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Industry CategoryComputer Hardware
Industry GroupComputer & Office Equipment


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CEOTimothy D. Cook

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Standardized Financials


Intrinio provides professional-grade historical financial data. This data is standardized, cleansed and verified to ensure the highest quality data sourced directly from the XBRL financial statements. The primary purpose of standardized financials are to facilitate comparability across a single company’s fundamentals and across all companies fundamentals.

For example, it is possible to compare total revenues between two companies as of a certain point in time, or within a single company across multiple time periods. This is not possible using the as reported financial statements because of the inherent complexity of reporting standards.

Below is a preview of several data points from each financial statement, as well as a sample of our many calculated metrics:

Income Statement
Revenue$385.10 billion
Pre-Tax Income$111.73 billion
Net Income$94.32 billion
Net Income to Common$94.32 billion
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Balance Sheet
Cash$24.69 billion
Assets$332.16 billion
Liabilities$270.00 billion
Common Equity$62.16 billion
Liabilities & Equity$332.16 billion
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Cash Flow Statement
NOPAT$94.81 billion
EBITDA$123.21 billion
Price to Earnings$30.40
Price to Book$46.14
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Latest News


Intrinio provides up-to-date news articles on every US company from various sources. Here are several examples:

Apple (AAPL) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

Apple (AAPL) closed at $180.57 in the latest trading session, marking a +1.55% move from the prior day.

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10 Reliable Dividend Stocks Billionaires Are Loading Up On

In this article, we discuss 10 reliable dividend stocks billionaires are loading up on. You can skip our detailed analysis of dividend stocks and their performance, and go directly to read 5 Reliable Dividend Stocks Billionaires Are Loading Up On. Dividends have been one of the potential income sources for wealthy investors. According to a […]

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AI hype shaking things up for 'MegaCap-8' stocks

Artificial intelligence and this week's market melt-up are driving mega cap tech stocks higher. Yardeni Research President Ed Yardeni joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the trends seen across the tech space and the potential to broaden out to other industries.

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The secret driving every tech innovation in history... porn

This week, Apple – the company that popularised the MP3 player with the iPod, smartphone with the iPhone and wireless headphones with AirPods – unveiled its latest new product. The tech firm is hoping that the Apple Vision Pro, a virtual-reality headset that can also show and augment the real world in front of you, will create yet another new category of electronics.

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Apple tries to distance itself from Meta, competition: Don’t call it a headset

Apple is distancing its Vision Pro from the rest of the VR/AR headset pack, but it can't escape what the device is.

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