What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
AAOI:UW Applied Optoelectronics Inc
AAPL:UW Apple Inc
AATC:UW Autoscope Technologies Corporation
ABST:UW Absolute Software Corp
ACEV:UW ACE Convergence Acquisition Corp
ACEVU:UW ACE Convergence Acquisition Corp
ACEVW:UW ACE Convergence Acquisition Corp
ACHR:UN Archer Aviation Inc
ACIW:UW ACI Worldwide Inc
ACLS:UW Axcelis Technologies Inc
ACMR:UW ACM Research Inc
ACN:UN Accenture plc
ADBE:UW Adobe Inc.
ADI:UW Analog Devices Inc.
ADN:UW Advent Technologies Holdings Inc
ADNWW:UW Advent Technologies Holdings Inc
ADP:UW Automatic Data Processing Inc.
ADSK:UW Autodesk Inc.
AEHR:UW Aehr Test Systems
AEIS:UW Advanced Energy Industries Inc.
AEVA:UN Aeva Technologies Inc
AEYE:UW AudioEye Inc
AGMH:UW AGM Group Holdings Inc
AGYS:UW Agilysys, Inc
AHI:UW Advanced Human Imaging Limited
AIP:UW Arteris Inc
AIRG:UW Airgain Inc
AKAM:UW Akamai Technologies Inc
AKTS:UW Akoustis Technologies Inc
AKYA:UW Akoya Biosciences Inc
ALKT:UW Alkami Technology Inc
ALLT:UW Allot Ltd
ALOT:UW AstroNova Inc
ALPP:UW Alpine 4 Holdings Inc
ALRM:UW Holdings Inc
ALTR:UW Altair Engineering Inc
ALYA:UW Alithya Group inc
AMAM:UN Ambrx Biopharma Inc
AMAT:UW Applied Materials Inc.
AMBA:UW Ambarella Inc
AMD:UW Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
AMKR:UW AMKOR Technology Inc.
AMOV:UN America Movil S.A.B.DE C.V.
AMPG:UW Amplitech Group Inc
AMPGW:UW Amplitech Group Inc
AMST:UW Amesite Operating Co
AMSWA:UW American Software Inc.
AMX:UN America Movil S.A.B.DE C.V.
ANAD:UW Anadigics Inc.
ANET:UN Arista Networks Inc
ANSS:UW Ansys Inc.
ANY:UW Sphere 3D Corp
AOSL:UW Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Ltd
APDN:UW Applied Dna Sciences Inc
APH:UN Amphenol Corp.
API:UW Agora Inc
APLD:UW Applied Blockchain Inc
APPF:UW Appfolio Inc
APPN:UW Appian Corp
APPS:UW Digital Turbine Inc
ARBE:UW Arbe Robotics Ltd
ARBEW:UW Arbe Robotics Ltd
ARQQ:UW Arqit Quantum Inc
ASAN:UN Asana Inc
ASNS:UW Actelis Networks Inc
ASTI:UW Ascent Solar Technologies Inc
ASUR:UW Asure Software Inc
ASX:UN ASE Technology Holding Co.Ltd
ASYS:UW Amtech Systems Inc.
ATEN:UN A10 Networks Inc
ATER:UW Aterian Inc
ATEX:UW Anterix Inc
ATHM:UN Autohome Inc
ATNI:UW ATN International Inc
ATOM:UW Atomera Inc
ATVI:UW Activision Blizzard Inc
ATY:UW AcuityAds Holdings Inc
AUDC:UW Audiocodes
AUID:UW authID Inc
AUR:UW Aurora Innovation Inc
AUROW:UW Aurora Innovation Inc
AUTO:UW AutoWeb Inc
AUUD:UW Auddia Inc
AUUDW:UW Auddia Inc
AVCT:UW American Virtual Cloud Technologies Inc
AVCTW:UW American Virtual Cloud Technologies Inc
AVDX:UW AvidXchange Holdings Inc
AVGO:UW Broadcom Inc
AVGOP:UW Broadcom Inc
AVID:UW Avid Technology, Inc.
AVLR:UN Avalara Inc
AVNW:UW Aviat Networks Inc
AVYA:UN Avaya Holdings Corp.
AWRE:UW Aware Inc.
AYI:UN Acuity Brands, Inc.
AYX:UN Alteryx Inc
AZPN:UW Aspen Technology Inc
AZTA:UW Azenta Inc
BAND:UW Bandwidth Inc
BASE:UW Couchbase Inc
BB:UN BlackBerry Ltd
BBAI:UN Holdings Inc
BCOR:UW Blucora Inc
BCOV:UW Brightcove Inc
BDSX:UW Biodesix Inc
BEEM:UW Beam Global
BEEMW:UW Beam Global
BELFA:UW Bel Fuse Inc.
BELFB:UW Bel Fuse Inc.
BHAT:UW Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology
BHE:UN Benchmark Electronics Inc.
BHIL:UN Benson Hill Inc
BIDU:UW Baidu Inc
BIGC:UW BigCommerce Holdings Inc
BILI:UW Bilibili Inc
BILL:UN Holdings Inc
BKI:UN Black Knight Inc
BKKT:UN Bakkt Holdings Inc
BKSY:UN BlackSky Technology Inc
BKTI:UA BK Technologies Corp
BKYI:UW Bio-Key International Inc.
BL:UW BlackLine Inc
BLBX:UW Blackboxstocks Inc
BLIN:UW Bridgeline Digital Inc
BLKB:UW Blackbaud Inc
BLZE:UW Backblaze Inc
BMI:UN Badger Meter Inc.
BMTX:UA BM Technologies Inc
BNFT:UW Benefitfocus Inc
BNRG:UW Brenmiller Energy Ltd
BOSC:UW B.O.S. Better Online Solutions
BOX:UN Box Inc
BR:UN Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
BRC:UN Brady Corp.
BRQS:UW Borqs Technologies Inc
BSQR:UW BSquare Corp
BSY:UW Bentley Systems Inc
BTBT:UW Bit Digital Inc
BTRS:UW BTRS Holdings Inc
BZFD:UW BuzzFeed Inc
BZFDW:UW BuzzFeed Inc
CABO:UN Cable One Inc
CACI:UN Caci International Inc.
CALX:UN Calix Inc
CAMP:UW Calamp Corp.
CAMT:UW Camtek Ltd
CAN:UW Canaan Inc
CANG:UN Cango Inc
CARG:UW CarGurus Inc
CASA:UW Casa Systems Inc
CBAT:UW CBAK Energy Technology Inc
CCCS:UN CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc
CCI:UN Crown Castle Inc
CCOI:UW Cogent Communications Holdings Inc
CCSI:UW Consensus Cloud Solutions Inc
CD:UW Chindata Group Holdings Ltd
CDAY:UN Ceridian HCM Holding Inc.
CDLX:UW Cardlytics Inc
CDNS:UW Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
CEVA:UW Ceva Inc.
CFLT:UW Confluent Inc
CGNT:UW Cognyte Software Ltd
CGNX:UW Cognex Corp.
CHKP:UW Check Point Software Technolgies
CHT:UN Chunghwa Telecom
CLBT:UW Cellebrite DI Ltd
CLBTW:UW Cellebrite DI Ltd
CLFD:UW Clearfield Inc
CLRO:UW ClearOne Inc
CLS:UN Celestica, Inc.
CMBM:UW Cambium Networks Corp
CMCM:UN Cheetah Mobile Inc
CMPO:UW CompoSecure Inc
CMPOW:UW CompoSecure Inc
CMTL:UW Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
CNDT:UW Conduent Inc
CNSL:UW Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc
CNXA:UW Connexa Sports Technologies Inc
CNXC:UW Concentrix Corporation
CODA:UW Coda Octopus Group Inc.
COHR:UW Coherent Inc.
COHU:UW Cohu, Inc.
COIN:UW Coinbase Global Inc
COMM:UW CommScope Holding Company Inc
COMP:UN Compass Inc
CORZ:UW Core Scientific Inc
CORZW:UW Core Scientific Inc
COUP:UW Coupa Software Inc
COUR:UN Coursera Inc
CPSH:UW CPS Technologies Corporation
CPSI:UW Computer Programs & Systems Inc
CRDO:UW Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd
CREX:UW Creative Realities Inc
CREXW:UW Creative Realities Inc
CRGE:UW Charge Enterprises Inc
CRM:UN Salesforce Inc
CRNC:UW Cerence Inc
CRNT:UW Ceragon Networks Ltd
CRSR:UW Corsair Gaming Inc
CRTD:UW Creatd Inc
CRTDW:UW Creatd Inc
CRTO:UW Criteo S.A
CRUS:UW Cirrus Logic, Inc.
CRWD:UW Crowdstrike Holdings Inc
CSCO:UW Cisco Systems, Inc.
CSGS:UW CSG Systems International Inc.
CSIQ:UW Canadian Solar Inc
CTBB:UN Qwest Corporation
CTG:UW Computer Task Group, Inc.
CTLP:UW Cantaloupe Inc
CTSH:UW Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp.
CTXS:UW Citrix Systems, Inc.
CUEN:UW Cuentas Inc
CUENW:UW Cuentas Inc
CVLT:UW Commvault Systems Inc
CVT:UW Cvent Holding Corp
CXDO:UW Crexendo Inc
CXM:UN Sprinklr Inc
CYBE:UW Cyberoptics Corp.
CYBR:UW CyberArk Software Ltd
CYN:UW Cyngn Inc
DAIO:UW Data io Corp.
DAKT:UW Daktronics Inc.
DAO:UN Youdao Inc
DATS:UW DatChat Inc
DATSW:UW DatChat Inc
DAVA:UN Endava plc
DAVE:UW Dave Inc
DBD:UN Diebold Nixdorf Inc
DBX:UW Dropbox Inc
DCBO:UW Docebo Inc
DCFC:UW Tritium DCFC Limited
DDD:UN 3D Systems Corp.
DDI:UW DoubleDown Interactive Co Ltd
DDOG:UW Datadog Inc
DELL:UN Dell Technologies Inc
DGHI:UW Digihost Technology Inc
DGII:UW Digi International, Inc.
DIOD:UW Diodes, Inc.
DLB:UN Dolby Laboratories Inc
DM:UN Desktop Metal Inc
DMRC:UW Digimarc Corporation
DNA:UN Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc
DNB:UN Dun & Bradstreet Holdings Inc
DOCN:UN DigitalOcean Holdings Inc
DOCU:UW DocuSign Inc
DOMO:UW Domo Inc.
DOX:UW Amdocs Ltd
DOYU:UW DouYu International Holdings Ltd
DPRO:UW Draganfly Inc
DPSI:UA DecisionPoint Systems Inc.
DQ:UN Daqo New Energy Corp
DRCT:UW Direct Digital Holdings Inc
DRCTW:UW Direct Digital Holdings Inc
DSEY:UW Diversey Holdings Ltd
DSGX:UW Descartes Systems Group Inc
DT:UN Dynatrace Inc
DTST:UW Data Storage Corp
DTSTW:UW Data Storage Corp
DUOT:UW Duos Technologies Group Inc
DV:UN DoubleVerify Holdings Inc
DXC:UN DXC Technology Co
EA:UW Electronic Arts, Inc.
EB:UN Eventbrite Inc
EBIX:UW Ebix Inc.
EBON:UW Ebang International Holdings Inc
ECOM:UN ChannelAdvisor Corp
EDTK:UW Skillful Craftsman Education Technology Ltd
EGAN:UW eGain Corp
EGHT:UN 8X8 Inc.
EGIO:UW Edgio Inc
EGLX:UW Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc.
ELEV:UW Elevation Oncology Inc
ELSE:UW Electro-Sensors, Inc.
ELTK:UW Eltek Ltd
ELYS:UW Elys Game Technology Corp.
EMAN:UA EMagin Corp
EMBK:UW Embark Technology Inc
EMBKW:UW Embark Technology Inc
EMKR:UW Emcore Corp.
ENFN:UN Enfusion Inc
ENPH:UW Enphase Energy Inc
ENTG:UW Entegris Inc
ENVB:UW Enveric Biosciences Inc
ENVX:UW Enovix Corporation
EPAM:UN EPAM Systems Inc
ERIC:UW Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson
ESE:UN Esco Technologies, Inc.
ESP:UA Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp.
ESTC:UN Elastic N.V
ETWO:UN E2open Parent Holdings Inc
EVAX:UW Evaxion Biotech A/S
EVBG:UW Everbridge Inc
EVH:UN Evolent Health Inc
EVTC:UN Evertec Inc
EXAI:UW Exscientia Plc
EXFY:UW Expensify Inc
EXTR:UW Extreme Networks Inc.
EZGO:UW EZGO Technologies Ltd
FARO:UW Faro Technologies Inc.
FDS:UN Factset Research Systems Inc.
FEIM:UW Frequency Electronics, Inc.
FENG:UN Phoenix New Media Ltd
FICO:UN Fair, Isaac Corp.
FIS:UN Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.
FIVN:UW Five9 Inc
FLEX:UW Flex Ltd
FLNC:UW Fluence Energy Inc
FLNT:UW Fluent Inc
FNSR:UW Finisar Corp
FORM:UW FormFactor Inc.
FORTY:UW Formula Systems (1985) Ltd.
FOUR:UN Shift4 Payments Inc
FRGT:UW Freight Technologies Inc
FRSX:UW Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd
FSLR:UW First Solar Inc
FSLY:UN Fastly Inc
FSRD:UW Fast Radius Inc
FSRDW:UW Fast Radius Inc
FTFT:UW Future FinTech Group Inc
FTNT:UW Fortinet Inc
FTS:UN Fortis Inc.
FTV:UN Fortive Corp
FYBR:UW Frontier Communications Parent Inc
GAME:UW Engine Gaming and Media Inc
GAN:UW GAN Limited
GB:UN Global Blue Group Holding AG
GDDY:UN Godaddy Inc
GDRX:UW GoodRx Holdings Inc
GDS:UW GDS Holdings Limited
GDYN:UW Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc
GEG:UW Great Elm Group Inc
GFS:UW GlobalFoundries Inc
GIGM:UW Gigamedia
GILT:UW Gilat Satellite Networks
GLBE:UW Global E Online Ltd
GLDI:UW Credit Suisse AG Nassau Branch
GLOB:UN Globant S.A.
GLW:UN Corning, Inc.
GNS:UA Genius Group Ltd
GNSS:UW Genasys Inc
GNTA:UW Genenta Science SpA
GOGO:UW Gogo Inc
GOOG:UW Alphabet Inc
GOOGL:UW Alphabet Inc
GREE:UW Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc
GRMN:UN Garmin Ltd
GRNQ:UW Greenpro Capital Corp
GROM:UW Grom Social Enterprises Inc
GROMW:UW Grom Social Enterprises Inc
GRPN:UW Groupon Inc
GRVY:UW Gravity Co Ltd
GSAT:UA Globalstar Inc.
GSIT:UW GSI Technology Inc
GSMG:UW Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited
GSMGW:UW Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited
GTLB:UW Gitlab Inc
GVP:UW GSE Systems, Inc.
GWAV:UW Greenwave Technology Solutions Inc
GWRE:UN Guidewire Software Inc
HCP:UW HashiCorp Inc
HCTI:UW Healthcare Triangle Inc
HEAR:UW Turtle Beach Corp
HGBL:UW Heritage Global Inc
HIMX:UW Himax Technologies
HKD:UN AMTD Digital Inc
HLIT:UW Harmonic, Inc.
HPE:UN Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co
HQY:UW Healthequity Inc
HSTM:UW Healthstream Inc
HTCR:UW HeartCore Enterprises Inc
HUBB:UN Hubbell Inc.
HUBS:UN HubSpot Inc
HURC:UW Hurco Companies, Inc.
IBM:UN International Business Machines Corp.
ICAD:UW Icad Inc
ICHR:UW Ichor Holdings Ltd
ICLK:UW iClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd
IDAI:UW T Stamp Inc
IDCC:UW Interdigital Inc
IDEX:UW Ideanomics Inc
IDN:UW Intellicheck Inc
IFBD:UW Infobird Co Ltd
IHS:UN IHS Holding Ltd
IIIV:UW i3 Verticals Inc
IIVIP:UW Coherent Corp
IMMR:UW Immersion Corp
IMTE:UW Integrated Media Technology Limited
INDI:UW Indie Semiconductor Inc
INDIW:UW Indie Semiconductor Inc
INFA:UN Informatica Inc
INFN:UW Infinera Corp.
INFY:UN Infosys Ltd
INLX:UA Intellinetics Inc
INOD:UW Innodata Inc
INPX:UW Inpixon
INSE:UW Inspired Entertainment Inc
INSG:UW Inseego Corp
INTA:UW Intapp Inc
INTC:UW Intel Corp.
INTT:UA Intest Corp.
INTU:UW Intuit Inc
INTZ:UW Intrusion Inc
INVE:UW Identiv Inc
INVZ:UW Innoviz Technologies Ltd
INVZW:UW Innoviz Technologies Ltd
IOT:UN Samsara Inc
IPDN:UW Professional Diversity Network Inc
IPGP:UW IPG Photonics Corp
IPSC:UW Century Therapeutics Inc
IRDM:UW Iridium Communications Inc
IREN:UW Iris Energy Ltd
IRM:UN Iron Mountain Inc.
IS:UN ironSource Ltd
ISDR:UA Issuer Direct Corp
ISO:UW IsoPlexis Corp
IT:UN Gartner, Inc.
ITI:UW Iteris Inc.
ITRI:UW Itron Inc.
IVAC:UW Intevac, Inc.
IVDA:UW Iveda Solutions Inc
IVDAW:UW Iveda Solutions Inc
IZEA:UW IZEA Worldwide Inc
JAMF:UW Jamf Holding Corp
JBL:UN Jabil Inc
JFIN:UW Jiayin Group Inc
JG:UW Aurora Mobile Ltd
JKHY:UW Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
JKS:UN JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd
JNPR:UN Juniper Networks Inc
JSPR:UW Jasper Therapeutics Inc
JSPRW:UW Jasper Therapeutics Inc
JWEL:UW Jowell Global Ltd
KARO:UW Karooooo Ltd
KBAL:UW Kimball International, Inc.
KBNT:UW Kubient Inc
KBNTW:UW Kubient Inc
KC:UW Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Ltd
KD:UN Kyndryl Holdings Inc
KE:UW Kimball Electronics Inc
KERN:UW Akerna Corp
KERNW:UW Akerna Corp
KEYS:UN Keysight Technologies Inc
KIND:UN Nextdoor Holdings Inc
KLIC:UW Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc.
KLR:UA Kaleyra Inc
KLTR:UW Kaltura Inc
KN:UN Knowles Corp
KNBE:UW KnowBe4 Inc
KOPN:UW Kopin Corp.
KORE:UN Kore Group Holdings Inc
KSCP:UW Knightscope Inc
KT:UN KT Corporation
KTCC:UW Key Tronic Corp.
KUKE:UN Kuke Music Holding Ltd
KULR:UA KULR Technology Group Inc
KVHI:UW KVH Industries, Inc.
LAZR:UW Luminar Technologies Inc
LCFY:UW Locafy Limited
LDOS:UN Leidos Holdings Inc
LEDS:UW Semileds Corp
LEV:UN Lion Electric Co (The)
LHX:UN L3Harris Technologies Inc
LILA:UW Liberty Latin America Ltd
LILAK:UW Liberty Latin America Ltd
LINK:UW Interlink Electronics
LITE:UW Lumentum Holdings Inc
LIVE:UW Live Ventures Inc
LIZI:UW Lizhi Inc
LKCO:UW Luokung Technology Corp
LOGI:UW Logitech International S.A.
LOOP:UW Loop Industries Inc
LPL:UN LG Display Co Ltd.
LPSN:UW Liveperson Inc
LRCX:UW Lam Research Corp.
LSCC:UW Lattice Semiconductor Corp.
LSPD:UN Lightspeed Commerce Inc
LTRX:UW Lantronix Inc
LUMN:UN Lumen Technologies Inc
LUNA:UW Luna Innovations Inc
LYFT:UW Lyft Inc
LYT:UW Lytus Technologies Holdings PTV Ltd
LZ:UW Inc.
MANH:UW Manhattan Associates, Inc.
MANT:UW Mantech International Corp
MAPS:UW WM Technology Inc
MAPSW:UW WM Technology Inc
MARK:UW Remark Holdings Inc
MAXN:UW Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd
MAXR:UN Maxar Technologies Inc
MCHP:UW Microchip Technology, Inc.
MCLD:UW mCloud Technologies Corp
MCLDW:UW mCloud Technologies Corp
MDB:UW MongoDB Inc
MDIA:UW MediaCo Holding Inc
MDRX:UW Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc
MEI:UN Methode Electronics, Inc.
META:UW Meta Platforms Inc
MFGP:UN Micro Focus International Plc
MFH:UW Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc.
MGIC:UW Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.
MGNI:UW Magnite Inc
MIMO:UA Airspan Networks Holdings Inc
MIND:UW MIND Technology Inc
MINDP:UW MIND Technology Inc
MINM:UW Minim Inc
MITK:UW Mitek Systems Inc
MIXT:UN MiX Telematics Ltd
MKFG:UN Markforged Holding Corporation
MKSI:UW MKS Instruments, Inc.
MLNK:UN MeridianLink Inc
MNDO:UW Mind C.T.I Ltd
MNDT:UW Mandiant Inc
MNDY:UW Monday.Com Ltd
MNTS:UW Momentus Inc
MNTSW:UW Momentus Inc
MNTV:UW Momentive Global Inc
MODN:UN Model N Inc
MOGO:UW Mogo Inc
MOMO:UW Hello Group Inc
MOND:UW Mondee Holdings Inc
MONDW:UW Mondee Holdings Inc
MORN:UW Morningstar Inc
MOVE:UW Movano Inc
MOXC:UW Moxian (BVI) Inc
MPWR:UW Monolithic Power System Inc
MQ:UW Marqeta Inc
MRAM:UW Everspin Technologies Inc
MRCY:UW Mercury Systems Inc
MRIN:UW Marin Software Inc
MRVL:UW Marvell Technology Inc
MSFT:UW Microsoft Corporation
MSGM:UW Motorsport Games Inc
MSI:UN Motorola Solutions Inc
MSTR:UW Microstrategy Inc.
MTBC:UW CareCloud Inc
MTBCO:UW CareCloud Inc
MTBCP:UW CareCloud Inc
MTC:UW Mmtec Inc
MTEK:UW Maris Tech Ltd
MTEKW:UW Maris Tech Ltd
MTLS:UW Materialise Nv
MTSI:UW MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings Inc
MU:UW Micron Technology Inc.
MULN:UW Mullen Automotive Inc
MVIS:UW Microvision Inc.
MVST:UW Microvast Holdings Inc
MVSTW:UW Microvast Holdings Inc
MX:UN MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp
MXL:UW MaxLinear Inc
MYNA:UW Mynaric AG
MYSZ:UW My Size Inc
NA:UW Nano Labs Ltd
NABL:UN N-able Inc
NATI:UW National Instruments Corp.
NCNO:UW Ncino Inc.
NCTY:UW The9 Limited
NEON:UW Neonode Inc.
NET:UN Cloudflare Inc
NEWR:UN New Relic Inc
NH:UW NantHealth Inc
NILE:UA BitNile Holdings Inc.
NLOK:UW NortonLifeLock Inc
NLSN:UN Nielsen Holdings plc
NN:UW NextNav Inc
NNAVW:UW NextNav Inc
NNDM:UW Nano Dimension Ltd
NOK:UN Nokia Corp
NOVA:UN Sunnova Energy International Inc
NOW:UN ServiceNow Inc
NRDS:UW Nerdwallet Inc
NRDY:UN Nerdy Inc
NSIT:UW Insight Enterprises Inc.
NSYS:UW Nortech Systems Inc.
NTAP:UW Netapp Inc
NTCT:UW Netscout Systems Inc
NTES:UW NetEase Inc
NTGR:UW Netgear Inc
NTIP:UA Network-1 Technologies Inc
NTNX:UW Nutanix Inc
NTWK:UW Netsol Technologies, Inc.
NVMI:UW Nova Ltd
NVTS:UW Navitas Semiconductor Corp
NXGN:UW NextGen Healthcare Inc
NXPI:UW NXP Semiconductors NV
NXPL:UW NextPlat Corp
NXPLW:UW NextPlat Corp
OB:UW Outbrain Inc
OBLG:UW Oblong Inc
OCC:UW Optical Cable Corp.
OCFT:UN Oneconnect Financial Technology Co Ltd
OESX:UW Orion Energy Systems Inc
OIIM:UW O2 Micro International
OKTA:UW Okta Inc
OLED:UW Universal Display Corp.
OLK:UW Olink Holding AB (publ)
OLO:UN Olo Inc
OMCL:UW Omnicell, Inc.
ON:UW ON Semiconductor Corp.
ONDS:UW Ondas Holdings Inc
ONFO:UW Onfolio Holdings Inc
ONTO:UN Onto Innovation Inc.
OOMA:UN Ooma Inc
OPRA:UW Opera Ltd
ORAN:UN Orange.
ORCL:UN Oracle Corp.
OSPN:UW OneSpan Inc
OSS:UW One Stop Systems Inc
OST:UW Ostin Technology Group Co Ltd
OTEX:UW Open Text Corp
OTIS:UN Otis Worldwide Corp
OTMO:UW Otonomo Technologies Ltd
OTMOW:UW Otonomo Technologies Ltd
OUST:UN Ouster Inc
PAGS:UN PagSeguro Digital Ltd
PANW:UW Palo Alto Networks Inc
PAR:UN Par Technology Corp.
PATH:UN UiPath Inc
PAYA:UW Paya Holdings Inc
PAYC:UN Paycom Software Inc
PBTS:UW Powerbridge Technologies Co Ltd
PCTY:UW Paylocity Holding Corp
PCYG:UW Park City Group, Inc.
PD:UN Pagerduty Inc
PDFS:UW PDF Solutions Inc.
PEGA:UW Pegasystems Inc.
PEGY:UW Pineapple Energy Inc
PERI:UW Perion Network Ltd.
PHR:UN Phreesia Inc
PHUN:UW Phunware Inc
PHUNW:UW Phunware Inc
PI:UW Impinj Inc
PINC:UW Premier Inc
PING:UN Ping Identity Holding Corp
PINS:UN Pinterest Inc
PKE:UN Park Aerospace Corp
PLAB:UW Photronics, Inc.
PLTK:UW Playtika Holding Corp
PLTR:UN Palantir Technologies Inc
PLUG:UW Plug Power Inc
PLUS:UW ePlus Inc
PLXS:UW Plexus Corp.
POLA:UW Polar Power Inc
POLY:UN Plantronics, Inc.
POWI:UW Power Integrations Inc.
PRCH:UW Porch Group Inc
PRFT:UW Perficient Inc.
PRGS:UW Progress Software Corp.
PRO:UN Pros Holdings Inc
PRPO:UW Precipio Inc
PRSO:UW Peraso Inc
PRTH:UW Priority Technology Holdings Inc
PSTG:UN Pure Storage Inc
PT:UW Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd
PTE:UW PolarityTE Inc
PTNR:UW Partner Communications Co.
PUBM:UW PubMatic Inc
PWFL:UW PowerFleet Inc
PXLW:UW Pixelworks Inc
PYPL:UW PayPal Holdings Inc
QCOM:UW Qualcomm, Inc.
QH:UW Quhuo Ltd
QLYS:UW Qualys Inc
QMCO:UW Quantum Corp
QNST:UW QuinStreet Inc
QRVO:UW Qorvo Inc
QTT:UW Qutoutiao Inc
QTWO:UN Q2 Holdings Inc
QUBT:UW Quantum Computing Inc
QUIK:UW Quicklogic Corp
QUMU:UW Qumu Corp
RAAS:UN Cloopen Group Holding Ltd
RADI:UW Radius Global Infrastructure Inc
RAMP:UN LiveRamp Holdings,Inc
RBBN:UW Ribbon Communications Inc
RBCN:UW Rubicon Technology Inc
RBLX:UN Roblox Corporation
RCAT:UW Red Cat Holdings Inc
RCI:UN Rogers Communications Inc.
RCRT:UW Group Inc
RCRTW:UW Group Inc
RDCM:UW Radcom
RDVT:UW Red Violet Inc
RDW:UN Redwire Corporation
RDWR:UW Radware
REKR:UW Rekor Systems Inc
RENN:UN Renren Inc
REZI:UN Resideo Technologies Inc
RFIL:UW RF Industries Ltd.
RGTI:UW Rigetti Computing Inc
RGTIW:UW Rigetti Computing Inc
RIOT:UW Riot Blockchain Inc
RKLY:UN Rockley Photonics Holdings Ltd
RMBL:UW RumbleON Inc
RMBS:UW Rambus Inc.
RNG:UN RingCentral Inc.
RNWK:UW Realnetworks, Inc.
ROG:UN Rogers Corp.
RPAY:UW Repay Holdings Corporation
RPD:UW Rapid7 Inc
RSI:UN Rush Street Interactive Inc
RUN:UW Sunrun Inc
RVSN:UW Rail Vision Ltd
RXRX:UW Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc
RXT:UW Rackspace Technology Inc
S:UN SentinelOne Inc
SABR:UW Sabre Corp
SABRP:UW Sabre Corp
SAIC:UN Science Applications International Corp.
SANG:UW Sangoma Technologies Corporation
SANM:UW Sanmina Corp
SATL:UW Satellogic Inc
SATS:UW EchoStar Corp
SBAC:UW SBA Communications Corp
SBET:UW SharpLink Gaming Ltd
SBIG:UW SpringBig Holdings Inc
SBIGW:UW SpringBig Holdings Inc
SCKT:UW Socket Mobile Inc
SCPL:UW Sciplay Corp
SCSC:UW Scansource, Inc.
SCWX:UW SecureWorks Corp
SDIG:UW Stronghold Digital Mining Inc
SEAC:UW Seachange International Inc.
SEDG:UW Solaredge Technologies Inc
SEMR:UN SEMrush Holdings Inc
SENS:UA Senseonics Holdings Inc
SEV:UW Sono Group N.V.
SFET:UW Safe-T Group Ltd
SFT:UW Shift Technologies Inc
SGH:UW SMART Global Holdings Inc
SGMA:UW Sigmatron International Inc.
SHEN:UW Shenandoah Telecommunications Co.
SHLS:UW Shoals Technologies Group Inc
SHOP:UN Shopify Inc
SIDU:UW Sidus Space Inc
SIFY:UW Sify Technologies Limited
SILC:UW Silicom Ltd
SIMO:UW Silicon Motion Technology Corp
SITM:UW SiTime Corp
SJ:UW Scienjoy Holding Corporation
SKLZ:UN Skillz Inc
SKM:UN SK Telecom Co Ltd
SKYT:UW SkyWater Technology Inc
SKYX:UW SKYX Platforms Corp
SLAB:UW Silicon Laboratories Inc
SLGG:UW Super League Gaming Inc
SLNH:UW Soluna Holdings Inc
SLNHP:UW Soluna Holdings Inc
SLP:UW Simulations Plus Inc.
SMAR:UN Smartsheet Inc
SMCI:UW Super Micro Computer Inc
SMIT:UW Schmitt Industries Inc
SMSI:UW Smith Micro Software, Inc.
SMTC:UW Semtech Corp.
SMWB:UN Similarweb Ltd
SNAP:UN Snap Inc
SNCE:UW Science 37 Holdings Inc
SNCR:UW Synchronoss Technologies Inc
SNOW:UN Snowflake Inc
SNPO:UW Snap One Holdings Corp
SNPS:UW Synopsys, Inc.
SOFO:UW Sonic Foundry, Inc.
SOL:UN Renesola
SONM:UW Sonim Technologies Inc
SONO:UW Sonos Inc
SOUN:UW SoundHound AI Inc
SOUNW:UW SoundHound AI Inc
SPCB:UW SuperCom Ltd
SPCE:UN Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc
SPI:UW SPI Energy Co Ltd
SPIR:UN Spire Global Inc
SPLK:UW Splunk Inc
SPNS:UW Sapiens International Corp NV
SPOK:UW Spok Holdings Inc
SPOT:UN Spotify Technology S.A.
SPSC:UW SPS Commerce Inc.
SPT:UW Sprout Social Inc
SPWR:UW Sunpower Corp
SQ:UN Block Inc
SQNS:UN Sequans Communications S.A
SQSP:UN Squarespace Inc
SSNC:UW SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc
SST:UN System1 Inc
SSTI:UW ShotSpotter Inc
SSYS:UW Stratasys Ltd
ST:UN Sensata Technologies Holding Plc
STK:UN Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund Inc
STM:UN ST Microelectronics
STNE:UW StoneCo Ltd
STRC:UW Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation
STRCW:UW Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation
STRM:UW Streamline Health Solutions, Inc
STX:UW Seagate Technology Holdings Plc
SUMO:UW Sumo Logic Inc
SUNW:UW Sunworks Inc
SVRE:UW SaverOne 2014 Ltd
SWCH:UN Switch Inc
SWI:UN SolarWinds Corp
SWIR:UW Sierra Wireless Inc
SWKS:UW Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
SYNA:UW Synaptics Inc
SYTA:UW Siyata Mobile Inc
SYTAW:UW Siyata Mobile Inc
T:UN AT&T, Inc.
TACT:UW Transact Technologies Inc.
TAOP:UW Taoping Inc.
TASK:UW TaskUs Inc
TC:UW TuanChe Ltd
TCBP:UW TC BioPharm (Holdings) plc
TCX:UW Tucows, Inc.
TDC:UN Teradata Corp
TDOC:UN Teladoc Health Inc
TDS:UN Telephone And Data Systems, Inc.
TDY:UN Teledyne Technologies Inc
TEAM:UW Atlassian Corporation Plc
TEF:UN Telefonica S.A
TEL:UN TE Connectivity Ltd
TENB:UW Tenable Holdings Inc
TEO:UN Telecom Argentina S.A.
TER:UW Teradyne, Inc.
TESS:UW Tessco Technologies, Inc.
TIGO:UW Millicom International Cellular S.A.
TKC:UN Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
TLK:UN Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk PT
TLS:UW Telos Corp
TMUS:UW T-Mobile US Inc
TRHC:UW Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc
TRIP:UW TripAdvisor Inc.
TRMB:UW Trimble Inc
TRNS:UW Transcat Inc
TRT:UA Trio-Tech International
TRUE:UW Truecar Inc
TRVG:UW Trivago NV
TSEM:UW Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
TSM:UN Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
TSP:UW TuSimple Holdings Inc
TTD:UW Trade Desk Inc
TTGT:UW Techtarget Inc.
TTMI:UW TTM Technologies Inc
TTWO:UW Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
TU:UN Telus Corp.
TUFN:UN Tufin Software Technologies Ltd
TUYA:UN Tuya Inc
TWLO:UN Twilio Inc
TWTR:UN Twitter Inc
TXG:UW 10x Genomics Inc
TXN:UW Texas Instruments Inc.
TYL:UN Tyler Technologies, Inc.
TZOO:UW Travelzoo
U:UN Unity Software Inc
UBER:UN Uber Technologies Inc
UCL:UW Ucloudlink Group Inc
UCTT:UW Ultra Clean Hldgs Inc
UDMY:UW Udemy Inc
UI:UN Ubiquiti Inc
UIS:UN Unisys Corp.
UMC:UN United Micro Electronics
UPLD:UW Upland Software Inc
USAU:UW U.S. Gold Corp
USER:UN UserTesting Inc
USM:UN United States Cellular Corporation
UTSI:UW UTStarcom Holdings Corp
VECO:UW Veeco Instruments Inc
VEEV:UN Veeva Systems Inc
VERI:UW Veritone Inc
VERX:UW Vertex Inc
VHC:UN Virnetx Holding Corp
VIAV:UW Viavi Solutions Inc
VICR:UW Vicor Corp.
VIGL:UW Vigil Neuroscience Inc
VIOT:UW Viomi Technology Co Ltd
VISL:UW Vislink Technologies Inc
VIV:UN Telefonica Brasil S.A.,
VJET:UW Voxeljet AG
VLD:UN Velo3D Inc
VLDR:UW Velodyne Lidar Inc
VLDRW:UW Velodyne Lidar Inc
VLN:UN Valens Semiconductor Ltd
VMEO:UW Vimeo Inc
VMW:UN Vmware Inc.
VNT:UN Vontier Corporation
VOD:UW Vodafone Group plc
VPG:UN Vishay Precision Group Inc
VQS:UW VIQ Solutions Inc
VRNS:UW Varonis Systems Inc
VRNT:UW Verint Systems, Inc.
VRRM:UW Verra Mobility Corp
VRSN:UW Verisign Inc.
VRT:UN Vertiv Holdings Co
VS:UW Versus Systems Inc
VSAT:UW Viasat, Inc.
VSH:UN Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
VSSYW:UW Versus Systems Inc
VSTA:UW Vasta Platform Ltd
VTRU:UW Vitru Ltd
VVOS:UW Vivos Therapeutics Inc
VVPR:UW VivoPower International PLC
VZ:UN Verizon Communications Inc
WAVD:UW WaveDancer Inc
WB:UW Weibo Corp
WBX:UN Wallbox N.V
WDAY:UW Workday Inc
WDC:UW Western Digital Corp.
WEAV:UN Weave Communications Inc
WEJO:UW Wejo Group Ltd
WEJOW:UW Wejo Group Ltd
WFCF:UW Where Food Comes From Inc
WIMI:UW Wimi Hologram Cloud Inc
WIRE:UW Encore Wire Corp.
WISA:UW WiSA Technologies Inc
WISH:UW ContextLogic Inc
WIT:UN Wipro Ltd.
WK:UN Workiva Inc
WLDS:UW Wearable Devices Ltd
WRAP:UW Wrap Technologies Inc
WSC:UW WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Corp.
WTT:UA Wireless Telecom Group, Inc.
WULF:UW TeraWulf Inc
WYY:UA Widepoint Corp
XELA:UW Exela Technologies Inc
XELAP:UW Exela Technologies Inc
XM:UW Qualtrics International Inc
XNET:UW Xunlei Ltd
XPER:UW Xperi Holding Corp
XPON:UW Expion360 Inc
YALA:UN Yalla Group Limited
YELP:UN Yelp Inc
YEXT:UN Yext Inc
YMTX:UW Yumanity Therapeutics Inc
YOU:UN Clear Secure Inc
YQ:UW 17 Education & Technology Group Inc
Z:UW Zillow Group Inc
ZD:UW Ziff Davis Inc
ZDGE:UA Zedge Inc
ZEN:UN Zendesk Inc
ZENV:UW Zenvia Inc
ZEPP:UN Zepp Health Corporation
ZH:UN Zhihu Inc
ZI:UW ZoomInfo Technologies Inc.
ZIGO:UW Zygo Corp.
ZM:UW Zoom Video Communications Inc
ZS:UW Zscaler Inc
ZUO:UN Zuora Inc