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Industry CategoryFinancial Services
Industry GroupCredit Services


AddressP.O. BOX 8999, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94128-8999
CEOAlfred F. Kelly

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Standardized Financials


Intrinio provides professional-grade historical financial data. This data is standardized, cleansed and verified to ensure the highest quality data sourced directly from the XBRL financial statements. The primary purpose of standardized financials are to facilitate comparability across a single company’s fundamentals and across all companies fundamentals.

For example, it is possible to compare total revenues between two companies as of a certain point in time, or within a single company across multiple time periods. This is not possible using the as reported financial statements because of the inherent complexity of reporting standards.

Below is a preview of several data points from each financial statement, as well as a sample of our many calculated metrics:

Income Statement
Revenue$29.31 billion
Pre-Tax Income$18.14 billion
Net Income$14.96 billion
Net Income to Common$14.96 billion
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Balance Sheet
Cash$15.69 billion
Assets$85.50 billion
Liabilities$49.92 billion
Common Equity$33.26 billion
Liabilities & Equity$85.50 billion
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Cash Flow Statement
NOPAT$15.52 billion
EBITDA$19.54 billion
Price to Earnings$27.41
Price to Book$12.33
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Latest News


Intrinio provides up-to-date news articles on every US company from various sources. Here are several examples:

Are Mastercard (MA) and Visa (V) Stock Buys Right Now?

At the moment, Mastercard stock is only 9% off its 52-week highs and Visa is trading 7% from its highs. Let's see if a continued rebound is in the cards and check if investors should consider buying either of the stocks.

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Visa (V) Gains As Market Dips: What You Should Know

Visa (V) closed the most recent trading day at $217.66, moving +0.3% from the previous trading session.

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3 Companies That Recently Unveiled Fresh Repurchase Programs

Stock buybacks can provide a nice confidence boost for investors, indicating that the company is utilizing its excess cash and not just hoarding it. And in 2022, companies willing to let go of extra cash can be hard to find.

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The credit card industry has been around for a while, but Mastercard is still minting money

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2 Unstoppable Stocks That Could Make You Richer in 2023 and Beyond

No one can say whether that will happen next year, but even if it doesn't, there are plenty of companies that can deliver excellent returns despite heightened market volatility and a struggling economy. Let's consider two examples: Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) and Visa (NYSE: V). Pharma giant Eli Lilly has been flying high all year despite its financial results not being particularly impressive.

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