodging Trust
CLIM:UN Climate Real Impact Solutions II Acquisition Corp
CLINU:UW Clean Earth Acquisitions Corp
CLM:UA Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund
CLOE:UW Clover Leaf Capital Corp
CLOEU:UW Clover Leaf Capital Corp
CLPR:UN Clipper Realty Inc
CLRCU:UW ClimateRock
CLRM:UW Clarim Acquisition Corp
CLRMU:UW Clarim Acquisition Corp
CLST:UW Catalyst Bancorp Inc
CM:UN Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce
CMA:UN Comerica, Inc.
CMCA:UW Capitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp
CMCAU:UW Capitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp
CMCT:UW Creative Media & Community Trust
CMCTP:UW Creative Media & Community Trust
CME:UW CME Group Inc
CMTG:UN Claros Mortgage Trust Inc
CNA:UN CNA Financial Corp.
CND:UN Concord Acquisition Corp
CNDA:UN Concord Acquisition Corp. II
CNDA.U:UN Concord Acquisition Corp. II
CNDB:UN Concord Acquisition Corp III
CNDB.U:UN Concord Acquisition Corp III
CND.U:UN Concord Acquisition Corp
CNF:UN CNFinance Holdings Ltd
CNFR:UW Conifer Holdings Inc
CNGL:UW Canna Global Acquisition Corp
CNGLU:UW Canna Global Acquisition Corp
CNNB:UW Cincinnati Bancorp Inc
CNO:UN CNO Financial Group Inc
CNOB:UW ConnectOne Bancorp Inc.
CNS:UN Cohen & Steers Inc.
CNTQ:UW Chardan NexTech Acquisition 2 Corp
CNTQU:UW Chardan NexTech Acquisition 2 Corp
CODI:UN Compass Diversified Holdings
CODIpA:UN Compass Diversified Holdings
CODIpB:UN Compass Diversified Holdings
COF:UN Capital One Financial Corp.
COFS:UW Choiceone Financial Services, Inc.
COHN:UA Cohen & Company Inc
COLB:UW Columbia Banking System, Inc.
COLD:UN Americold Realty Trust
COLI:UW Colicity Inc
COLIU:UW Colicity Inc
COOL:UW Corner Growth Acquisition Corp
COOLU:UW Corner Growth Acquisition Corp
COOP:UW Mr. Cooper Group Inc
CORR:UN CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
CORRpA:UN CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
CORS:UN Corsair Partnering Corp
CORS.U:UN Corsair Partnering Corp
COSM:UW Cosmos Holdings Inc
COVA:UW COVA Acquisition Corp
COVAU:UW COVA Acquisition Corp
COWN:UW Cowen Inc
CPAA:UW Conyers Park III Acquisition Corp
CPAAU:UW Conyers Park III Acquisition Corp
CPAQU:UW Counter Press Acquisition Corp
CPAR:UW Catalyst Partners Acquisition Corp
CPARU:UW Catalyst Partners Acquisition Corp
CPF:UN Central Pacific Financial Corp.
CpJ:UN Citigroup Inc
CpN:UN Citigroup Capital XIII
CPSR.U:UN Capstar Special Purpose Acquisition Corp
CPSS:UW Consumer Portfolio Service, Inc.
CPT:UN Camden Property Trust
CPTK:UN Crown PropTech Acquisitions
CPTK.U:UN Crown PropTech Acquisitions
CPUH:UN Compute Health Acquisition Corp
CPUH.U:UN Compute Health Acquisition Corp
CRD.A:UN Crawford & Co.
CRD.B:UN Crawford & Co.
CREC:UW Crescera Capital Acquisition Corp
CRECU:UW Crescera Capital Acquisition Corp
CRHC:UN Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp
CRHC.U:UN Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp
CRU:UN Crucible Acquisition Corp
CRU.U:UN Crucible Acquisition Corp
CRVL:UW Corvel Corp.
CRZN:UW Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Corp
CRZNU:UW Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Corp
CS:UN Credit Suisse Group AG
CSGP:UW Costar Group, Inc.
CSLMU:UW Consilium Acquisition Corp I Ltd
CSR:UN Centerspace
CSTA:UN Constellation Acquisition Corp I
CSWC:UW Capital Southwest Corp.
CTAQ:UW Carney Technology Acquisition Corp II
CTAQU:UW Carney Technology Acquisition Corp II
CTBI:UW Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
CTO:UN CTO Realty Growth Inc
CTR:UN ClearBridge MLP and Midstream Total Return Fund Inc
CTRE:UW CareTrust REIT Inc
CUBE:UN CubeSmart
CUBI:UN Customers Bancorp Inc
CUBIpE:UN Customers Bancorp Inc
CUBIpF:UN Customers Bancorp Inc
CULL:UW Cullman Bancorp Inc.
CURO:UN CURO Group Holdings Corp
CUZ:UN Cousins Properties Inc.
CVBF:UW CVB Financial Corp.
CVCY:UW Central Valley Community Bancorp
CVII:UN Churchill Capital Corp VII
CVII.U:UN Churchill Capital Corp VII
CVLY:UW Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.
CWBC:UW Community West Bancshares
CXAC.U:UN C5 Acquisition Corp
CXE:UN MFS High Income Municipal Trust
CXW:UN CoreCivic Inc
CYXT:UW Cyxtera Technologies Inc
CZNC:UW Citizens & Northern Corp
CZWI:UW Citizens Community Bancorp Inc MD
DALS:UW DA32 Life Science Tech Acquisition Corp
DAOO:UW Crypto 1 Acquisition Corp
DAOOU:UW Crypto 1 Acquisition Corp
DB:UN Deutsche Bank AG
DBRG:UN DigitalBridge Group Inc
DCF:UN BNY Mellon Alcentra Global Credit Income 2024 Target Term Fund, Inc.
DCOM:UW Dime Community Bancshares Inc
DCRD:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp IV
DCRDU:UW Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp IV
DEA:UN Easterly Government Properties Inc
DECAU:UW Denali Capital Acquisition Corp
DEI:UN Douglas Emmett Inc
DFP:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic Preferred and Income Fund Inc
DFS:UN Discover Financial Services
DGICA:UW Donegal Group Inc.
DGICB:UW Donegal Group Inc.
DGNU:UW Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp III
DHAC:UW Digital Health Acquisition Corp
DHACU:UW Digital Health Acquisition Corp
DHBC:UW DHB Capital Corp
DHBCU:UW DHB Capital Corp
DHC:UW Diversified Healthcare Trust
DHCA:UW DHC Acquisition Corp
DHCAU:UW DHC Acquisition Corp
DHHC:UW DiamondHead Holdings Corp
DHHCU:UW DiamondHead Holdings Corp
DHIL:UW Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc.
DHY:UA Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
DIAX:UN Nuveen Dow 30SM Dynamic Overwrite Fund
DILA:UW DILA Capital Acquisition Corp
DILAU:UW DILA Capital Acquisition Corp
DISA:UW Disruptive Acquisition Corp I
DISAU:UW Disruptive Acquisition Corp I
DKDCA:UW Data Knights Acquisition Corp
DLCA:UW Deep Lake Capital Acquisition Corp
DLCAU:UW Deep Lake Capital Acquisition Corp
DLR:UN Digital Realty Trust Inc
DLRpJ:UN Digital Realty Trust Inc
DMAQ:UW Deep Medicine Acquisition Corp
DMF:UA BNY Mellon Municipal Income Inc
DMLP:UW Dorchester Minerals LP
DMO:UN Western Asset Mortgage Opportunity Fund Inc
DMYS:UN dMY Technology Group Inc VI
DMYS.U:UN dMY Technology Group Inc VI
DNAA:UW Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp I
DNAB:UW Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp II
DNAC:UW Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp III
DNAD:UW Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp IV
DNMR:UN Danimer Scientific Inc
DNP:UN DNP Select Income Fund Inc.
DNZ:UN D and Z Media Acquisition Corp
DNZ.U:UN D and Z Media Acquisition Corp
DOC:UN Physicians Realty Trust
DOUG:UN Douglas Elliman Inc
DPCS:UW DP Cap Acquisition Corp I
DPCSU:UW DP Cap Acquisition Corp I
DRAY:UW Macondray Capital Acquisition Corp I
DRAYU:UW Macondray Capital Acquisition Corp I
DRE:UN Duke Realty Corp
DRH:UN Diamondrock Hospitality Co.
DS:UN Drive Shack Inc
DSAC:UW Duddell Street Acquisition Corp
DSACU:UW Duddell Street Acquisition Corp
DSAQ:UN Direct Selling Acquisition Corp
DSAQ.U:UN Direct Selling Acquisition Corp
DSM:UN BNY Mellon Strategic Municipal Bond Fund Inc
DSpB:UN Drive Shack Inc
DSpC:UN Drive Shack Inc
DSpD:UN Drive Shack Inc
DTLAp:UN Brookfield Dtla Fund Office Trust Investor Inc
DTOC:UW Digital Transformation Opportunities Corp
DTOCU:UW Digital Transformation Opportunities Corp
DTRT:UW DTRT Health Acquisition Corp
DTRTU:UW DTRT Health Acquisition Corp
DUETU:UW DUET Acquisition Corp
DUNE:UW Dune Acquisition Corporation
DUNEU:UW Dune Acquisition Corporation
DWAC:UW Digital World Acquisition Corp
DWACU:UW Digital World Acquisition Corp
DWIN:UN Delwinds Insurance Acquisition Corp
DWIN.U:UN Delwinds Insurance Acquisition Corp
DX:UN Dynex Capital, Inc.
DYNS:UW Dynamics Special Purpose Corp
EAC:UW Edify Acquisition Corp
EACPU:UW Edify Acquisition Corp
EARN:UN Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT
EBAC:UW European Biotech Acquisition Corp
EBACU:UW European Biotech Acquisition Corp
EBC:UW Eastern Bankshares Inc.
EBMT:UW Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc
EBTC:UW Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.
ECC:UN Eagle Point Credit Company Inc
ECFpA:UA Ellsworth Growth and Income Fund Ltd
ECPG:UW Encore Capital Group, Inc.
EDNC:UW Endurance Acquisition Corp
EDNCU:UW Endurance Acquisition Corp
EDTX:UW EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp II
EDTXU:UW EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp II
EEA:UN European Equity Fund Inc
EFC:UN Ellington Financial Inc
EFL:UN Eaton Vance Floating-Rate 2022 Target Term Trust
EFSC:UW Enterprise Financial Services Corp.
EFX:UN Equifax, Inc.
EGBN:UW Eagle Bancorp Inc (MD)
EGGF:UN EG Acquisition Corp
EGGF.U:UN EG Acquisition Corp
EGP:UN Eastgroup Properties, Inc.
EHI:UN Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc
EHTH:UW eHealth Inc
EIC:UN Eagle Point Income Company Inc
EIG:UN Employers Holdings Inc
EIM:UA Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund
EJFA:UW EJF Acquisition Corp
EJFAU:UW EJF Acquisition Corp
ELMS:UW Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc
ELS:UN Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc.
ELVT:UN Elevate Credit Inc
EMCF:UW Emclaire Financial Corp.
EMCGU:UW Embrace Change Acquisition Corp
EMLDU:UW FTAC Emerald Acquisition Corp
EMO:UN ClearBridge Energy Midstream Opportunity Fund Inc
ENCPU:UW Energem Corp
ENER:UW Accretion Acquisition Corp
ENERU:UW Accretion Acquisition Corp
ENPC:UN Executive Network Partnering Corporation
ENPC.U:UN Executive Network Partnering Corporation
ENTF:UW Enterprise 4.0 Technology Acquisition Corp
ENTFU:UW Enterprise 4.0 Technology Acquisition Corp
ENVA:UN Enova International Inc.
EOCW:UN Elliott Opportunity II Corp
EOCW.U:UN Elliott Opportunity II Corp
EOSE:UW Eos Energy Enterprises Inc
EPHY:UW Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp
EPHYU:UW Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp
EPR:UN EPR Properties
EPRpC:UN EPR Properties
EPRpE:UN EPR Properties
EPRpG:UN EPR Properties
EPRT:UN Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc
EPWR:UN Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp
EPWR.U:UN Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp
EQBK:UW Equity Bancshares Inc
EQC:UN Equity Commonwealth
EQCpD:UN Equity Commonwealth
EQD:UN Equity Distribution Acquisition Corp
EQD.U:UN Equity Distribution Acquisition Corp
EQH:UN Equitable Holdings Inc
EQHA:UN EQ Health Acquisition Corp
EQHA.U:UN EQ Health Acquisition Corp
EQIX:UW Equinix Inc
EQOS:UW Eqonex Ltd
EQR:UN Equity Residential Properties Trust
EQS:UN Equus Total Return Inc
ERES:UW East Resources Acquisition Co
ERESU:UW East Resources Acquisition Co
ERIE:UW Erie Indemnity Co.
ESAC:UW Esgen Acquisition Corp
ESACU:UW Esgen Acquisition Corp
ESBA:UP Empire State Realty OP LP
ESBK:UW Elmira Savings Bank Elmira NY
ESGR:UW Enstar Group Limited
ESGRP:UW Enstar Group Limited
ESM:UN ESM Acquisition Corp
ESM.U:UN ESM Acquisition Corp
ESNT:UN Essent Group Ltd
ESQ:UW Esquire Financial Holdings Inc
ESRT:UN Empire State Realty Trust Inc
ESS:UN Essex Property Trust, Inc.
ESSA:UW ESSA Bancorp Inc
ESSC:UW East Stone Acquisition Corp
ESSCU:UW East Stone Acquisition Corp
ETAC:UW E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp
ETACU:UW E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp
ETV:UN Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
ETW:UN Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
EUCR:UW Eucrates Biomedical Acquisition Corp
EUCRU:UW Eucrates Biomedical Acquisition Corp
EVBN:UA Evans Bancorp Inc
EVER:UW EverQuote Inc
EVE.U:UN EVe Mobility Acquisition Corp
EVF:UN Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust
EVGRU:UW Evergreen Corp
EVOJ:UW Evo Acquisition Corp
EVOJU:UW Evo Acquisition Corp
EVOP:UW EVO Payments Inc
EVR:UN Evercore Inc
EVRI:UN Everi Holdings Inc
EVV:UA Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Fund
EWBC:UW East West Bancorp, Inc.
EXR:UN Extra Space Storage Inc.
EZPW:UW EZCorp, Inc.
FACA:UN Figure Acquisition Corp I
FACA.U:UN Figure Acquisition Corp I
FACT:UN Freedom Acquisition I Corp
FACT.U:UN Freedom Acquisition I Corp
FAF:UN First American Financial Corp
FAM:UN First Trust-Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund
FANH:UW Fanhua Inc
FATP:UW Fat Projects Acquisition Corp
FBC:UN Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.
FBIZ:UW First Business Financial Services Inc
FBK:UN FB Financial Corp
FBMS:UW First Bancshares Inc Miss
FBNC:UW First Bancorp
FBP:UN First Bancorp PR
FCAP:UW First Capital Inc.
FCAX:UN Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp
FCAX.U:UN Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp
FCBC:UW First Community Bankshares Inc.
FCCO:UW First Community Corp.
FCF:UN First Commonwealth Financial Corp.
FCFS:UW FirstCash Holdings Inc
FCNCA:UW First Citizens Bancshares, Inc (NC)
FCPT:UN Four Corners Property Trust Inc
FCRD:UW First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC Inc
FCT:UN First Trust Senior Floting Rate Income Fund II
FDBC:UW Fidelity D&D Bancorp, Inc.
FDEU:UN First Trust Dynamic Europe Equity Income Fund
FDUS:UW Fidus Investment Corp
FEI:UN First Trust MLP and Energy Income Fund
FEN:UA First Trust Energy Income and Growth Fund
FEO:UN First Trust-Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund
FEXD:UW Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp
FEXDU:UW Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp
FFA:UN First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund
FFBC:UW First Financial Bancorp
FFC:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred and Income Securities Fund Inc
FFIC:UW Flushing Financial Corp.
FFIN:UW First Financial Bankshares, Inc.
FFNW:UW First Financial Northwest Inc
FFWM:UW First Foundation Inc
FGB:UN First Trust Specialty Finance & Financial Opportunities Fund
FGBI:UW First Guaranty Bancshares Inc
FGF:UW FG Financial Group Inc
FGMCU:UW FG Merger Corp
FHB:UW First Hawaiian INC
FHI:UN Federated Hermes Inc
FHLT:UW Future Health ESG Corp
FHLTU:UW Future Health ESG Corp
FHN:UN First Horizon Corporation
FIAC:UW Focus Impact Acquisition Corp
FIACU:UW Focus Impact Acquisition Corp
FIBK:UW First Interstate BancSystem Inc.
FICV:UW Frontier Investment Corp
FICVU:UW Frontier Investment Corp
FIF:UN First Trust Energy Infrastructure Fund
FINM:UW Marlin Technology Corp
FINW:UW FinWise Bancorp
FISI:UW Financial Institutions Inc.
FITB:UW Fifth Third Bancorp
FITBI:UW Fifth Third Bancorp
FLAC:UW Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp
FLACU:UW Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp
FLAG:UN First Light Acquisition Group Inc
FLAG.U:UN First Light Acquisition Group Inc
FLC:UN Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund Inc
FLIC:UW First Of Long Island Corp.
FLME:UN Flame Acquisition Corp
FLME.U:UN Flame Acquisition Corp
FLYA:UN SOAR Technology Acquisition Corp
FLYA.U:UN SOAR Technology Acquisition Corp
FMAO:UW Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc.
FMBH:UW First Mid Bancshares Inc.
FMIV:UW Forum Merger IV Corp
FMIVU:UW Forum Merger IV Corp
FMNB:UW Farmers National Banc Corp.
FMY:UN First Trust Mortgage Income Fund
FNB:UN F.N.B. Corp.
FNBpE:UN F.N.B. Corp.
FNCB:UW FNCB Bancorp Inc
FNF:UN Fidelity National Financial Inc
FNGR:UW FingerMotion Inc
FNHC:UW FedNat Holding Co
FNLC:UW First Bancorp Inc (ME)
FNVT:UW Finnovate Acquisition Corp
FNVTU:UW Finnovate Acquisition Corp
FNWB:UW First Northwest Bancorp
FOA:UN Finance of America Companies Inc
FOCS:UW Focus Financial Partners Inc
FOR:UN Forestar Group Inc
FOXW:UW FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp
FOXWU:UW FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp
FPAC:UN Far Peak Acquisition Corp
FPAC.U:UN Far Peak Acquisition Corp
FPAY:UW FlexShopper Inc
FPF:UN First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund
FPH:UN Five Point Holdings LLC
FPI:UN Farmland Partners Inc
FPL:UN First Trust New Opportunities MLP & Energy Fund
FR:UN First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.
FRAF:UW Franklin Financial Services Corp.
FRBK:UW Republic First Bancorp, Inc.
FRBN:UW Forbion European Acquisition Corp
FRBNU:UW Forbion European Acquisition Corp
FRC:UN First Republic Bank
FRCpH:UN First Republic Bank
FRCpI:UN First Republic Bank
FRLA:UW Fortune Rise Acquisition Corp
FRLAU:UW Fortune Rise Acquisition Corp
FRME:UW First Merchants Corp.
FRON:UW Frontier Acquisition Corp
FRONU:UW Frontier Acquisition Corp
FRPH:UW FRP Holdings Inc
FRSG:UW First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp
FRSGU:UW First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp
FRST:UW Primis Financial Corp
FRT:UN Federal Realty Investment Trust.
FRW:UW PWP Forward Acquisition Corp I
FRWAU:UW PWP Forward Acquisition Corp I
FRXB:UN Forest Road Acquisition Corp II
FRXB.U:UN Forest Road Acquisition Corp II
FSBC:UW Five Star Bancorp
FSBW:UW FS Bancorp Inc
FSD:UN First Trust High Income Long Short Fund
FSEA:UW First Seacoast Bancorp
FSFG:UW First Savings Financial Group Inc
FSK:UN FS KKR Capital Corp
FSNB:UN Fusion Acquisition Corp II
FSNB.U:UN Fusion Acquisition Corp II
FSP:UA Franklin Street Properties Corp.
FSRXU:UW FinServ Acquisition Corp II
FSSI:UW Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Corp
FSSIU:UW Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Corp
FST:UN FAST Acquisition Corp
FST.U:UN FAST Acquisition Corp
FSV:UW FirstService Corp
FT:UN Franklin Universal Trust
FTAA:UW FTAC Athena Acquisition Corp
FTAAU:UW FTAC Athena Acquisition Corp
FTCV:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp V
FTCVU:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp V
FTEV:UN FinTech Evolution Acquisition Group
FTEV.U:UN FinTech Evolution Acquisition Group
FTIIU:UW FutureTech II Acquisition Corp
FTPA:UW FTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp
FTPAU:UW FTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp
FTVI:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp VI
FTVIU:UW FinTech Acquisition Corp VI
FULT:UW Fulton Financial Corp.
FUNC:UW First United Corporation
FUND:UW Sprott Focus Trust Inc
FUSB:UW First US Bancshares Inc
FVAM:UW 5:01 Acquisition Corp
FVCB:UW FVCBankcorp Inc
FVIV:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp IV
FVIV.U:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp IV
FVT:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III
FVT.U:UN Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III
FWAC:UW Fifth Wall Acquisition Corp III
FXCO:UW Financial Strategies Acquisition Corp
FXNC:UW First National Corp. (Strasburg, VA)
FZT:UN FAST Acquisition Corp II
FZT.U:UN FAST Acquisition Corp II
GAB:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GABC:UW German American Bancorp Inc
GABpG:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GABpH:UN Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.
GACQ:UW Global Consumer Acquisition Corp
GACQU:UW Global Consumer Acquisition Corp
GAIN:UW Gladstone Investment Corporation
GAM:UN General American Investors Co., Inc.
GAMC:UW Golden Arrow Merger Corp
GAMCU:UW Golden Arrow Merger Corp
GAMpB:UN General American Investors Co., Inc.
GAPA:UN G&P acquisition corp
GAPA.U:UN G&P acquisition corp
GAQ.U:UN Generation Asia I Acquisition Ltd
GATE:UW Marblegate Acquisition Corp
GATEU:UW Marblegate Acquisition Corp
GBAB:UN Guggenheim Taxbl Muni Bnd & Invtmnt Grd Debt Trst Com Shrs Of benf Int
GBBKU:UW Global Blockchain Acquisition Corp
GBCI:UN Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
GBDC:UW Golub Capital BDC Inc
GBL:UN Gamco Investors Inc
GBLI:UN Global Indemnity Group LLC
GBNY:UW Generations Bancorp NY Inc
GBRG:UW Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd
GBRGU:UW Goldenbridge Acquisition Ltd
GCBC:UW Greene County Bancorp Inc
GCMG:UW GCM Grosvenor Inc
GCV:UN Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc
GDNR:UW Gardiner Healthcare Acquisitions Corp
GDNRU:UW Gardiner Healthcare Acquisitions Corp
GDO:UN Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund Inc
GDOT:UN Green Dot Corp.
GDSTU:UW Goldenstone Acquisition Ltd
GDV:UN Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust
GDYN:UW Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc
GECC:UW Great Elm Capital Corp
GEEX:UW Games & Esports Experience Acquisition Corp
GEEXU:UW Games & Esports Experience Acquisition Corp
GENQU:UW Genesis Unicorn Capital Corp
GEO:UN Geo Group, Inc.
GF:UN New Germany Fund Inc
GFGD:UW Growth for Good Acquisition Corp (The)
GFGDU:UW Growth for Good Acquisition Corp (The)
GFOR:UN Graf Acquisition Corp IV
GFOR.U:UN Graf Acquisition Corp IV
GFX:UN Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp
GFX.U:UN Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp
GGAAU:UW Genesis Growth Tech Acquisition Corp
GGAL:UW Grupo Financiero Galicia
GGGV:UW G3 VRM Acquisition Corp
GGGVU:UW G3 VRM Acquisition Corp
GGMC:UW Glenfarne Merger Corp
GGMCU:UW Glenfarne Merger Corp
GGPI:UW Gores Guggenheim Inc
GGPIU:UW Gores Guggenheim Inc
GGT:UN Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc
GGTpE:UN Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc
GHAC:UW Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp
GHACU:UW Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp
GHIXU:UW Gores Holdings IX Inc
GHL:UN Greenhill & Co Inc
GHLD:UN Guild Holdings Co
GIAC:UW Gesher I Acquisition Corp
GIACU:UW Gesher I Acquisition Corp
GIA.U:UN GigCapital5 Inc
GIIX:UW Gores Holdings VIII Inc
GIIXU:UW Gores Holdings VIII Inc
GIM:UN Templeton Global Income Fund Inc
GIPR:UW Generation Income Properties Inc
GIW:UW GigInternational1 Inc
GIWWU:UW GigInternational1 Inc
GL:UN Globe Life Inc
GLAD:UW Gladstone Capital Corp.
GLAQ:UW Globis Acquisition Corp
GLAQU:UW Globis Acquisition Corp
GLBL:UW Cartesian Growth Corp
GLBLU:UW Cartesian Growth Corp
GLBZ:UW Glen Burnie Bancorp
GLEE:UW Gladstone Acquisition Corp
GLEEU:UW Gladstone Acquisition Corp
GLG:UW China Commercial Credit Inc
GLHA:UW Glass Houses Acquisition Corp
GLHAU:UW Glass Houses Acquisition Corp
GLLIU:UW Globalink Investment Inc
GLO:UA Clough Global Opportunities Fund.
GLPI:UW Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc
GLQ:UA Clough Global Equity Fund
GLRE:UW Greenlight Capital Re Ltd
GLSPU:UW Global SPAC Partners Co
GLTA:UA Galata Acquisition Corp
GLTA.U:UA Galata Acquisition Corp
GLU:UA Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust.
GLUpA:UA Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust.
GMFIU:UW Aetherium Acquisition Corp
GNAC:UW Group Nine Acquisition Corp
GNACU:UW Group Nine Acquisition Corp
GNL:UN Global Net Lease Inc
GNLpA:UN Global Net Lease Inc
GNTY:UW Guaranty Bancshares, Inc. (TX)
GNW:UN Genworth Financial Inc
GOAC:UN GO Acquisition Corp
GOAC.U:UN GO Acquisition Corp
GOBI:UW Gobi Acquisition Corp
GOF:UN Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund
GOGN:UN GoGreen Investments Corp
GOGN.U:UN GoGreen Investments Corp
GOOD:UW Gladstone Commercial Corp
GPAC:UW Global Partner Acquisition Corp II
GPACU:UW Global Partner Acquisition Corp II
GPCO:UW Golden Path Acquisition Corp
GPCOU:UW Golden Path Acquisition Corp
GPM:UN Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund
GPMT:UN Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc
GRBK:UN Green Brick Partners Inc
GRCY:UW Greencity Acquisition Corp
GRCYU:UW Greencity Acquisition Corp
GROW:UW U.S. Global Investors, Inc.
GRP.U:UN Granite Real Estate Investment Trust
GRX:UN Gabelli Healthcare & WellnessRx Trust
GS:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSAQ:UW Global Synergy Acquisition Corp
GSAQU:UW Global Synergy Acquisition Corp
GSBC:UW Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.
GSBD:UN Goldman Sachs BDC Inc
GSEV:UW Gores Holdings VII Inc
GSEVU:UW Gores Holdings VII Inc
GSHD:UW Goosehead Insurance Inc
GSpA:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpC:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpD:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpJ:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSpK:UN Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSQB:UN G Squared Ascend II Inc
GSQB.U:UN G Squared Ascend II Inc
GSQD:UN G Squared Ascend I Inc
GSQD.U:UN G Squared Ascend I Inc
GSRMU:UW GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp
GTAC:UW Global Technology Acquisition Corp I
GTACU:UW Global Technology Acquisition Corp I
GTPA:UW Gores Technology Partners Inc
GTPAU:UW Gores Technology Partners Inc
GTPB:UW Gores Technology Partners II Inc
GTPBU:UW Gores Technology Partners II Inc
GTY:UN Getty Realty Corp.
GUT:UN Gabelli Utility Trust
GUTpC:UN Gabelli Utility Trust
GVCI:UW Green Visor Financial Technology Acquisition Corp I
GVCIU:UW Green Visor Financial Technology Acquisition Corp I
GWGH:UW GWG Holdings Inc
GWII:UW Good Works II Acquisition Corp
GXII:UW GX Acquisition Corp II
GXIIU:UW GX Acquisition Corp II
GYRO:UW Gyrodyne LLC
HAAC:UW Health Assurance Acquisition Corp
HAACU:UW Health Assurance Acquisition Corp
HAFC:UW Hanmi Financial Corp.
HAIA:UW Healthcare AI Acquisition Corp
HAIAU:UW Healthcare AI Acquisition Corp
HALL:UW Hallmark Financial Services, Inc
HASI:UN Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure capital Inc
HBAN:UW Huntington Bancshares, Inc.
HBCP:UW Home Bancorp Inc
HBNC:UW Horizon Bancorp Inc (IN)
HBT:UW HBT Financial Inc
HCAR:UW Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp
HCARU:UW Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp
HCI:UN HCI Group Inc
HCIC:UW Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V
HCICU:UW Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V
HCII:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp II
HCIIU:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp II
HCMAU:UW Hcm Acquisition Corp
HCNE:UW Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp
HCNEU:UW Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp
HCVI:UW Hennessy Capital Investment Corp VI
HCVIU:UW Hennessy Capital Investment Corp VI
HEQ:UN John Hancock Hedged equity & Income Fund
HERA:UW FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp
HERAU:UW FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp
HFBL:UW Home Federal Bancorp Inc (Louisiana)
HFRO:UN Highland Income Fund
HFWA:UW Heritage Financial Corp.
HHC:UN Howard Hughes Corporation
HHGC:UW HHG Capital Corp
HHGCU:UW HHG Capital Corp
HHLA:UN HH&L Acquisition Co
HHLA.U:UN HH&L Acquisition Co
HIE:UN Miller/Howard High Income Equity Fund
HIG:UN Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.
HIGA:UN H.I.G. Acquisition Corp
HIGA.U:UN H.I.G. Acquisition Corp
HIII:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp III
HIIIU:UW Hudson Executive Investment Corp III
HIO:UN Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund Inc
HIW:UN Highwoods Properties, Inc.
HIX:UN Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc
HLAH:UW Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Inc
HLAHU:UW Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Inc
HLI:UN Houlihan Lokey Inc
HLNE:UW Hamilton Lane Inc
HMA.U:UN Heartland Media Acquisition Corp
HMCO:UW HumanCo Acquisition Corp
HMCOU:UW HumanCo Acquisition Corp
HMN:UN Horace Mann Educators Corp.
HMNF:UW HMN Financial Inc.
HMPT:UW Home Point Capital Inc
HMST:UW HomeStreet Inc
HNNA:UW Hennessy Advisors Inc
HNVR:UW Hanover Bancorp Inc
HOMB:UN Home Bancshares Inc
HONE:UW HarborOne Bancorp Inc.
HOOD:UW Robinhood Markets Inc
HOPE:UW Hope Bancorp Inc
HORI:UW Emerging Markets Horizon Corp
HORIU:UW Emerging Markets Horizon Corp
HPLT:UW Home Plate Acquisition Corp
HPLTU:UW Home Plate Acquisition Corp
HPP:UN Hudson Pacific Properties Inc
HQH:UN Tekla Healthcare Investors
HQL:UN Tekla Life Sciences Investors
HR:UN Healthcare Realty Trust, Inc.
HRTG:UN Heritage Insurance Holdings Inc.
HRZN:UW Horizon Technology Finance Corp
HSAQ:UW Health Sciences Acquisitions Corp 2
HSBC:UN HSBC Holdings plc
HST:UW Host Hotels & Resorts Inc
HT:UN Hersha Hospitality Trust
HTA:UN Healthcare Trust of America Inc
HTAQ:UN Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp I
HTAQ.U:UN Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp I
HTBI:UW HomeTrust Bancshares Inc
HTBK:UW Heritage Commerce Corp.
HTGC:UN Hercules Capital Inc
HTH:UN Hilltop Holdings Inc
HTLF:UW Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
HTPA:UN Highland Transcend Partners I Corp
HTPA.U:UN Highland Transcend Partners I Corp
HTpC:UN Hersha Hospitality Trust
HTpD:UN Hersha Hospitality Trust
HTpE:UN Hersha Hospitality Trust
HUGS:UN USHG Acquisition Corp
HUGS.U:UN USHG Acquisition Corp
HUIZ:UW Huize Holding Ltd
HUMA:UW Humacyte Inc
HVBC:UW HV Bancorp Inc
HWBK:UW Hawthorn Bancshares Inc
HWC:UW Hancock Whitney Corp.
HWEL:UW Healthwell Acquisition Corp I
HWELU:UW Healthwell Acquisition Corp I
HWKZ:UN Hawks Acquisition Corp
HWKZ.U:UN Hawks Acquisition Corp
HYAC:UW Haymaker Acquisition Corp III
HYACU:UW Haymaker Acquisition Corp III
HYB:UN New America High Income Fund Inc
HYI:UN Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund Inc
HYLN:UN Hyliion Holdings Corporation
HYW:UW Hywin Holdings Ltd
HZON:UN Horizon Acquisition Corp II
HZON.U:UN Horizon Acquisition Corp II
IACC:UN ION Acquisition Corp 3 Ltd
IAE:UN Voya Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund
IAUM:UP iShares Gold Trust Micro
IBCP:UW Independent Bank Corporation (Ionia, MI)
IBER:UN Ibere Pharmaceuticals
IBER.U:UN Ibere Pharmaceuticals
IBKR:UW Interactive Brokers Group Inc
IBOC:UW International Bancshares Corp.
IBTX:UW Independent Bank Group Inc
ICCH:UW ICC Holdings Inc
ICE:UN Intercontinental Exchange Inc
ICMB:UW Investcorp Credit Management BDC Inc
ICNC:UN Iconic Sports Acquisition Corp
ICNC.U:UN Iconic Sports Acquisition Corp
IDE:UN Voya Infrastructure, Industrials and Materials Fund
IFIN:UN InFinT Acquisition Corporation
IFIN.U:UN InFinT Acquisition Corporation
IFN:UN India Fund Inc
IFS:UN Intercorp Financial Services Inc
IGA:UN Voya Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund
IGAC:UW IG Acquisition Corp
IGACU:UW IG Acquisition Corp
IGD:UN Voya Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund
IGIC:UW International General Insurance Holdings Ltd
IGNY:UW Ignyte Acquisition Corp
IGNYU:UW Ignyte Acquisition Corp
IGTA:UW Inception Growth Acquisition Ltd
IGTAU:UW Inception Growth Acquisition Ltd
IHD:UN Voya Emerging Markets High Dividend Equity Fund
IHT:UA Innsuites Hospitality Trust
IHTA:UN Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Fund
IIF:UN Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc
IIII:UW INSU Acquisition Corp III
IIIIU:UW INSU Acquisition Corp III
IIPR:UN Innovative Industrial Properties Inc
IIPRpA:UN Innovative Industrial Properties Inc
IMAQ:UW International Media Acquisition Corp
IMAQU:UW International Media Acquisition Corp
IMH:UA Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
IMPX:UN AEA-Bridges Impact Corp
IMPX.U:UN AEA-Bridges Impact Corp
IMXI:UW International Money Express Inc.
INAQ:UN Insight Acquisition Corp
INAQ.U:UN Insight Acquisition Corp
INBK:UW First Internet Bancorp
INDB:UW Independent Bank Corp.
INDT:UW INDUS Realty Trust Inc
INKA:UW KludeIn I Acquisition Corp
INKAU:UW KludeIn I Acquisition Corp
INN:UN Summit Hotel Properties Inc
INNpE:UN Summit Hotel Properties Inc
INSI:UN Insight Select Income Fund
INTE:UW Integral Acquisition Corp 1
INTEU:UW Integral Acquisition Corp 1
INTG:UW Intergroup Corp.
INVH:UN Invitation Homes Inc
IOAC:UW Innovative International Acquisition Corp
IOACU:UW Innovative International Acquisition Corp
IOR:UA Income Opportunity Realty Investors, Inc.
IPAX:UW Inflection Point Acquisition Corp
IPAXU:UW Inflection Point Acquisition Corp
IPOD:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV
IPOD.U:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV
IPOF:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI
IPOF.U:UN Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI
IPVA:UN InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp
IPVA.U:UN InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp
IPVF:UN InterPrivate III Financial Partners Inc
IPVF.U:UN InterPrivate III Financial Partners Inc
IPVI:UW InterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners Inc
IPVIU:UW InterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners Inc
IQMD:UW Intelligent Medicine Acquisition Corp
IQMDU:UW Intelligent Medicine Acquisition Corp
IRCP:UW Irsa Propiedades Comerciales S.A.
IRL:UN New Ireland Fund Inc
IROQ:UW IF Bancorp Inc
IRRX:UN Integrated Rail and Resources Acquisition Corp
IRRX.U:UN Integrated Rail and Resources Acquisition Corp
IRT:UN Independence Realty Trust Inc
ISAA:UW Iron Spark I Inc
ISLE:UW Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp
ISTR:UW Investar Holding Corp
ITAQU:UW Industrial Tech Acquisitions II Inc
ITCB:UN Itau Corpbanca
ITHX:UW ITHAX Acquisition Corp
ITHXU:UW ITHAX Acquisition Corp
ITIC:UW Investors Title Co.
ITQ:UW Itiquira Acquisition Corp
ITQRU:UW Itiquira Acquisition Corp
ITUB:UN Itau Unibanco Holding S.A.
IVCAU:UW Investcorp India Acquisition Corp
IVCBU:UW Investcorp Europe Acquisition Corp I
IVCPU:UW Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp
IVR:UN Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRpB:UN Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRpC:UN Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVT:UN InvenTrust Properties Corp
IVZ:UN Invesco Ltd
IX:UN Orix Corporation
IXAQ:UW IX Acquisition Corp
IXAQU:UW IX Acquisition Corp
JAQC:UW Jupiter Acquisition Corp
JAQCU:UW Jupiter Acquisition Corp
JATT:UN JATT Acquisition Corp
JATT.U:UN JATT Acquisition Corp
JCE:UN Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund
JCIC:UW Jack Creek Investment Corp
JCICU:UW Jack Creek Investment Corp
JEF:UN Jefferies Financial Group Inc
JEMD:UN Nuveen Emerging Markets Debt 2022 Target Term Fund
JFR:UN Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund
JGGCU:UW Jaguar Global Growth Corp I
JGH:UN Nuveen Global High Income Fund
JHG:UN Janus Henderson Group plc
JHI:UN John Hancock Investors Trust
JLL:UN Jones Lang Lasalle Inc.
JLS:UN Nuveen Mortgage and Income Fund
JMAC:UW Maxpro Capital Acquisition Corp
JMACU:UW Maxpro Capital Acquisition Corp
JMM:UN Nuveen Multi-Market Income Fund
JOE:UN St. Joe Co.
JOFF:UW Joff Fintech Acquisition Corp
JOFFU:UW Joff Fintech Acquisition Corp
JP:UN Jupai Holdings Ltd
JPI:UN Nuveen Preferred and Income Term Fund
JPM:UN JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPS:UN Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities Fund
JPT:UN Nuveen Preferred and Income Fund
JQC:UN Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund
JRS:UN Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund.
JRVR:UW James River Group Holdings Ltd
JT:UN Jianpu Technology Inc
JUGG:UW Jaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corp
JUGGU:UW Jaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corp
JUN:UN Juniper II Corp
JUN.U:UN Juniper II Corp
JWAC:UW Jupiter Wellness Acquisition Corp
JWSM:UN Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corporation
JWSM.U:UN Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corporation
JYAC:UW Jiya Acquisition Corp
KACL:UW Kairous Acquisition Corp Ltd
KACLU:UW Kairous Acquisition Corp Ltd
KAHC:UN KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp
KAHC.U:UN KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp
KAII:UW Kismet Acquisition Two Corp
KAIIU:UW Kismet Acquisition Two Corp
KAIR:UW Kairos Acquisition Corp
KAIRU:UW Kairos Acquisition Corp
KAVL:UW Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc
KB:UN KB Financial Group Inc
KCAC.U:UN Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp IV
KCGI:UN Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp V
KEY:UN Keycorp
KEYpI:UN Keycorp
KEYpJ:UN Keycorp
KF:UN Korea Fund Inc
KFFB:UW Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
KFS:UN Kingsway Financial Services Inc.
KIII:UW Kismet Acquisition Three Corp
KIIIU:UW Kismet Acquisition Three Corp
KIM:UN Kimco Realty Corp.
KIMpL:UN Kimco Realty Corp.
KIMpM:UN Kimco Realty Corp.
KINS:UW Kingstone Cos. Inc
KINZ:UW KINS Technology Group Inc
KINZU:UW KINS Technology Group Inc
KKR:UN KKR & Co. Inc.
KLAQ:UW KL Acquisition Corp
KLAQU:UW KL Acquisition Corp
KMPR:UN Kemper Corporation
KNSL:UN Kinsale Capital Group Inc
KNSW.U:UN KnightSwan Acquisition Corp
KRC:UN Kilroy Realty Corp.
KREF:UN KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc
KRG:UN Kite Realty Group Trust
KRNL:UW Kernel Group Holdings Inc
KRNLU:UW Kernel Group Holdings Inc
KRNY:UW Kearny Financial Corp.
KSI:UW Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp
KSICU:UW Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp
KSM:UN DWS Strategic Municipal Income Trust
KTF:UN DWS Municipal Income Trust
KVSA:UW Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co
KVSC:UW Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co III
KW:UN Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc
KWAC:UN Kingswood Acquisition Corp
KWAC.U:UN Kingswood Acquisition Corp
KYCHU:UW Keyarch Acquisition Corp
KYN:UN Kayne Anderson Energy Infrastructure Fund Inc
L:UN Loews Corp.
LAAA:UW Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp
LAAAU:UW Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp
LADR:UN Ladder Capital Corp
LAMR:UW Lamar Advertising Co
LAND:UW Gladstone Land Corp
LARK:UW Landmark Bancorp Inc
LAX:UW 8i Acquisition 2 Corp
LAXXU:UW 8i Acquisition 2 Corp
LAZ:UN Lazard Ltd.
LBAI:UW Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.
LBBBU:UW Lakeshore Acquisition II Corp
LBC:UW Luther Burbank Corp
LC:UN LendingClub Corp
LCAA:UW L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp
LCAAU:UW L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp
LCAHU:UW Landcadia Holdings IV Inc
LCAP:UW Lionheart Acquisition Corp II
LCAPU:UW Lionheart Acquisition Corp II
LCW:UN Learn CW Investment Corp
LCW.U:UN Learn CW Investment Corp
LDHA:UW LDH Growth Corp I
LDHAU:UW LDH Growth Corp I
LDI:UN LoanDepot Inc
LEGA:UW Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Ltd
LEGAU:UW Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Ltd
LEJU:UN Leju Holdings Ltd
LFAC:UW LF Capital Acquisition Corp II
LFACU:UW LF Capital Acquisition Corp II
LFC:UN China Life Insurance Co
LFT:UN Lument Finance Trust Inc
LFTR:UW Lefteris Acquisition Corp
LFTRU:UW Lefteris Acquisition Corp
LGAC:UW Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp I
LGACU:UW Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp I
LGHL:UW Lion Group Holding Ltd
LGST:UW Semper Paratus Acquisition Corp
LGSTU:UW Semper Paratus Acquisition Corp
LGTO:UW Legato Merger Corp II
LGTOU:UW Legato Merger Corp II
LGV:UN Longview Acquisition Corp II
LGVC:UW LAMF Global Ventures Corp I
LGVCU:UW LAMF Global Ventures Corp I
LGV.U:UN Longview Acquisition Corp II
LHAA:UW Lerer Hippeau Acquisition Corp
LHC:UN Leo Holdings Corp II
LHC.U:UN Leo Holdings Corp II
LIBY:UW Liberty Resources Acquisition Corp
LIBYU:UW Liberty Resources Acquisition Corp
LION:UW Lionheart III Corp
LIONU:UW Lionheart III Corp
LITT:UW Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp
LITTU:UW Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp
LIVBU:UW LIV Capital Acquisition Corp II
LJAQ:UW Lightjump Acquisition Corp
LJAQU:UW Lightjump Acquisition Corp
LKFN:UW Lakeland Financial Corp.
LMACA:UW Liberty Media Acquisition Corp
LMACU:UW Liberty Media Acquisition Corp
LMAO:UW LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc
LMAOU:UW LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc
LMFA:UW LM Funding America Inc
LMST:UW Limestone Bancorp Inc
LNC:UN Lincoln National Corp.
LND:UN Brasilagro Companhia Brasileira De Propriedade Agricola
LNFA:UN L&F Acquisition Corp
LNFA.U:UN L&F Acquisition Corp
LOAN:UW Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc
LOB:UW Live Oak Bancshares Inc
LOCC:UN Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp
LOCC.U:UN Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp
LOKM:UN Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp
LOKM.U:UN Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp
LPLA:UW LPL Financial Holdings Inc
LPRO:UW Open Lending Corp
LRFC:UW Logan Ridge Finance Corporation
LSBK:UW Lake Shore Bancorp
LSI:UN Life Storage Inc
LSPRU:UW Larkspur Health Acquisition Corp
LTC:UN LTC Properties, Inc.
LU:UN Lufax Holding Ltd
LUXA:UW Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp
LUXAU:UW Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp
LVAC:UW Lava Medtech Acquisition Corp
LVACU:UW Lava Medtech Acquisition Corp
LVRA:UW Levere Holdings Corp
LVRAU:UW Levere Holdings Corp
LX:UW LexinFintech Holdings Ltd
LXP:UN LXP Industrial Trust
LXPpC:UN Lexington Realty Trust
LYG:UN Lloyds Banking Group plc
LYL:UW Dragon Victory International Ltd
MA:UN Mastercard Incorporated
MAA:UN Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.
MAApI:UN Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.
MAAQ:UW Mana Capital Acquisition Corp
MAAQU:UW Mana Capital Acquisition Corp
MAC:UN Macerich Co.
MACA:UW Moringa Acquisition Corp
MACAU:UW Moringa Acquisition Corp
MACC:UN Mission Advancement Corp
MACC.U:UN Mission Advancement Corp
MACU:UW Mallard Acquisition Corp
MACUU:UW Mallard Acquisition Corp
MAIN:UN Main Street Capital Corporation
MAQC:UW Maquia Capital Acquisition Corp
MARPS:UW Marine Petroleum Trust
MAV:UN Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Fund Inc
MAYS:UW J.W. Mays Inc.
MBAC:UN M3 Brigade Acquisition II Corp
MBAC.U:UN M3 Brigade Acquisition II Corp
MBCN:UW Middlefield Banc Corp.
MBIN:UW Merchants Bancorp
MBSC:UN M3 Brigade Acquisition III Corp
MBSC.U:UN M3 Brigade Acquisition III Corp
MBTC:UW Nocturne Acquisition Corp
MBTCU:UW Nocturne Acquisition Corp
MBWM:UW Mercantile Bank Corp.
MC:UN Moelis & Co
MCAA:UW Mountain & Co I Acquisition Corp
MCAAU:UW Mountain & Co I Acquisition Corp
MCACU:UW Monterey Capital Acquisition Corp
MCAE:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp III
MCAEU:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp III
MCAF:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp IV
MCAFU:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp IV
MCAG:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp V
MCAGU:UW Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp V
MCB:UN Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp
MCBC:UW Macatawa Bank Corp.
MCBS:UW MetroCity Bankshares Inc
MCI:UN Barings Corporate Investors
MCY:UN Mercury General Corp.
MDH:UN MDH Acquisition Corp
MDH.U:UN MDH Acquisition Corp
MDRR:UW Medalist Diversified REIT Inc
MDV:UN Modiv Inc
MDWT:UW Midwest Hldg Inc
MEAC:UW Mercury Ecommerce Acquisition Corp
MEACU:UW Mercury Ecommerce Acquisition Corp
MEKA:UW MELI Kaszek Pioneer Corp
MEOA:UW Minority Equality Opportunities Acquisition Inc
MEOAU:UW Minority Equality Opportunities Acquisition Inc
MET:UN Metlife Inc
METpA:UN Metlife Inc
METpE:UN Metlife Inc
MFA:UN MFA Financial Inc
MFApB:UN MFA Financial Inc
MFC:UN Manulife Financial Corp.
MFD:UN Macquarie-First Tr. Global Inf. Utilities Div. & Income Fund
MFG:UN Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
MFIN:UW Medallion Financial Corp.
MFM:UN MFS Municipal Income Trust
MFV:UN MFS Special Value Trust
MGI:UW Moneygram International Inc.
MGP:UN MGM Growth Properties LLC
MGYR:UW Magyar Bancorp Inc.
MHD:UN BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund Inc
MHF:UN Western Asset Municipal High Income Fund Inc
MHLD:UW Maiden Holdings Ltd
MHpA:UN Maiden Holdings Ltd
MHpC:UN Maiden Holdings Ltd
MHpD:UN Maiden Holdings Ltd
MIT:UN Mason Industrial Technology Inc
MITA:UW Coliseum Acquisition Corp
MITAU:UW Coliseum Acquisition Corp
MITT:UN AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTpA:UN AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTpB:UN AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MIT.U:UN Mason Industrial Technology Inc
MKL:UN Markel Corp
MKTX:UW MarketAxess Holdings Inc.
ML:UN MoneyLion Inc
MLAC:UW Malacca Straits Acquisition Co Ltd
MLACU:UW Malacca Straits Acquisition Co Ltd
MLAI:UW McLaren Technology Acquisition Corp
MLAIU:UW McLaren Technology Acquisition Corp
MLP:UN Maui Land & Pineapple Co., Inc.
MLVF:UW Malvern Bancorp Inc
MMC:UN Marsh & McLennan Cos., Inc.
MMD:UN MainStay MacKay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund
MMI:UN Marcus & Millichap Inc
MMU:UN Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund Inc
MN:UN Manning & Napier Inc
MNP:UN Western Asset Municipal Partners Fund Inc
MNSB:UW MainStreet Bancshares Inc
MNTN:UN Everest Consolidator Acquisition Corp
MNTN.U:UN Everest Consolidator Acquisition Corp
MOFG:UW MidWestOne Financial Group Inc
MON:UW Monument Circle Acquisition Corp
MONCU:UW Monument Circle Acquisition Corp
MPAC:UW Model Performance Acquisition Corp
MPACU:UW Model Performance Acquisition Corp
MPB:UW Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc.
MPLN:UN MultiPlan Corp
MPRA:UW Mercato Partners Acquisition Corp
MPRAU:UW Mercato Partners Acquisition Corp
MPV:UN Barings Participation Investors
MPW:UN Medical Properties Trust Inc
MRBK:UW Meridian Corp
MRCC:UW Monroe Capital Corp
MS:UN Morgan Stanley
MSAC:UW Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp
MSB:UN Mesabi Trust
MSBI:UW Midland States Bancorp Inc
MSDA:UW MSD Acquisition Corp
MSDAU:UW MSD Acquisition Corp
MSpA:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpE:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpF:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpI:UN Morgan Stanley
MSpK:UN Morgan Stanley
MSSAU:UW Metal Sky Star Acquisition Corp
MSVB:UW Mid-Southern Bancorp Inc
MTAC:UW MedTech Acquisition Corp
MTACU:UW MedTech Acquisition Corp
MTAL:UN Metals Acquisition Corp
MTAL.U:UN Metals Acquisition Corp
MTB:UN M & T Bank Corp
MTG:UN MGIC Investment Corp
MTR:UN Mesa Royalty Trust
MTRY:UW Monterey Bio Acquisition Corp
MTRYU:UW Monterey Bio Acquisition Corp
MTTR:UW Matterport Inc
MTVC:UN Motive Capital Corp II
MTVC.U:UN Motive Capital Corp II
MUA:UN BlackRock Muniassets Fund Inc
MUDS:UW Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp II
MUDSU:UW Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp II
MUFG:UN Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
MUI:UN BlackRock Municipal Income Fund Inc
MURFU:UW Murphy Canyon Acquisition Corp
MVBF:UW MVB Financial Corp.
MVF:UN BlackRock MuniVest Fund, Inc
MVT:UN BlackRock Munivest Fund II Inc
MXF:UN Mexico Fund Inc
MYFW:UW First Western Financial Inc
NAAC:UW North Atlantic Acquisition Corp
NAACU:UW North Atlantic Acquisition Corp
NAVI:UW Navient Corp
NBB:UN Nuveen Taxable Municipal Income Fund
NBHC:UN National Bank Holdings Corp
NBN:UW Northeast Bank
NBST:UW Newbury Street Acquisition Corp
NBSTU:UW Newbury Street Acquisition Corp
NBTB:UW NBT Bancorp. Inc.
NCAC:UW Newcourt Acquisition Corp
NCACU:UW Newcourt Acquisition Corp
NCBS:UW Nicolet Bankshares Inc.
NCV:UN Virtus AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund
NCVpA:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund
NCZ:UN Virtus AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund II
NCZpA:UN AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund II
NDAC:UW NightDragon Acquisition Corp
NDACU:UW NightDragon Acquisition Corp
NDAQ:UW Nasdaq Inc
NECB:UW NorthEast Community Bancorp Inc.
NEN:UA New England Realty Associates LP
NETC.U:UN Nabors Energy Transition Corp
NFBK:UW Northfield Bancorp Inc
NFJ:UN Virtus AllianzGI Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Fund
NFNT:UN Infinite Acquisition Corp.
NFNT.U:UN Infinite Acquisition Corp.
NFYS:UN Enphys Acquisition Corp
NFYS.U:UN Enphys Acquisition Corp
NGC:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp III
NGC.U:UN Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp III
NHI:UN National Health Investors, Inc.
NHIC:UW NewHold Investment Corp II
NHICU:UW NewHold Investment Corp II
NHS:UA Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund
NICK:UW Nicholas Financial, Inc.
NIE:UN Virtus AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund