What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
00779G392:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
30326F720:UW First Trust Portfolios L.P
83206U580:UW Hennion & Walsh Inc
A:UN Agilent Technologies Inc.
AA:UN Alcoa Corp
AAA:UP AXS First Priority CLO Bond ETF
AAAU:UF Goldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF
AABOX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AABXX:UW Sei Daily Income Trust
AACG:UW ATA Creativity Global
AACI:UW Armada Acquisition Corp I
AACIW:UW Armada Acquisition Corp I
AACT:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation II
AACT.U:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation II
AACT.WS:UN Ares Acquisition Corporation II
AADI:UW Aadi Bioscience Inc
AADR:UW AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ADR ETF
AAENX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AAFXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AAGR:UW African Agriculture Holdings Inc
AAGRW:UW African Agriculture Holdings Inc
AAHMX:UW Aberdeen Funds
AAHYX:UW Thrivent Mutual Funds
AAIBX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AAIDX:UW Axonic Alternative Income Fund
AAIIX:UW Ancora Trust
AAINX:UW Thrivent Mutual Funds
AAL:UW American Airlines Group Inc
AALXX:UW Thrivent Mutual Funds
AAMBAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBBX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBCX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBDX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBEX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBGX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBHX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBIX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBJX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBKX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBMX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBNX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBOX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBPX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBQX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBRX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBSX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBTX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBVX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBWX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMBX:UW Thrivent Mutual Funds
AAMBYX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMC:UA Altisource Asset Management Corp
AAME:UW Atlantic American Corp.
AAMEEX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMEFX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMEGX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMEHX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMEIX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMEJX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMEKX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMELX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMLBX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUCX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUDX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUEX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUFX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUGX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUHX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUIX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUJX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAMUMX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AAN:UN Aarons Company Inc (The)
AAOI:UW Applied Optoelectronics Inc
AAOXX:UW American Beacon Select Funds
AAP:UN Advance Auto Parts Inc
AAPB:UW GraniteShares 2x Long AAPL Daily ETF
AAPD:UW Direxion Daily AAPL Bear 1X Shares
AAPL:UW Apple Inc
AAPU:UW Direxion Daily AAPL Bull 1.5X Shares
AAPX:UF T-Rex 2X Long Apple Daily Target ETF
AAPY:UF Kurv Yield Premium Strategy Apple (AAPL) ETF
AASTX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AAT:UN American Assets Trust Inc
AAU:UA Almaden Minerals Ltd
AAUSX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AAXJ:UW iShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan ETF
AAZAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AAZCX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AAZXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AAZYX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AB:UN AllianceBernstein Holding Lp
ABAT:UW American Battery Technology Company
ABBV:UN Abbvie Inc
ABCAX:UW American Beacon Funds
ABCB:UW Ameris Bancorp
ABCIX:UW American Beacon Funds
ABCL:UW AbCellera Biologics Inc
ABCRX:UW American Beacon Funds
ABCS:UW Alpha Blue Capital US Small-Mid Cap Dynamic ETF
ABCVX:UW American Beacon Funds
ABCYX:UW American Beacon Funds
ABECX:UW American Beacon Funds
ABEIX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ABEO:UW Abeona Therapeutics Inc
ABEQ:UP Absolute Select Value ETF
ABESX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ABEV:UN Ambev S.A.
ABG:UN Asbury Automotive Group Inc
ABHFX:UW American High Income Municipal Bond Fund
ABHIX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ABHTX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
ABHYX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
ABIMX:UW Ab Corporate Shares
ABIO:UW ARCA biopharma Inc
ABL:UW Abacus Life Inc
ABL5680896:UW Abacus Life Inc
ABLLL:UW Abacus Life Inc
ABLLW:UW Abacus Life Inc
ABLV:UW Able View Global Inc
ABLVW:UW Able View Global Inc
ABM:UN ABM Industries Inc.
ABNAX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABNB:UW Airbnb Inc
ABNDX:UW Bond Fund Of America
ABNFX:UW Bond Fund Of America
ABNKX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABNOX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABNRX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABNTX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABNYX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABNZX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABOS:UW Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc
ABQCX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABQIX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABQKX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABQRX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABQUX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABQYX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABQZX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ABR:UN Arbor Realty Trust Inc.
ABRpD:UN Arbor Realty Trust Inc.
ABRpE:UN Arbor Realty Trust Inc.
ABRpF:UN Arbor Realty Trust Inc.
ABSI:UW Absci Corp
ABT:UN Abbott Laboratories
ABTAX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
ABTCX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
ABTFX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ABTHX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ABTIX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
ABTRX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
ABTS:UW Abits Group Inc
ABTYX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ABTZX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ABUS:UW Arbutus Biopharma Corp
ABVC:UW ABVC BioPharma Inc
ABVX:UW Abivax
ABZXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AC:UN Associated Capital Group Inc
ACA:UN Arcosa Inc
ACABU:UW Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp II
ACABW:UW Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp II
ACAC:UW Acri Capital Acquisition Corp
ACACW:UW Acri Capital Acquisition Corp
ACACX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ACAD:UW Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACASX:UW Rbc Funds Trust
ACATX:UW Rbc Funds Trust
ACAXX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACB:UW Aurora Cannabis Inc
ACBAW:UW Ace Global Business Acquisition Ltd
ACBEX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
ACBPX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCBX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACCD:UW Accolade Inc
ACCEX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACCHX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACCKX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCNX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCO:UN Acco Brands Corporation
ACCPX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCQX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCSX:UW Rbc Funds Trust
ACCTX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCUX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCWX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACCYX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACCZX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACDC:UW ProFrac Holding Corp
ACDOX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACEL:UN Accel Entertainment Inc
ACET:UW Adicet Bio Inc
ACFIX:UW Arbitrage Funds
ACGL:UW Arch Capital Group Ltd
ACGLN:UW Arch Capital Group Ltd
ACGLO:UW Arch Capital Group Ltd
ACGYX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ACGZX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ACHC:UW Acadia Healthcare Company Inc
ACHFX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACHL:UW Achilles Therapeutics Plc
ACHMX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ACHR:UN Archer Aviation Inc
ACHR.WS:UN Archer Aviation Inc
ACHV:UW Achieve Life Sciences Inc.
ACI:UN Albertsons Companies Inc
ACIC:UW American Coastal Insurance Corp
ACIO:UF Aptus Collared Investment Opportunity ETF
ACISX:UW Ab Corporate Shares
ACIW:UW ACI Worldwide Inc
ACLS:UW Axcelis Technologies Inc
ACLX:UW Arcellx Inc
ACMCX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
ACMR:UW ACM Research Inc
ACN:UN Accenture plc
ACNT:UW Ascent Industries Co
ACNXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACON:UW Aclarion Inc
ACONW:UW Aclarion Inc
ACOR:UW Acorda Therapeutics Inc
ACP:UN abrdn Income Credit Strategies Fund
ACPpA:UN Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund
ACPSX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
ACR:UN ACRES Commercial Realty Corp
ACRE:UN Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp
ACRpC:UN ACRES Commercial Realty Corp
ACRpD:UN ACRES Commercial Realty Corp
ACRS:UW Aclaris Therapeutics Inc
ACRV:UW Acrivon Therapeutics Inc
ACSI:UF American Customer Satisfaction ETF
ACSKX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACSNX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACSPX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACSQX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACST:UW Acasti Pharma Inc
ACSUX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACT:UW Enact Holdings Inc
ACTCX:UW Pioneer Series Trust IV
ACTDX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ACTFX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ACTG:UW Acacia Research Corp
ACTHX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ACTKX:UW Pioneer Series Trust IV
ACTNX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ACTQBX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQDX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQEX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQFX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQGX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQHX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQIX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQJX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQKX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQLX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQMX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQNX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQOX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQPX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQQX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQRX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQSX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQTX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQVX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQWX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQYX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTQZX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTRAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ACTSX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ACTV:UP LeaderShares Activist Leaders ETF
ACU:UA Acme United Corp.
ACV:UN Virtus Diversified Income & Convertible Fund
ACVA:UW ACV Auctions Inc
ACVF:UP American Conservative Values ETF
ACWV:UF iShares MSCI Global Min Vol Factor ETF
ACXP:UW Acurx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACXXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ACYHX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
ACYIX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ACYTX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
ACZXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ADAG:UW Adagene Inc
ADAP:UW Adaptimmune Therapeutics Plc
ADAVX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ADAXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
ADBE:UW Adobe Inc.
ADC:UN Agree Realty Corp.
ADCpA:UN Agree Realty Corp.
ADCT:UN Adc Therapeutics SA
ADD:UW Color Star Technology Co Ltd
ADDVX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ADEA:UW Adeia Inc
ADFAX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ADFI:UF Anfield Dynamic Fixed Income ETF
ADFIX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ADI:UW Analog Devices Inc.
ADIL:UW Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADIV:UP SmartETFs Asia Pacific Dividend Builder ETF
ADM:UN Archer Daniels Midland Co.
ADMA:UW Adma Biologics Inc
ADME:UF Aptus Drawdown Managed Equity ETF
ADN:UW Advent Technologies Holdings Inc
ADNT:UN Adient plc
ADNWW:UW Advent Technologies Holdings Inc
ADOC:UW Edoc Acquisition Corp
ADOCR:UW Edoc Acquisition Corp
ADOCW:UW Edoc Acquisition Corp
ADP:UW Automatic Data Processing Inc.
ADPAX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
ADPCX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
ADPT:UW Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp
ADPV:UP Adaptiv Select ETF
ADRT:UA Ault Disruptive Technologies Corp
ADRT.U:UA Ault Disruptive Technologies Corp
ADRVX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ADSE:UW Ads-Tec Energy Plc
ADSEW:UW Ads-Tec Energy Plc
ADSK:UW Autodesk Inc.
ADS WI:UN Alliance Data System
ADTAX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
ADTCX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
ADTDX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
ADTGAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGBX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGDX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGEX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGFX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGGX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGJX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGKX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGLX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGMX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGPX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGSX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGTX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTGZX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTH:UW AdTheorent Holding Company Inc
ADTHW:UW AdTheorent Holding Company Inc
ADTLMX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTLNX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTLOX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTULX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTURX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ADTX:UW Aditxt Inc
ADTYX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
ADTZX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
ADUS:UW Addus HomeCare Corporation
ADV:UW Advantage Solutions Inc.
ADVAX:UW North Square Investments Trust
ADVB:UW Advanced Biomed Inc
ADVDX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ADVE:UP Matthews Asia Dividend Active ETF
ADVM:UW Adverum Biotechnologies Inc
ADVNX:UW North Square Investments Trust
ADVRX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ADVYX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ADX:UN Adams Diversified Equity Fund
ADXN:UW Addex Therapeutics Ltd
AE:UA Adams Resources & Energy Inc.
AEAE:UW AltEnergy Acquisition Corp
AEAEW:UW AltEnergy Acquisition Corp
AEAXX:UW Ab Fixed Income Shares Inc
AECXX:UW Ab Fixed Income Shares Inc
AEE:UN Ameren Corp.
AEF:UA abrdn Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund Inc
AEFC:UN Aegon Funding Company LLC
AEG:UN Aegon Ltd.
AEHL:UW Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd
AEHR:UW Aehr Test Systems
AEI:UW Alset Inc
AEIS:UW Advanced Energy Industries Inc.
AEKXX:UW Ab Fixed Income Shares Inc
AEL:UN American Equity Investment Life Holding Co
AELpA:UN American Equity Investment Life Holding Co
AELpB:UN American Equity Investment Life Holding Co
AEM:UN Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd
AEMB:UP American Century Emerging Markets Bond ETF
AEMD:UW Aethlon Medical Inc
AENT:UW Alliance Entertainment Holding Corporation
AENTW:UW Alliance Entertainment Holding Corporation
AEO:UN American Eagle Outfitters Inc.
AEON:UA AEON Biopharma Inc.
AEON.WS:UA AEON Biopharma Inc.
AEP:UW American Electric Power Company Inc.
AER:UN Aercap Holdings N.V.
AERT:UW Aeries Technology Inc.
AERTW:UW Aeries Technology Inc.
AESI:UN Atlas Energy Solutions Inc.
AESR:UF Anfield U.S. Equity Sector Rotation ETF
AETH:UP Bitwise Ethereum Strategy ETF
AEVA:UN Aeva Technologies Inc
AEVA.WS:UN Aeva Technologies Inc
AEY:UW Addvantage Technologies Group
AEYE:UW AudioEye Inc
AEYXX:UW Ab Fixed Income Shares Inc
AEZS:UW Aeterna Zentaris Inc.
AFAR:UW Aura FAT Projects Acquisition Corp
AFARW:UW Aura FAT Projects Acquisition Corp
AFAXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AFB:UN AllianceBernstein National Municipal Income Fund Inc
AFBI:UW Affinity Bancshares Inc
AFCXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AFFCX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
AFFIX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
AFFMX:UW American Funds Mortgage Fund
AFFXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AFG:UN American Financial Group Inc
AFGB:UN American Financial Group Inc
AFGC:UN American Financial Group Inc
AFGD:UN American Financial Group Inc
AFGE:UN American Financial Group Inc
AFGXX:UW American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund
AFIB:UW Acutus Medical Inc
AFIF:UF Anfield Universal Fixed Income ETF
AFJK:UW Aimei Health Technology Co Ltd
AFJKR:UW Aimei Health Technology Co Ltd
AFJKU:UW Aimei Health Technology Co Ltd
AFK:UP VanEck Africa Index ETF
AFL:UN Aflac Inc.
AFLCX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
AFLEX:UW Two Roads Shared Trust
AFLG:UP First Trust Active Factor Large Cap ETF
AFLIX:UW Two Roads Shared Trust
AFLKX:UW Two Roads Shared Trust
AFMC:UP First Trust Active Factor Mid Cap ETF
AFMD:UW Affimed N.V.
AFMMX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
AFNAX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
AFNIX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
AFPAX:UW Americafirst Quantitative Funds
AFPIX:UW Americafirst Quantitative Funds
AFPUX:UW Americafirst Quantitative Funds
AFRAX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
AFRCX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
AFRFX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
AFRI:UW Forafric Global PLC
AFRIW:UW Forafric Global PLC
AFRIX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
AFRM:UW Affirm Holdings Inc
AFRRX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
AFRYX:UW Aim Counselor Series Trust
AFSM:UP First Trust Active Factor Small Cap ETF
AFT:UN Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc
AFTEX:UW Tax Exempt Bond Fund Of America
AFTFX:UW Tax Exempt Bond Fund Of America
AFYA:UW Afya Ltd
AFYCX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
AG:UN First Majestic Silver Corporation
AGAE:UW Allied Gaming & Entertainment Inc
AGBA:UW AGBA Group Holding Limited
AGBAW:UW AGBA Group Holding Limited
AGCAX:UW Arbitrage Funds
AGCIX:UW Aberdeen Funds
AGCXX:UW Short-Term Investment Trust
AGD:UN abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
AGDAX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGDCX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGDIX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGDKX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGDRX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGDYX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGDZX:UW Ab High Income Fund Inc
AGE:UA AgeX Therapeutics Inc
AGECX:UW American Beacon Funds
AGEIX:UW American Beacon Funds
AGEN:UW Agenus Inc
AGEPX:UW American Beacon Funds
AGEYX:UW American Beacon Funds
AGFY:UW Agrify Corp
AGG:UP iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
AGGH:UP Simplify Aggregate Bond ETF
AGGY:UP WisdomTree Yield Enhanced U.S. Aggregate Bond Fund
AGHXX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AGI:UN Alamos Gold Inc.
AGIH:UP iShares Inflation Hedged U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
AGII:UW Agiiplus Inc
AGIO:UW Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc
AGIVX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGL:UN Agilon Health Inc
AGM:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGM.A:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMH:UW AGM Group Holdings Inc
AGMHX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
AGMNX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
AGMpC:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpD:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpE:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpF:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMpG:UN Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.
AGMWX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
AGNC:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNCL:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNCM:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNCN:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNCO:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNCP:UW AGNC Investment Corp
AGNG:UW Global X Aging Population ETF
AGO:UN Assured Guaranty Ltd
AGOIX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGOVX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGOX:UP Adaptive Alpha Opportunities ETF
AGPXX:UW Short-Term Investment Trust
AGQ:UP ProShares Ultra Silver 2x Shares
AGQI:UP First Trust Active Global Quality Income ETF
AGQXX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AGR:UN Avangrid Inc
AGRBTX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AGRBUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AGRBVX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AGRH:UP iShares Interest Rate Hedged U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
AGRI:UW AgriFORCE Growing Systems ltd
AGRIW:UW AgriFORCE Growing Systems ltd
AGRO:UN Adecoagro S.A.
AGRX:UW Agile Therapeutics Inc
AGRXX:UW Ab Fixed Income Shares Inc
AGTI:UN Agiliti Inc
AGTXX:UW Allspring Funds Trust
AGUAX:UW American Beacon Funds
AGVCX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGVRX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGVSX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGVYX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AGX:UN Argan, Inc.
AGYS:UW Agilysys, Inc
AGZ:UP iShares Agency Bond ETF
AGZD:UW WisdomTree Interest Rate Hedged U.S. Aggregate Bond Fund
AHCO:UW AdaptHealth Corp
AHDCX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHG:UW Akso Health Group
AHH:UN Armada Hoffler Properties Inc
AHHpA:UN Armada Hoffler Properties Inc
AHHYX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AHIAAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AHIABX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AHIAX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHICX:UW American High Income Municipal Bond Fund
AHIDX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHIEX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHIFX:UW American High Income Trust
AHIIX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHITX:UW American High Income Trust
AHIVX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHIYX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AHL:UN Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd.
AHL:UN Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd.
AHLpC:UN Aspen Insurance Hldgs
AHLpD:UN Aspen Insurance Hldgs
AHLpE:UN Aspen Insurance Hldgs
AHLT:UP American Beacon AHL Trend ETF
AHMFX:UW American High Income Municipal Bond Fund
AHOY:UP Newday Ocean Health ETF
AHR:UN American Healthcare REIT Inc
AHT:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTCX:UW American High Income Trust
AHTFX:UW American High Income Trust
AHTpD:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpF:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpG:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpH:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHTpI:UN Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
AHYB:UP American Century Select High Yield ETF
AHYCX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AHYDX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHYHX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHYLX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHYMX:UW Aberdeen Funds
AHYRX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AHYVX:UW American Century Investment Trust
AIA:UW iShares Asia 50 ETF
AIB:UW AIB Acquisition Corp
AIBAX:UW Intermediate Bond Fund Of America
AIBBR:UW AIB Acquisition Corp
AIBNX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AICAX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
AICYX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
AIDAX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
AIDYX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
AIDZX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
AIENX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AIEQ:UP Amplify AI Powered Equity ETF
AIEXX:UW Ab Fixed Income Shares Inc
AIF:UN Apollo Tactical Income Fund Inc
AIFBX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AIG:UN American International Group Inc
AIGAFX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AIGAGX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AIGAHX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
AIGpA:UN American International Group Inc
AIGPX:UW Virtus Investment Trust.
AIH:UW Aesthetic Medical International Holdings Group Ltd
AIHAX:UW Horizon Funds
AIHS:UW Senmiao Technology Ltd
AIM:UA AIM ImmunoTech Inc
AIMAU:UW Aimfinity Investment Corp I
AIMBU:UW Aimfinity Investment Corp I
AIMBU:UW Aimfinity Investment Corp I
AIMCX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
AIMD:UW Ainos Inc
AIMDW:UW Ainos Inc
AIMNX:UW Horizon Funds
AIMXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AIN:UN Albany International Corp.
AINC:UA Ashford Inc
AIO:UN Virtus Artificial Intelligence & Technology Opportunities Fund
AIOAX:UW Columbia Funds Series Trust II
AIP:UW Arteris Inc
AIQ:UW Global X Artificial Intelligence & Technology ETF
AIRC:UN Apartment Income REIT Corp
AIRE:UW reAlpha Tech Corp.
AIRG:UW Airgain Inc
AIRI:UA Air Industries Group
AIRIX:UW Horizon Funds
AIRL:UW Themes Airlines ETF
AIRR:UW First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF
AIRS:UW Airsculpt Technologies Inc
AIRXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AISP:UW Airship AI Holdings Inc
AISPW:UW Airship AI Holdings Inc
AISTX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AIT:UN Applied Industrial Technologies Inc.
AITFX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
AITR:UW AI Transportation Acquisition Corp
AITRR:UW AI Transportation Acquisition Corp
AITRU:UW AI Transportation Acquisition Corp
AIU:UN Meta Data Limited
AIUSX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
AIV:UN Apartment Investment & Management Co.
AIVI:UP WisdomTree International AI Enhanced Value Fund
AIVL:UP WisdomTree U.S. AI Enhanced Value Fund
AIV PRK:UN Apartment Investment & Management Co.
AIV WI:UN Apartment Investment & Management Co.
AIXI:UW Xiao-I Corp
AIYXX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AIYY:UP YieldMax AI Option Income Strategy ETF
AIZ:UN Assurant Inc
AIZN:UN Assurant Inc
AJAN:UF Innovator Equity Defined Protection ETF - 2 Yr to January 2026
AJG:UN Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
AJLXX:UW JPMorgan Trust II
AJTXX:UW JPMorgan Trust II
AJX:UN Great Ajax Corp
AJXA:UN Great Ajax Corp
AKA:UN a.k.a. Brands Holding Corp
AKAM:UW Akamai Technologies Inc
AKAN:UW Akanda Corp
AKBA:UW Akebia Therapeutics Inc.
AKGAX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AKGCX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AKLI:UW Akili Inc
AKO.A:UN Embotelladora Andina S.A.
AKO.B:UN Embotelladora Andina S.A.
AKR:UN Acadia Realty Trust
AKRO:UW Akero Therapeutics Inc
AKTS:UW Akoustis Technologies Inc
AKTX:UW Akari Therapeutics Plc
AKYA:UW Akoya Biosciences Inc
AL:UN Air Lease Corp
ALAAX:UW Aim Growth Series
ALABX:UW Financial Investors Trust
ALAR:UW Alarum Technologies Ltd
ALAYX:UW Aim Growth Series
ALB:UN Albemarle Corp.
ALBT:UW Avalon GloboCare Corp
ALC:UN Alcon Inc.
ALCAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALCBX:UW Financial Investors Trust
ALCC:UN AltC Acquisition Corp
ALCE:UW Alternus Clean Energy Inc
ALCO:UW Alico Inc.
ALCVX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALCY:UW Alchemy Investments Acquisition Corp 1
ALCYU:UW Alchemy Investments Acquisition Corp 1
ALCYW:UW Alchemy Investments Acquisition Corp 1
ALDAX:UW Columbia Funds Series Trust II
ALDX:UW Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc
ALE:UN Allete, Inc.
ALEC:UW Alector Inc
ALEX:UN Alexander & Baldwin Inc.
ALG:UN Alamo Group Inc.
ALGM:UW Allegro Microsystems Inc.
ALGN:UW Align Technology, Inc.
ALGS:UW Aligos Therapeutics Inc
ALGT:UW Allegiant Travel
ALHAX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ALHC:UW Alignment Healthcare Inc
ALHCX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ALHYX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ALIBX:UW Financial Investors Trust
ALIM:UW Alimera Sciences Inc.
ALIT:UN Alight Inc.
ALK:UN Alaska Air Group Inc.
ALKS:UW Alkermes plc
ALKS V:UW Alkermes plc
ALKT:UW Alkami Technology Inc
ALL:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLE:UN Allegion plc
ALLK:UW Allakos Inc
ALLO:UW Allogene Therapeutics Inc
ALLpB:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLpH:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLpI:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLpJ:UN Allstate Corp (The)
ALLR:UW Allarity Therapeutics Inc
ALLT:UW Allot Ltd
ALLY:UN Ally Financial Inc
ALNCX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALNT:UW Allient Inc
ALNVX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALNY:UW Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc
ALNYX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALOT:UW AstroNova Inc
ALpA:UN Air Lease Corp
ALPBX:UW Financial Investors Trust
ALPN:UW Alpine Immune Sciences Inc
ALPP:UW Alpine 4 Holdings Inc
ALRM:UW Holdings Inc
ALRN:UW Aileron Therapeutics Inc
ALRS:UW Alerus Financial Corp
ALSA:UW Alpha Star Acquisition Corp
ALSAR:UW Alpha Star Acquisition Corp
ALSAW:UW Alpha Star Acquisition Corp
ALSN:UN Allison Transmission Holdings Inc
ALT:UW Altimmune Inc
ALTG:UN Alta Equipment Group Inc
ALTGpA:UN Alta Equipment Group Inc
ALTHX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALTI:UW AlTi Global Inc
ALTL:UP Pacer Lunt Large Cap Alternator ETF
ALTM:UN Arcadium Lithium PLC
ALTO:UW Alto Ingredients Inc
ALTR:UW Altair Engineering Inc
ALTU:UW Altitude Acquisition Corp
ALTUW:UW Altitude Acquisition Corp
ALTVX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
ALTY:UW Global X Alternative Income ETF
ALUM:UP USCF Aluminum Strategy Fund
ALUR:UN Allurion Technologies Inc
ALUR.WS:UN Allurion Technologies Inc
ALV:UN Autoliv Inc.
ALVO:UW Alvotech
ALVOW:UW Alvotech
ALVR:UW AlloVir Inc
ALX:UN Alexander`s Inc.
ALXO:UW Alx Oncology Holdings Inc
ALZN:UW Alzamend Neuro Inc
AM:UN Antero Midstream Corp
AMAAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AMACX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AMAL:UW Amalgamated Financial Corp
AMAM:UW Ambrx Biopharma Inc.
AMAPX:UW Amana Mutual Funds Trust
AMAT:UW Applied Materials Inc.
AMAX:UP RH Hedged Multi-Asset Income ETF
AMAXX:UW Pimco Funds
AMAYX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AMBA:UW Ambarella Inc
AMBC:UN AMBAC Financial Group Inc.
AMBI:UA Ambipar Emergency Response
AMBI.WS:UA Ambipar Emergency Response
AMBO:UA Ambow Education Holding Ltd
AMBP:UN Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A.
AMB PRP:UN Prologis Inc
AMBP.WS:UN Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A.
AMC:UN AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc
AMCJX:UW AFA Multi Manager Credit Fund
AMCLX:UW AFA Multi Manager Credit Fund
AMCR:UN Amcor Plc
AMCX:UW AMC Networks Inc
AMD:UW Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
AMDI:UA Amphitrite Digital Inc.
AMDS:UW GraniteShares 1x Short AMD Daily ETF
AMDY:UP Yieldmax AMD Option Income Strategy ETF
AME:UN Ametek Inc
AMED:UW Amedisys Inc.
AMEHW:UW Astrana Health Inc.
AMFIX:UW Asset Management Fund
AMG:UN Affiliated Managers Group Inc.
AMGXX:UW Pimco Funds
AMH:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMHIX:UW American High Income Municipal Bond Fund
AMHpG:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMHpH:UN American Homes 4 Rent
AMHYX:UW Aim Investment Securities Funds
AMID:UW Argent Mid Cap ETF
AMIPX:UW Amana Mutual Funds Trust
AMIX:UW Autonomix Medical Inc.
AMJ:UP JPMorgan Chase & Co.
AMJB:UP JPMorgan Chase & Co.
AMK:UN Assetmark Financial Holdings Inc
AMKR:UW AMKOR Technology Inc.
AMLI:UW American Lithium Corp
AMLPX:UW Maingate Trust
AMLX:UW Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMMXX:UW Thrivent Mutual Funds
AMN:UN AMN Healthcare Services Inc.
AMNA:UP UBS AG London Branch
AMNAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AMNB:UW American National Bankshares Inc.
AMNCX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AMND:UP UBS AG London Branch
AMOM:UP QRAFT AI Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Momentum ETF
AMP:UN Ameriprise Financial Inc
AMPD:UP CNIC ICE U.S. Carbon Neutral Power Futures Index ETF
AMPE:UA Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPG:UW Amplitech Group Inc
AMPGW:UW Amplitech Group Inc
AMPH:UW Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPL:UW Amplitude Inc
AMPS:UN Altus Power Inc
AMPX:UN Amprius Technologies Inc
AMPX.WS:UN Amprius Technologies Inc
AMPY:UN Amplify Energy Corp.
AMR:UN Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc
AMRC:UN Ameresco Inc.
AMRK:UW A-Mark Precious Metals Inc
AMRN:UW Amarin Corp
AMRX:UW Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMS:UA American Shared Hospital Services
AMSC:UW American Superconductor Corp.
AMSF:UW Amerisafe Inc
AMST:UW Amesite Inc
AMSWA:UW American Software Inc.
AMT:UN American Tower Corp.
AMTB:UN Amerant Bancorp Inc
AMTR:UP UBS AG London Branch
AMTX:UW Aemetis Inc
AMUB:UP UBS AG London Branch
AMUSX:UW American Funds Income Series
AMWD:UW American Woodmark Corp.
AMWL:UN American Well Corporation
AMX:UN America Movil S.A.B.DE C.V.
AMZA:UP InfraCap MLP ETF 1.25x Shares
AMZD:UW Direxion Daily AMZN Bear 1X Shares
AMZP:UF Kurv Yield Premium Strategy Amazon (AMZN) ETF
AMZU:UW Direxion Daily AMZN Bull 1.5X Shares
AMZY:UP YieldMax AMZN Option Income Strategy ETF
AN:UN Autonation Inc.
ANAB:UW AnaptysBio Inc
ANACX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANAGX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANAIX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANAKX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANARX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANAYX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANAZX:UW Ab Global Bond Fund Inc
ANBIX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ANDE:UW Andersons Inc.
ANEB:UW Anebulo Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANET:UN Arista Networks Inc
ANEW:UP ProShares MSCI Transformational Changes ETF
ANF:UN Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
ANFIX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
ANFLX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
ANGAOX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ANGCX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
ANGH:UW Anghami Inc
ANGHW:UW Anghami Inc
ANGI:UW Angi Inc
ANGIX:UW Angel Oak Strategic Credit Fund
ANGL:UW VanEck Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF
ANGLX:UW Angel Oak Strategic Credit Fund
ANGO:UW Angiodynamic Inc
ANHIX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
ANIAX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
ANIK:UW Anika Therapeutics Inc.
ANIP:UW ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANIX:UW Anixa Biosciences Inc
ANIYX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
ANJAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
ANJCX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
ANL:UW Adlai Nortye Ltd.
ANMCX:UW Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
ANNX:UW Annexon Inc
ANRO:UN Alto Neuroscience Inc.
ANSC:UW Agriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corp
ANSCU:UW Agriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corp
ANSCW:UW Agriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corp
ANSS:UW Ansys Inc.
ANTE:UW AirNet Technology Inc
ANTX:UW AN2 Therapeutics Inc
ANVS:UN Annovis Bio Inc
ANY:UW Sphere 3D Corp
ANYCX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund Inc.
AOA:UP iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF
AOD:UN abrdn Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
AOGO:UW Arogo Capital Acquisition Corp
AOGOW:UW Arogo Capital Acquisition Corp
AOHAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AOHCX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AOHY:UP Angel Oak High Yield Opportunities ETF
AOIIX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
AOK:UP iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF
AOM:UP iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF
AOMR:UN Angel Oak Mortgage REIT Inc
AON:UN Aon plc.
AONC:UW American Oncology Network Inc
AONCW:UW American Oncology Network Inc
AOR:UP iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF
AORT:UN Artivion Inc
AOS:UN A.O. Smith Corp.
AOSL:UW Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Ltd
AOTG:UW AOT Growth and Innovation ETF
AOUAX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
AOUIX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
AOUNX:UW Angel Oak Funds Trust
AOUT:UW American Outdoor Brands Inc
AP:UN Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp.
APA:UW APA Corporation
APAAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
APAC:UW StoneBridge Acquisition Corp
APACW:UW StoneBridge Acquisition Corp
APACX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
APAM:UN Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc
APAPRC:UN Apache Corp.
APAYX:UW Integrity Funds
APBDX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APCA:UN AP Acquisition Corp
APCB:UP ActivePassive Core Bond ETF
APCX:UW AppTech Payments Corp
APCXW:UW AppTech Payments Corp
APCXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APD:UN Air Products & Chemicals Inc.
APDFX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APDN:UW Applied Dna Sciences Inc
APDOX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APDPX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APDUX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APECX:UW Columbia Funds Series Trust II
APEI:UW American Public Education Inc
APENX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APFBX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APFOX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APFPX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APG:UN APi Group Corporation
APGE:UW Apogee Therapeutics Inc.
APGXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APH:UN Amphenol Corp.
APHFX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APHOX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APHPX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APHUX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
APHXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
API:UW Agora Inc
APIBX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
APIE:UP ActivePassive International Equity ETF
APIIX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
APIMX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
APIUX:UW American Pension Investors Trust
APKXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APLD:UW Applied Digital Corporation
APLE:UN Apple Hospitality REIT Inc
APLM:UW Apollomics Inc
APLMW:UW Apollomics Inc
APLS:UW Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc
APLT:UW Applied Therapeutics Inc
APLY:UP YieldMax AAPL Option Income Strategy ETF
APM:UW Aptorum Group Ltd
APMU:UP ActivePassive Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF
APNXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APO:UN Apollo Global Management Inc
APOG:UW Apogee Enterprises Inc.
APOpA:UN Apollo Global Management Inc
APOS:UN Apollo Global Management Inc
APP:UW Applovin Corp
APPF:UW Appfolio Inc
APPN:UW Appian Corp
APPS:UW Digital Turbine Inc
APPXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APRD:UF Innovator Premium Income 10 Barrier ETF - April
APRE:UW Aprea Therapeutics Inc
APRH:UF Innovator Premium Income 20 Barrier ETF - April
APRJ:UF Innovator Premium Income 30 Barrier ETF - April
APRQ:UF Innovator Premium Income 40 Barrier ETF - April
APRT:UP AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Apr ETF
APRW:UP AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Apr ETF
APRZ:UF TrueShares Structured Outcome (April) ETF
APSTX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APSXX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APT:UA Alpha Pro Tech Ltd.
APTO:UW Aptose Biosciences Inc
APUE:UP ActivePassive U.S. Equity ETF
APUSX:UW Cavanal Hill Funds
APVO:UW Aptevo Therapeutics Inc
APWC:UW Asia Pacific Wire & Cable
AP.WS:UA Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp.
APXI:UW APx Acquisition Corp I
APXIW:UW APx Acquisition Corp I
APYX:UW Apyx Medical Corp
AQB:UW AquaBounty Technologies Inc
AQMS:UW Aqua Metals Inc
AQN:UN Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp
AQNB:UN Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp
AQNU:UN Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp
AQST:UW Aquestive Therapeutics Inc
AQU:UW Aquaron Acquisition Corp
AQWA:UW Global X Clean Water ETF
AR:UN Antero Resources Corp
ARACX:UW CIM Real Assets & Credit Fund
ARAY:UW Accuray Inc
ARB:UP AltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF
ARBE:UW Arbe Robotics Ltd
ARBEW:UW Arbe Robotics Ltd
ARBK:UW Argo Blockchain Plc
ARBKL:UW Argo Blockchain Plc
ARC:UN ARC Document Solutions Inc
ARCB:UW ArcBest Corp
ARCC:UW Ares Capital Corp
ARCFX:UW Arbitrage Funds
ARCH:UN Arch Resources Inc
ARCM:UF Arrow Reserve Capital Management ETF
ARCO:UN Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc
ARCT:UW Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc
ARCXX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ARDC:UN Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Inc
ARDGX:UW Archer Investment Series Trust
ARDX:UW Ardelyx Inc
ARE:UN Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.
AREB:UW American Rebel Holdings Inc
AREBW:UW American Rebel Holdings Inc
AREC:UW American Resources Corporation
AREN:UA Arena Group Holdings Inc (The)
ARES:UN Ares Management Corp
ARGD:UN Argo Group US Inc
ARGOpA:UN Argo Group International Holdings Ltd
ARGT:UP Global X MSCI Argentina ETF
ARHS:UW Arhaus Inc
ARI:UN Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc
ARINX:UW Archer Investment Series Trust
ARIS:UN Aris Water Solutions Inc
ARIZ:UW Arisz Acquisition Corp
ARIZR:UW Arisz Acquisition Corp
ARIZU:UW Arisz Acquisition Corp
ARIZW:UW Arisz Acquisition Corp
ARKA:UF ARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Futures Strategy ETF
ARKB:UF ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF
ARKC:UF ARK 21Shares Active On-Chain Bitcoin Strategy ETF
ARKD:UF ARK 21Shares Blockchain and Digital Economy Innovation ETF
ARKF:UP ARK Fintech Innovation ETF
ARKG:UF ARK Genomic Revolution ETF
ARKK:UP ARK Innovation ETF
ARKQ:UF ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF
ARKR:UW Ark Restaurants Corp.
ARKW:UP ARK Next Generation Internet ETF
ARKX:UF ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF
ARKY:UF ARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Ethereum Strategy ETF
ARKZ:UF ARK 21Shares Active Ethereum Futures Strategy ETF
ARL:UN American Realty Investors Inc.
ARLO:UN Arlo Technologies Inc
ARLO WI:UN Arlo Technologies Inc
ARLP:UW Alliance Resource Partners, LP
ARM:UW Arm Holdings plc.
ARMGX:UW Legg Mason Partners Income Trust
ARMK:UN Aramark
ARMK WI:UN Aramark
ARMK WI:UN Aramark
ARMLX:UW Legg Mason Partners Income Trust
ARMN:UA Aris Mining Corp
ARMP:UA Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARMZX:UW Legg Mason Partners Income Trust
AROC:UN Archrock Inc
AROW:UW Arrow Financial Corp.
ARP:UP PMV Adaptive Risk Parity ETF
ARQ:UW Arq Inc
ARQQ:UW Arqit Quantum Inc
ARQQW:UW Arqit Quantum Inc
ARQT:UW Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc
ARR:UN ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc
ARRpC:UN ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc
ARRW:UW Arrowroot Acquisition Corp
ARRWU:UW Arrowroot Acquisition Corp
ARRWW:UW Arrowroot Acquisition Corp
ARRY:UW Array Technologies Inc
ARTFX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
ARTL:UW Artelo Biosciences Inc
ARTNA:UW Artesian Resources Corp.
ARTUX:UW Artisan Partners Funds Inc
ARTW:UW Art`s-way Manufacturing Co. Inc.
ARVN:UW Arvinas Inc
ARVR:UW First Trust IndxxMetaverse ETF
ARW:UN Arrow Electronics Inc.
ARWR:UW Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ARYD:UW Arya Sciences Acquisition Corp IV
AS:UN Amer Sports Inc.
ASA:UN ASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd
ASADX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASAI:UN Sendas Distribuidora S.A.
ASAN:UN Asana Inc
ASB:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASBA:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASBAX:UW Short-Term Bond Fund Of America
ASBCX:UW Short-Term Bond Fund Of America
ASBFX:UW Short-Term Bond Fund Of America
ASBpE:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASBpF:UN Associated Banc-Corp.
ASC:UN Ardmore Shipping Corp
ASCA:UW ASPAC I Acquisition Corp
ASCAR:UW ASPAC I Acquisition Corp
ASCAW:UW ASPAC I Acquisition Corp
ASCAX:UW Angel Oak Strategic Credit Fund
ASCB:UW A SPAC II Acquisition Corp
ASCBR:UW A SPAC II Acquisition Corp
ASCBW:UW A SPAC II Acquisition Corp
ASCDX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASCIX:UW Angel Oak Strategic Credit Fund
ASCNX:UW Angel Oak Strategic Credit Fund
ASDAX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
ASDAYX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ASDCX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
ASDDX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASDHX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASDIX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
ASDJX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASDOX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASDRX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASDVX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASEA:UP Global X FTSE Southeast Asia ETF
ASET:UW FlexShares Real Assets Allocation Index Fund
ASG:UN Liberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc
ASGHX:UW American Century Government Income Trust
ASGI:UN abrdn Global Infrastructure Income Fund
ASH:UN Ashland Inc
ASHAX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
ASHCX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
ASHHX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASHIX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
ASHPX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
ASHR:UP Xtrackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETF
ASHS:UP Xtrackers Harvest CSI 500 China A-Shares Small Cap ETF
ASHSX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
ASHX:UP Xtrackers MSCI China A-Inclusion Equity ETF
ASIA:UP Matthews Pacific Tiger Active ETF
ASIEX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIGX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIHX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIJX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIPX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIQX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIWX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASIX:UN AdvanSix Inc
ASLE:UW AerSale Corp
ASLN:UW ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Ltd
ASM:UA Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.
ASMB:UW Assembly Biosciences Inc
ASND:UW Ascendis Pharma A/S
ASNS:UW Actelis Networks Inc
ASO:UW Academy Sports and Outdoors Inc
ASPI:UW ASP Isotopes Inc
ASPN:UN Aspen Aerogels Inc.
ASPS:UW Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.
ASR:UN Grupo Aeroportuario Del Sureste S.A.
ASRT:UW Assertio Holdings Inc
ASRV:UW Ameriserv Financial Inc
ASST:UW Asset Entities Inc
ASTC:UW Astrotech Corp
ASTE:UW Astec Industries Inc.
ASTEX:UW American Funds Short-Term Tax-Exempt Bond Fund
ASTFX:UW American Funds Short-Term Tax-Exempt Bond Fund
ASTH:UW Astrana Health Inc.
ASTI:UW Ascent Solar Technologies Inc
ASTIW:UW Ascent Solar Technologies Inc
ASTL:UW Algoma Steel Group Inc
ASTLW:UW Algoma Steel Group Inc
ASTR:UW Astra Space Inc
ASTS:UW AST SpaceMobile Inc
ASTSW:UW AST SpaceMobile Inc
ASUR:UW Asure Software Inc
ASX:UN ASE Technology Holding Co.Ltd
ASXC:UA Asensus Surgical Inc
ASXDX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASYDX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASYIX:UW American Century Investment Trust
ASYS:UW Amtech Systems Inc.
ATAGX:UW Northern Lights Fund Trust IV
ATAI:UW ATAI Life Sciences N.V.
ATAT:UW Atour Lifestyle Holdings Ltd
ATBYX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
ATCAX:UW Northern Lights Fund Trust IV
ATCCX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ATCH:UA AtlasClear Holdings Inc
ATCOL:UW Atlas Corp
ATCOpD:UN Atlas Corp.
ATCOpH:UN Atlas Corp.
ATCSX:UW Northern Lights Fund Trust IV
ATEC:UW Alphatec Holdings Inc
ATEK:UA Athena Technology Acquisition Corp II
ATEK.U:UN Athena Technology Acquisition Corp II
ATEN:UN A10 Networks Inc
ATER:UW Aterian Inc
ATEX:UW Anterix Inc
ATFAX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ATFCX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ATFIX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ATFSX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ATFV:UP Alger 35 ETF
ATFYX:UW Aim Tax Exempt Funds
ATGE:UN Adtalem Global Education Inc
ATGL:UW Alpha Technology Group Ltd
ATGSX:UW Northern Lights Fund Trust IV
ATHA:UW Athira Pharma Inc
ATHE:UW Alterity Therapeutics Ltd
ATHM:UN Autohome Inc
ATHpA:UN Athene Holding Ltd
ATHpB:UN Athene Holding Ltd
ATHpC:UN Athene Holding Ltd
ATHpD:UN Athene Holding Ltd
ATHpE:UN Athene Holding Ltd
ATIF:UW ATIF Holdings Ltd
ATIP:UN ATI Physical Therapy Inc
ATIPX:UW Aquila Funds Trust
ATKR:UN Atkore Inc
ATLAX:UW Atlas U.S. Tactical Income Fund
ATLC:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLCL:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLCP:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLCX:UW Atlas U.S. Tactical Income Fund
ATLCZ:UW Atlanticus Holdings Corp
ATLO:UW Ames National Corp.
ATLX:UW Atlas Lithium Corporation
ATMAX:UW Pimco Funds
ATMC:UW AlphaTime Acquisition Corp
ATMCR:UW AlphaTime Acquisition Corp
ATMCW:UW AlphaTime Acquisition Corp
ATMCX:UW Pimco Funds
ATMP:UF Barclays Bank PLC
ATMU:UN Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc
ATMV:UW AlphaVest Acquisition Corp
ATMVR:UW AlphaVest Acquisition Corp
ATMVU:UW AlphaVest Acquisition Corp
ATNF:UW 180 Life Sciences Corp
ATNFW:UW 180 Life Sciences Corp
ATNI:UW ATN International Inc
ATNM:UA Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
ATO:UN Atmos Energy Corp.
ATOAX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ATOBX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ATOIX:UW Aberdeen Funds
ATOM:UW Atomera Inc
ATOS:UW Atossa Therapeutics Inc
ATPAAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ATPABX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ATPAX:UW Aquila Funds Trust
ATPC:UW Agape ATP Corp
ATPCX:UW Aquila Funds Trust
ATPYX:UW Aquila Funds Trust
ATR:UN Aptargroup Inc.
ATRA:UW Atara Biotherapeutics Inc
ATRAX:UW Mutual Fund Series Trust
ATRC:UW Atricure Inc
ATRCX:UW Mutual Fund Series Trust
ATRFX:UW Mutual Fund Series Trust
ATRI:UW Atrion Corp.
ATRO:UW Astronics Corp.
ATS:UN ATS Corporation.
ATSAAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
ATSG:UW Air Transport Services Group Inc
ATTAX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ATTYX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
ATUS:UN Altice USA Inc
ATXG:UW Addentax Group Corp
ATXI:UW Avenue Therapeutics Inc
ATXS:UW Astria Therapeutics Inc
AU:UN AngloGold Ashanti Plc.
AUB:UN Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp
AUBN:UW Auburn National Bancorp Inc.
AUBpA:UN Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp
AUDC:UW Audiocodes
AUGAX:UW Columbia Funds Series Trust II
AUGCX:UW Columbia Funds Series Trust II
AUGT:UP AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Aug ETF
AUGW:UP AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Aug ETF
AUGX:UW Augmedix Inc
AUGZ:UF TrueShares Structured Outcome (August) ETF
AUID:UW authID Inc
AULT:UA Ault Alliance Inc
AULTpD:UA Ault Alliance Inc
AUMI:UW Themes Gold Miners ETF
AUMN:UA Golden Minerals Co
AUNAX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AUNCX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AUNOX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AUNTX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AUNYX:UW Ab Bond Fund Inc.
AUPH:UW Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc
AUR:UW Aurora Innovation Inc
AURA:UW Aura Biosciences Inc
AUROW:UW Aurora Innovation Inc
AUSF:UP Global X Adaptive U.S. Factor ETF
AUST:UA Austin Gold Corp
AUSTWS:UA Austin Gold Corp
AUTL:UW Autolus Therapeutics plc
AUUD:UW Auddia Inc
AUUDW:UW Auddia Inc
AUVI:UW Applied UV Inc
AUVIP:UW Applied UV Inc
AVA:UN Avista Corp.
AVAAX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AVACX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AVAH:UW Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc
AVAL:UN Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores S.A.
AVAPRA:UN Avista Corp.
AVAV:UW AeroVironment Inc.
AVAYX:UW Ab Municipal Income Fund II
AVB:UN Avalonbay Communities Inc.
AVBNX:UW American Century ETF Trust
AVBP:UW ArriVent BioPharma Inc.
AVD:UN American Vanguard Corp.
AVDE:UP Avantis International Equity ETF
AVDL:UW Avadel Pharmaceuticals plc
AVDS:UP Avantis International Small Cap Equity ETF
AVDV:UP Avantis International Small Cap Value ETF
AVDX:UW AvidXchange Holdings Inc
AVEE:UP Avantis Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity ETF
AVEFX:UW Schwartz Investment Trust
AVEM:UP Avantis Emerging Markets Equity ETF
AVES:UP Avantis Emerging Markets Value ETF
AVGE:UP Avantis All Equity Markets ETF
AVGNX:UW American Century ETF Trust
AVGO:UW Broadcom Inc
AVGR:UW Avinger Inc
AVGV:UP Avantis All Equity Markets Value ETF
AVHIU:UW Achari Ventures Holdings Corp I
AVIE:UP Avantis Inflation Focused Equity ETF
AVIG:UP Avantis Core Fixed Income ETF
AVIGX:UW American Century ETF Trust
AVIR:UW Atea Pharmaceuticals Inc
AVIV:UP Avantis International Large Cap Value ETF
AVK:UN Advent Convertible and Income Fund
AVLC:UP Avantis U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF
AVLV:UP Avantis U.S. Large Cap Value ETF
AVMA:UP Avantis Moderate Allocation ETF
AVMC:UP Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF
AVMU:UP Avantis Core Municipal Fixed Income ETF
AVMV:UP Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Value ETF
AVNM:UP Avantis All International Markets Equity ETF
AVNS:UN Avanos Medical Inc
AVNT:UN Avient Corp
AVNV:UP Avantis All International Markets Value ETF
AVNW:UW Aviat Networks Inc
AVO:UW Mission Produce Inc
AVPT:UW AvePoint Inc
AVPTW:UW AvePoint Inc
AVRE:UP Avantis Real E state ETF
AVRO:UW AvroBio Inc
AVRPX:UW Stone Ridge Trust
AVSC:UP Avantis U.S Small Cap Equity ETF
AVSD:UP Avantis Responsible International Equity ETF
AVSE:UP Avantis Responsible Emerging Markets Equity ETF
AVSF:UP Avantis Short-Term Fixed Income ETF
AVSFX:UW American Century ETF Trust
AVSU:UP Avantis Responsible U.S. Equity ETF
AVT:UW Avnet Inc.
AVTE:UW Aerovate Therapeutics Inc
AVTR:UN Avantor Inc.
AVTX:UW Avalo Therapeutics Inc
AVUS:UP Avantis U.S. Equity ETF
AVUV:UP Avantis U.S. Small Cap Value ETF
AVXL:UW Anavex Life Sciences Corporation
AVY:UN Avery Dennison Corp.
AWAY:UP Amplify Travel Tech ETF
AWEG:UP Alger Weatherbie Enduring Growth ETF
AWF:UN AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund Inc
AWH:UW Aspira Women`s Health Inc
AWI:UN Armstrong World Industries Inc.
AWIN:UW AERWINS Technologies Inc
AWINW:UW AERWINS Technologies Inc
AWK:UN American Water Works Co. Inc.
AWP:UN abrdn Global Premier Properties Fund
AWR:UN American States Water Co.
AWRE:UW Aware Inc.
AWX:UA Avalon Holdings Corp.
AX:UN Axos Financial Inc.
AXBIX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
AXDX:UW Accelerate Diagnostics Inc
AXGN:UW Axogen Inc.
AXIL:UA AXIL Brands Inc.
AXL:UN American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc
AXNX:UW Axonics Inc
AXON:UW Axon Enterprise Inc
AXP:UN American Express Co.
AXS:UN Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
AXSAX:UW Riversource Managers Series Inc
AXSIX:UW Axonic Funds
AXSM:UW Axsome Therapeutics Inc
AXSpE:UN Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
AXTA:UN Axalta Coating Systems Ltd
AY:UW Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure Plc
AYBAX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
AYBCX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
AYBIX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
AYBPX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
AYBVX:UW Virtus Strategy Trust.
AYI:UN Acuity Brands, Inc.
AYMAX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
AYMCX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
AYMIX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
AYMYX:UW American Century Municipal Trust
AYTU:UW Aytu BioPharma Inc
AYTUP:UW Aytu BioPharma Inc
AYX:UN Alteryx Inc
AZ:UW A2Z Smart Technologies Corp.
AZEK:UN AZEK Company Inc
AZN:UW Astrazeneca plc
AZNAX:UW Virtus Investment Trust.
AZNCX:UW Virtus Investment Trust.
AZNIX:UW Virtus Investment Trust.
AZO:UN Autozone Inc.
AZPN:UW Aspen Technology Inc
AZTA:UW Azenta Inc
AZTCX:UW Aquila Municipal Trust
AZTD:UP Aztlan Global Stock Selection DM SMID ETF
AZTFX:UW Aquila Municipal Trust
AZTR:UA Azitra Inc
AZTYX:UW Aquila Municipal Trust
B:UN Barnes Group Inc.
B5TFS17:UW Invesco Capital Markets Inc
BA:UN Boeing Co.
BAB:UP Invesco Taxable Municipal Bond ETF
BABA:UN Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
BABX:UW GraniteShares 2x Long BABA Daily ETF
BAC:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACA:UA Berenson Acquisition Corp I
BACK:UW IMAC Holdings Inc
BACpB:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpE:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpK:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpL:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpM:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpN:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpO:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpP:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpQ:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BAC PR A:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BACpS:UN Bank Of America Corp.
BAER:UW Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings Inc
BAERW:UW Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings Inc
BAFN:UW BayFirst Financial Corp
BAFZX:UW Brown Advisory Funds
BAGIX:UW Baird Funds Inc
BAGSX:UW Baird Funds Inc
BAH:UN Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp
BAIAX:UW Brown Advisory Funds
BAICX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BAIPX:UW BlackRock Funds IV
BAISX:UW Brown Advisory Funds
BAK:UN Braskem S.A.
BALATX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALAUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALAVX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALAWX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALAYX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALAZX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALCAX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BALI:UF BlackRock Advantage Large Cap Income ETF
BALL:UN Ball Corp.
BALT:UF Innovator Defined Wealth Shield ETF
BALX:UN Ballys Corporation
BALY:UN Ballys Corporation
BAM:UN Brookfield Asset Management Ltd
BAMA:UF Brookstone Active ETF
BAMB:UF Brookstone Intermediate Bond ETF
BAMD:UF Brookstone Dividend Stock ETF
BAMG:UF Brookstone Growth Stock ETF
BAMO:UF Brookstone Opportunities ETF
BAMU:UF Brookstone Ultra-Short Bond ETF
BAMV:UF Brookstone Value Stock ETF
BAMY:UF Brookstone Yield ETF
BANC:UN Banc of California Inc
BANCpF:UN Banc of California Inc
BANCPRF:UN Banc of California Inc
BAND:UW Bandwidth Inc
BANF:UW Bancfirst Corp.
BANFP:UW BFC Capital Trust II
BANL:UW CBL International Ltd
BANR:UW Banner Corp.
BANX:UW ArrowMark Financial Corp
BAOALX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BAOANX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BAOS:UW Baosheng Media Group Holdings Ltd
BAP:UN Credicorp Ltd
BAPR:UF Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - April
BAR:UP GraniteShares Gold Shares
BARK.WS:UN Original BARK Co (The)
BASATX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BASAUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BASAVX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BASBX:UW Brown Advisory Funds
BASCX:UW Sterling Capital Funds
BASE:UW Couchbase Inc
BASIX:UW BlackRock Funds V
BASLX:UW BlackRock Funds V
BASOX:UW BlackRock Funds IV
BASTX:UW Blackrock Bond Fund Inc
BATAX:UW BlackRock Allocation Target Shares
BATEX:UW BlackRock Allocation Target Shares
BATL:UA Battalion Oil Corp
BATRA:UW Atlanta Braves Holdings Inc
BATRK:UW Atlanta Braves Holdings Inc
BATT:UP Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF
BATVX:UW BlackRock Allocation Target Shares
BAUG:UF Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - August
BAX:UN Baxter International Inc.
BAYA:UW Bayview Acquisition Corp.
BAYAR:UW Bayview Acquisition Corp.
BAYAU:UW Bayview Acquisition Corp.
BB:UN BlackBerry Ltd
BBAG:UP JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
BBAI:UN Holdings Inc
BBAI.WS:UN Holdings Inc
BBAR:UN BBVA Argentina
BBAX:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders Developed Asia Pacific ex-Japan ETF
BBBI:UP BondBloxx BBB Rated 5-10 Year Corporate Bond ETF
BBBIX:UW Bbh Trust
BBBL:UP BondBloxx BBB Rated 10+ Year Corporate Bond ETF
BBBMX:UW Bbh Trust
BBBS:UP BondBloxx BBB Rated 1-5 Year Corporate Bond ETF
BBC:UP Virtus LifeSci Biotech Clinical Trials ETF
BBCA:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders Canada ETF
BBCB:UP JPMorgan BetaBuilders USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF
BBCP:UW Concrete Pumping Holdings Inc
BBCPX:UW Bridge Builder Trust
BBD:UN Banco Bradesco S.A.
BBDC:UN Barings BDC Inc
BBDO:UN Banco Bradesco S.A.
BBEM:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders Emerging Markets Equity ETF
BBEU:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders Europe ETF
BBGI:UW Beasley Broadcast Group Inc
BBGPX:UW BlackRock Funds V
BBGVX:UW Sterling Capital Funds
BBH:UW VanEck Biotech ETF
BBHY:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF
BBIB:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Treasury Bond 3-10 Year ETF
BBIG V:UW Vinco Ventures Inc
BBIIX:UW Bbh Trust
BBIN:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders International Equity ETF
BBINX:UW Bbh Trust
BBIO:UW BridgeBio Pharma Inc
BBIP:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. TIPS 0-5 Year ETF
BBJP:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders Japan ETF
BBLB:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Treasury Bond 20+ Year ETF
BBLG:UW Bone Biologics Corp
BBLGW:UW Bone Biologics Corp
BBLU:UP EA Bridgeway Blue Chip ETF
BBMC:UP JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF
BBMHX:UW Bridge Builder Trust
BBMUX:UW Bridge Builder Trust
BBN:UN BlackRock Taxable Municipal Bond Trust
BBNCX:UW Sterling Capital Funds
BBNIX:UW Bbh Trust
BBNTX:UW Sterling Capital Funds
BBP:UP Virtus LifeSci Biotech Products ETF
BBRE:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders MSCI U.S. REIT ETF
BBSA:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders 1-5 Year U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
BBSB:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Treasury Bond 1-3 Year ETF
BBSC:UP JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF
BBSCX:UW Sterling Capital Funds
BBSGX:UW Sterling Capital Funds
BBSI:UW Barrett Business Services Inc.
BBSOX:UW Blackrock Funds
BBSXX:UW Bbh Trust
BBTBX:UW Bridge Builder Trust
BBU:UN Brookfield Business Partners L.P.
BBUC:UN Brookfield Business Corp
BBUS:UF JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Equity ETF
BBVA:UN Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.
BBVA5650033:UN Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.
BBVAP1:UN Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.
BBW:UN Build A Bear Workshop Inc
BBWI:UN Bath & Body Works Inc
BBWI WI:UN Bath & Body Works Inc
BBY:UN Best Buy Co. Inc.
BC:UN Brunswick Corp.
BCAAX:UW Legg Mason Partners Investment Trust
BCAB:UW BioAtla Inc
BCAL:UW Southern Calif Bancorp
BCAN:UW BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc
BCAT:UN BlackRock Capital Allocation Term Trust
BCBAX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BCBCX:UW BlackRock Funds V
BCBP:UW BCB Bancorp Inc (NJ)
BCBRX:UW BlackRock Funds V
BCC:UN Boise Cascade Co
BCCASX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCCATX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCCAUX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCCAVX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCD:UP abrdn Bloomberg All Comm Longer Dt Strategy K-1 Free ETF
BCDA:UW BioCardia Inc.
BCDAW:UW BioCardia Inc.
BCDF:UP Horizon Kinetics Blockchain Development ETF
BCEL:UW Atreca Inc
BCGIX:UW Legg Mason Partners Investment Trust
BCGXX:UW Blackrock Liquidity Funds
BCH:UN Banco de Chile
BCHIX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCHP:UF Principal Focused Blue Chip ETF
BCHXX:UW Blackrock Liquidity Funds
BCHYX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCI:UP abrdn Bloomberg All Commodity Strategy K-1 Free ETF
BCIAX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCICX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BCIM:UP abrdn Bloomberg Industrial Metals Strategy K-1 Free ETF
BCITX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCIYX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCLI:UW Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
BCML:UW BayCom Corp
BCO:UN Brink`s Co.
BCOIX:UW Baird Funds Inc
BCOSX:UW Baird Funds Inc
BCOV:UW Brightcove Inc
BCOW:UW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc.
BCPAPX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCPAQX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCPARX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCPASX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BCPAX:UW Brandes Investment Trust
BCPC:UW Balchem Corp.
BCPIX:UW Brandes Investment Trust
BCPRX:UW Brandes Investment Trust
BCRAX:UW BlackRock Funds VI
BCRCX:UW BlackRock Funds VI
BCRIX:UW BlackRock Funds VI
BCRKX:UW BlackRock Funds VI
BCRX:UW Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.
BCS:UN Barclays plc
BCSA:UW Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I
BCSAW:UW Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I
BCSF:UN Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc
BCTIX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCTX:UW BriaCell Therapeutics Corp
BCTXW:UW BriaCell Therapeutics Corp
BCTXX:UW American Century California Tax Free & Municipal Funds
BCUS:UP Trust Bancreek U.S. Large Cap ETF
BCV:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BCVpA:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BCVRT WI:UA Bancroft Fund Ltd
BCX:UN BlackRock Resources & Commodities Strategy Trust
BCYC:UW Bicycle Therapeutics Plc
BDAAIX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDC:UN Belden Inc
BDCAOX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDCAPX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDCAQX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDCARX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDCX:UP UBS AG London Branch
BDCZ:UP UBS AG London Branch
BDEC:UF Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - December
BDF RT:UN Insight Select Income Fund
BDGAFX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDGS:UW Bridges Capital Tactical ETF
BDHAX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BDHCX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BDHIX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BDHKX:UW BlackRock Funds II
BDIAEX:UW Advisors Asset Management Inc
BDJ:UN BlackRock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust
BDKAX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
BDKCX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust
BDKNX:UW Investment Managers Series Trust